What turns you off playing Boundless?


Its much better in the new testing version imo


Mostly, “the grind ground you down” category.
At this moment I need tons of gems to power up machines. Gatering gems for mass production (more than 300) is taking tons of time. I dont have it cause of work. For hour of mining you can find 0. So u need at least 3 hours in a row. And even it doesnt guarantee that you’ll find anything. So… I often dont even log in if I dont have several hours for the game. It happends not so often now. And when I have time I prefer games that provide faster progress and where I can play with friends.

Farming gleam takes tons of time also) but at least you can find several blocks for one hour.


very true, it seems that the gem hunters have special ways that make them more efficient at finding them.
For someone who is low on time, it may be worth it to switch priorities - why mass craft your own gems? find something quick and easy that you like or are relatively good at and focus on that? Mine coal and sell it - or even clay and grass and fibrous leaves - they are all guaranteed drops. Then substitute a mass craft by selling your stock and buying those coils - grind averted!


The almighty coin! I’ll never grind again!


one thing that is starting to annoy me is that level 50 cap where you get plots but no skill points :frowning: I would like to see at least some for getting the 200k xp to gain an extra 10 plots, i dont know maybe 3 per time ? just saying.


The sometimes harsh search for ressources or the low drop rates on “random side drops” like fibrine leafs. Tech remenants (the more rare ones) are also kinda rare that I feel frustrated by the long search for them (just to find one or two in houres) :confused:


Most mined resources have elevation preferances…

You can use the F1 key to open the debug menu and from there you can figure out your elevation…
There is a post on the forum if you do a quick search that will give you details on elevations you should be mining at for different things…


Like others, i dislike the rubberbanding in the network when playing since it could easily have you walking into lava when near it.

I think my biggest draw back right now is not knowing when a server wipe is going to be. Playing the game, as enjoyable as it is, is a time investment and to have a server wipe and back to square one for all players is fair, but keeps me from becoming too enveloped in the game. Kinda have the feeling of what is the point in playing when i know all my work is going to disappear. I know it’s alpha, but maybe offer some incentives for players who currently bought the game in its development to continue playing until the official release and server wipe.


I’m on with this. The knowing it’s going to happen has made me slow down a lot. But once it’s done, I’ll play a little more regularly again :slight_smile: