What turns you off playing Boundless?


Its much better in the new testing version imo


Mostly, “the grind ground you down” category.
At this moment I need tons of gems to power up machines. Gatering gems for mass production (more than 300) is taking tons of time. I dont have it cause of work. For hour of mining you can find 0. So u need at least 3 hours in a row. And even it doesnt guarantee that you’ll find anything. So… I often dont even log in if I dont have several hours for the game. It happends not so often now. And when I have time I prefer games that provide faster progress and where I can play with friends.

Farming gleam takes tons of time also) but at least you can find several blocks for one hour.


very true, it seems that the gem hunters have special ways that make them more efficient at finding them.
For someone who is low on time, it may be worth it to switch priorities - why mass craft your own gems? find something quick and easy that you like or are relatively good at and focus on that? Mine coal and sell it - or even clay and grass and fibrous leaves - they are all guaranteed drops. Then substitute a mass craft by selling your stock and buying those coils - grind averted!


The almighty coin! I’ll never grind again!


one thing that is starting to annoy me is that level 50 cap where you get plots but no skill points :frowning: I would like to see at least some for getting the 200k xp to gain an extra 10 plots, i dont know maybe 3 per time ? just saying.


The sometimes harsh search for ressources or the low drop rates on “random side drops” like fibrine leafs. Tech remenants (the more rare ones) are also kinda rare that I feel frustrated by the long search for them (just to find one or two in houres) :confused:


Most mined resources have elevation preferances…

You can use the F1 key to open the debug menu and from there you can figure out your elevation…
There is a post on the forum if you do a quick search that will give you details on elevations you should be mining at for different things…


Like others, i dislike the rubberbanding in the network when playing since it could easily have you walking into lava when near it.

I think my biggest draw back right now is not knowing when a server wipe is going to be. Playing the game, as enjoyable as it is, is a time investment and to have a server wipe and back to square one for all players is fair, but keeps me from becoming too enveloped in the game. Kinda have the feeling of what is the point in playing when i know all my work is going to disappear. I know it’s alpha, but maybe offer some incentives for players who currently bought the game in its development to continue playing until the official release and server wipe.


I’m on with this. The knowing it’s going to happen has made me slow down a lot. But once it’s done, I’ll play a little more regularly again :slight_smile:


Brand new player here! I do like the game, this post focuses purely on things that irritated me or made me want to log out. Kind of wish I waited to make this post till after the skill tree update comes out, since a good deal of this may be moot.

I do not like the name of the game, its fairly difficult to google since there is about 10,000 companies named Boundless something or other.

The UI isn’t great, folders or collapsible categories or something other than a giant list of things you have to scroll through would be nice. Links in the tooltips to what is used for what, details details all the details should be in tooltips.

I just started playing a couple days ago, got to level 25, just started a new alt to cook, disappointed to find out that you need basically the entire tech tree unlocked to cook, I was thinking if I made a new character and got the cooking skills, I’d be able to do something with this stockpile of cooking mats I have :confused:

I had to grind pretty much all day today to get a 2nd form of power on my compacter to be able compact soft coal in a vain attempt to reduce my mining grind by having more efficient? fuel. Why is there redundant power timesink/grind, I get that its supposed to be for ‘elite’ crafters or whatever, so why do basic things require it.

It’s taking forever to get to be able to craft titanium harvesting tools, and I wish the tooltips were descriptive, it doesn’t seem like mastery does anything at all and the tooltip is vague. Is silver ‘harder’ than iron? is gold? My brain says no, gold is a very soft metal, and it took a while to figure out I needed gold for gems, titanium. Currently I’m taking a break due to titanium tools needing a glue whose tooltip says its for gem tools.

Endless network of dizzying portals mildly turns me off, travel seems far too easy or cheap and makes the exploratory nature of the game completely mute; I started off in a wilderness area with no portal and did not know how common they were until about 16 hours in. I had assumed that you needed to charge your totem to travel through space and was kinda disappointed when I finally decided to trek to the capital.

Skill points turn me off, It’s not fun having to choose between increased health or being able to craft. I’m further turned off that the crafting skill tree’s force you to basically take every single crafting related skill; If I want to cook I have to have elite butter making etc.

This wouldn’t be so bad if I knew of an active economy (which I imagine will be better after wipe) but in the 4 hours or so I spent exploring shops a tiny fraction of them were up kept, and a fraction of those had reasonable looking prices,

I watched a youtube video saying you can sell, but every sell basket I seen had such obscenely low prices, right next to a pedestal selling the same item for double or more what they were paying for that (is tax / upkeep so high that this steep markup necessary to run a shop, or is just the lack of playerbase due to impending wipe?)

Really long crafting times almost made me take a break a few times, not sure if making people want to log out is intended or not, this mildly put me off. I understand the incentive in pay monthly games to add timesinks to keep people paying every month, never understood why other games do it.

If I have a big craft que set up am I going to lose all my power coils when their durability runs out? I’m afraid to do heavy crafting without checking on it, but it takes hours to finish the crafting.

