What turns you off playing Boundless?


not really, we keep getting skill points up to a total of 300 I think it was. (not sure what level you’d have to be by that point but I’m sure it’s been mentioned)

…per skill set.

@Stretchious just explained it really well on discord… the person had 120 skill points:

you can only use 100 points per skillset
but you can now use cubits that you earn to unlock up to 2 more skillsets
Which you can then use your remaining 20 points on
and keep earning more skill points per level 50+ that you get to

oops forgot to add my contribution to the thread topic:
the bland lighting makes the game look very dull and the glow from gleam is almost completely gone… The change to copper, although I agree it does look a bit closer to the real copper, but unfortunately it was tuned to the other side of reality… it is now too red/pink.
but of course, I know all that is still being worked on so I will be patient, I have always had faith :stuck_out_tongue:


lowering prestige 4weeks before release seems really unneeded and could have been lowered on release
i know its beta but we there trying to build all year trying to achieve a goal that gets harder each updates really turns me off playing the game(not really)
now im scared that these things will happen after release hope you guys have a good talk before changing gamevalues on updates
now release feels to soon for me
but i have no experience if this is common to change games after releases


thanks for clearing that up - but my main point was how slow it is to level now, although @boundmore did kind of explain that… still a bit MEH that it takes forever (seems to take ages now)


At the moment for me it’s the arcade elements that are slowly creeping in, I can’t stand the box openings in the exchange, I just use the quick collect because otherwise it sounds like some old arcade game with the sounds and the graphics. Also the forge as it seems to be just a matter of guess work as there are no real explanations of how to use it and even what all the various lines moving up and down are doing etc, is there any particular order the pastes, gums etc should be used? what exactly is what doing? there are no real explanations or instructions. It’s just seems like some sort of old arcade slot machine that’s been thrown in to add an element of randomness for those that like to do a bit of gambling when they’re bored of exploring Boundless. Unfortunately we are eventually pushed to having to use it as so many of the other tools and weapons have been nerfed to justify it’s existence. I know this won’t be a popular opinion but unfortunately that’s how I feel about it.


maybe they are trying to ehem introduce a -gambling mechanic- slowely so we don’t all quit playing once it becomes SW:BFII? :wink:

Loot Boxes anyone?

ASD is a blessing and a curse (as much as i am immune to referse psycology - i have a very addictive nature :wink: )


I too have something of an addictive nature which is why I’ve been playing Boundless for almost a year :grin: … but I have absolutely no interest in gambling and random number generators


Just what I was going to say. What is the difference in the randomness in what you produce using the and a loot box?

Not much. They both require you to expend resources in order to get a random item.


Still playing, still plan too, but…couple things:

Interface icons that I can’t identify. There doesn’t appear (or I just haven’t found) a way to cursor over them, no popups to tell me what they are, how long they’re going to last, what they’re doing to my character and so on. I’ve had the same skull debuff (I assume) on my character for three days now, no idea if it is ever going to go away or how it’s affecting me. Is there some way to identify these icons at the bottom of my screen and what they are doing other than when they are inflicted or disappear, which I somehow seem to frequently miss?

My character died next to a meteor. The portal from the Sanctum appeared right next to the meteor. I bumped it. It reappeared…right next to the meteor, only closer. I bumped it again. It reappeared right on top of the meteor. I’m sensing a trend… Shouldn’t the sanctum place your portal someplace “safe?” Meteors aren’t “safe.”



So it’s not really driving me away from the game, but I think the potential depth isn’t immediately apparent and it feels very slow to start / progression isn’t well explained in the game itself once the initial tutorial concludes.

As someone who just picked this up last week, I thought the initial tutorial was great but ends much too early. By the end of the tutorial I understood how to place my beacon and craft some rudimentary tools, but not being used to recipes locked behind a skill tree in these types of games, I had no idea that I needed to invest my skills into crafting in order to unlock recipes necessary to progress beyond the basic stone tools I was using.

I still feel like a lot of what I’m doing is guesswork, and I’d probably benefit from a more active community post-wipe where I can learn from the vets, but at the moment I feel like I’m only able to tackle the game in small chunks - enjoyable chunks, but going on a mining tour for materials I’m not even sure how to use can only last so long, particularly before I wind up in a cave with no way out but to spend credits warping back from sanctum (and can I still earn those outside of leveling? I know I can sell to players but it sounds like there’s a finite amount going around).


maybe we should have (like other games) a hot key to defocuse the mouse (or w/e its called) so we can mouse over the hud elements?

Although i do know that if you ahve another in-game menue open it USED to tell you on mouse over of the elements… i have not tried to see if it still does that

It doesn’t do it any more :frowning:

welcome to a sandbox game :wink: (with leveling) - but as a new player perspective i get you completely… but it does have a lot of on screen pointers ehem press J for journal (your quest log) and etc ehem and welcome to the fray dude


I do feel like the majority of my posts recently have been less positive than they could and I had told myself I’d try and not say anything else unless I could think of that was nice to balance it out, but this… this a thousand times.

I’ve been frustrated since long before Boundless that when games are intended to be cross platform, or when they are simply ported from a console to a PC, mouse and keyboard users regularly get a worse experience than they could or should have had. Whenever a control schema has to conform to the lowest common denominator, you are obliged to leave out a lot of useful and intuitive interface elements, such as tooltips or large sets of optionally complex hotkey bindings. In a lot of games, movement controls suck for m&k users.

Boundless has proven me wrong about this in places (it took me a while to come around the the two circular hot-bars but when you get used to it, it does works well) and does an noteworthy job, but it almost feels like being so close makes those minor omissions more obvious. “It’s so close to being great, if it could just…” etc etc. After all, it’s not like a web developer would build a website with no hover-states just because they know they won’t work on mobile. They put them in for desktops, and find other ways to make the UI work for mobiles.


Don’t hesitate to give negative feedback or the Devs won’t know what to improve. Not giving negative feedback is a bad thing.


I have the exact same issue with the buff and debuff icons!
But fortunately the dev’s are on it:

  1. We plan to add all the status effects to the Knowledge - we just haven’t got it done yet.
  2. We also plan to add your current status effects to your Character GUI.

The reason why we don’t just support a hover state is that it wouldn’t be as portable to controllers.

The next update will return you ~50m+ away from the Meteorite. This is to move you away from the danger and allow you to renter the event in a more controlled fashion.

Thanks @Kirinvar. :+1:


Yep. This thread exists for exactly that…


I don’t know if it’s officially supported but for me anyways I can do this with backtick/tilda. But still no tooltips, so it’s pretty useless


so @james just because you mention it here (due to @Kirinvar 's quote) i would like to ask…

So, you say the current (de)buffs will be located in the knowledge section? and you are planning on adding certain hud elements… Do you mean that there will also be a way to view these on the hud itself?

Because my thoughts are… as the game can never pause (because its a server) we cant exactly bring up the knowledge base as often as we would like to check things (your being chased… your in a dangerous situation… etc)

That’s why a hotkey to release the mouse would be a good idea


Sweet. Thanks very much.


Hey @Barneylee57

As I posted.

So the Knowledge will list everything and your Character screen will list the current (de)buffs applied to you.

We’re not currently planning to add tooltips to the HUD elements.

IMO bringing up the Character GUI and seeing all current status effects will be more efficient than mousing over each effect independently.

Additionally, when you’re hit with an effect this is presented in the HUD above the character glyphs and in the combat log. Although these could likely be a little easier to read.


You very obviously have not played Minecraft. +1

And may you didn’t really understand Boundless at all.
Maybe you just took a totem and knocked a few pieces of wood and made a few stone tools and then came here to complain something…

If you look forward to Boundless adding these contents.
I suggest it would be better to give up this game, and play other game.

Your suggestions seems completely deviates from Boundless main idea, and just trying to copy some content from another game.

Boundless is a virtual world that is completely driven by players. I don’t think it needs any NPCs.

In addition, we have grapple, don’t need what you said “gravity block” any more.