*Sackcloth was my first major roadblock, the sackcloth cost feels so harsh with no obvious way to farm it starting off; I ended up taking a portal to a very hostile planet to gather a bunch with my a infinite totem.


Welcome to Boundless, I hope you stick around and persevere through the learning curve. Unfortunately from what I’m reading about the new update is that you will have less choice when it comes to crafting as you will apparently be forced to choose a career path. I’m not sure just how restrictive it will be but I’m sure someone else on here will be able to answer that. Apparently the chosen ‘profession’ is to stop people from being a jack of all and master of none scenario and shops to become more specialised. The buy and sell prices are set by the player and just as you say the disparity between what a shop keeper is willing to pay and then what they want to sell them for is pretty outrageous, personally I’ve never sold to a shop for exactly that reason. If players eventually have to specialise then your probably going to see sell prices rise even more. With regards to your power coils and any other machinery they shouldn’t disappear when fully worn out, all of them can be repaired with spanners. Don’t forget that the current portal network has been built up over years and when the wipe comes it’s going to be a whole different scenario and will take a while to get anywhere nearly as close to what we have now, plus there will a shed load of more planets so that will eventually spread them out even more.


Please don’t describe it in this missleading form ^^ … You don’t have to chose a profession (or class, path, archtype, whatever …), you can still take skills from the whole tree, but some of them (those with great impact) are sometimes in groups of 2 or 3 from which you only can lern one. There is no "if you take this skill here you can only chose the other 30% down the tree … it’s not even a tree anymore since you can pick your skills freely when you reached the level to unlock them. Sure, there is a max of points you can spend on the skills (80, which you have if you hit lvl 50), but you even then can get skil sets to level up a new build on the same character (but still have to level to get the points you need to fill it up, cuz points are shared on all skill sets of your character)

Best look at the video of Jivita about the new skill system :wink:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPHp73LAXHg


You’re right and I apologise for the misleading description, after starting a new character and trying it on testing I realise now that I shouldn’t of called it a tree.

Hopefully James has read this too and now knows not to call it a tree either :roll_eyes:


i dont like how limited the skills are now (only 2 sp per level all the way to level 50??? No thanks!)

I know oyu are promoting specializations and etc… but now ts far too limited imo


most skills cost 1 skill point, not 5?


actually 98% cost 5 there are more epics than anything ellse… yeh ok the crafting and basic skills only cost 1 each… and the armor and blinks and etc… but every other tier cost 5 per (unless the later unlocks cost 1?)

But my main point is we are only allowed to spend 100 total


all attributes and crafting skills and masteries are 1 point each - and for first 10-15 levels its what you need mostly to progress and get a bit stronger; I played from scratch till lvl16 recently and I created a handy hunter who has nice stats and a couple of epics that matter the most at the beginning -

it’s just you move to high tier planet when not ready and you think you need more skill points earlier; while maybe you need to go to dangerous worlds way later; instead of scaling skill points to up to your play, maybe scale down your play to the pace you gain skill points with :sunglasses:


as i said in another post - maybe i should stop looking at is as I know what i’m doing as so much has changed and try to look at it as a fresh nub?


I think that if this is something that might affect how much or if you play it is valid. The title of the thread is what turns you off playing boundless. This will be different things for different people and there is no right or wrong answer. Maybe there is a feature someone is not aware of, but other than that, your point is valid. The new skill tree IS affecting how I feel about playing boundless. It is definitely putting me in position of using alts since they will be easier to level up to 50 rather than accumulating 100 levels after 50 to get 200 points for two more skill sets. And I really dislike having to use alts. I definitely feel I do not have enough skill points or the skills are too expensive and that has affected my game play.


thank you :slight_smile:

One way of combating this i think (considering we can still earn cubits in game each daily/weekly/special /level etc)maybe we could have the ability to unlock more skill points after xxx level - the cost is 1k/2k cubits to buy x ammount of extra skill points… maybe make it available from level 20 or something ?

I don’t like alting (much) in this game simply because the way it is built… It works best in WoW/SWTOR and etc… but in a game which is Boundless something as limited as the skills are will never work in the long run

Another way to combat this is to have official classes/hybrids (When you create your chacter/s there should be a class option (would you like to level as a hunter/explorer/miner or a combination?) and then the skills of the class would be specific? (i know this still takes away from the Boundless nature, but its only one thought)

As i say… a forced class should be an option for those who are used to them… which class do you want to be? or do you want to do all of it etc ofc that itself brings many more obsticles in itself

To quote @Sulfurblade from Release Concerns (concerning what i am meaning about the limited natur e of the way skills are currently done*)

But Boundless is not a themepark, it doesnt need raids or dungeons or an evolving story element to keep people interested. Its a Sandbox and in good Sandbox’s the game starts at end game. The community drives the story and creates the content. Sadly its been a long time since Ultima Online and SWG so most people don’t know what a good Sandbox is anymore!

Nail on head? (IT’S a SANDBOX!)