What turns you off playing Boundless?


Some resources could be available on lower tier worlds. Why not make shimmering orbs and such spawn on rugged worlds (in smaller amounts) and then scale up with world tier progression.

I hit this moment that I could make titanium tools if not shimmering orbs shortage. Total bottleneck.


Well nothing turned me off playing boundless till now but recently , gathering surface resources such as beans , fragments , lamela , orbs , leaves and etc has started to become really frustrating. How can it be harder to find basic resources than to find diamonds and titanium ? It does not make sense. Maybe you can make some way of farming. For example we can plant beans and after a day or two , harvest them to get even more beans or something like that. Not to mention the XP system that also turns me off lately. I am level 34 now and I need lots of skills to endure in higher tier planets but I cannot level up easily. It feels like this game is a game that u need to spend all your time on it instead of playing it among other games. I hate that. I prefer to play 1-2 hours a day but with this current grinding it seems impossible to accomplish much.

Grinding has started to feel like Warframe lately. Hard to find basic resources , Hard to level up , Lots of time consumption.

However I am not trying to offend anyone or anything about the game :slight_smile: I love the game and recommended the game in steam reviews. Just wanted to answer the topic question : P <3


The resource regen is a pain but it was brought to light recently that the surface resources being taken wont start world regeneration, there has to be block changes in the chunk they were located in, so when collecting resources in your favourite areas if you break the block below the resource its more likely to regen later. Not ideal but iv found its been helping .

I was in the same situation as you recently with the levels and was honestly on the verge of leaving the game because of it, but I decided Id at least give a go at alt characters (particularly hated the thought of doing this) before I go, So I made an alt for just crafting and spec’d my main to be a hunter/miner and have to say it worked out soo well, my hunter/miner is lvl 34 and I have to say he’s hard as nails, I use him on the tier 6 planets for mining and killing (except meteors) and its very manageable and fun, and the alt quickly level’d up to 19 by ust crafting what I needed and can now make almost everything. Its worth trying out alts and making specific builds instead of a all round character.


I know , I have alt characters. It is helpful but not completely. you still can’t have all the skills needed for being an efficient gatherer or miner. The other biggest thing about alt character is that , I don’t feel comfortable with it. I mean , there must be 1 character representing 1 player in a game. A character that you nourish and make it better and stronger . One character to have a bond with . I never liked having alt characters in any game. I don’t like it in this one either. They said it is an option because many players love them. OK . But what about the ones that don’t ? I like having different skill sets in the same character. However it’s just useless now because after level 30 , leveling up is a heavy grind. How am I going to pass level 50 to have extra skill sets with only 1-2 hours of playing for fun in game ? There is also an XP penalty that does not decrease as time passes . Other XP methods are also nerfed. For having more and more characters you need cubits which can be bought in the shop that might give some players the wrong idea of “Pay To Win” .


I will agree with you my preference for a lot of the same reasons would be to have one character and just have other skill sets. With the way xp is earned, it would take too long to get to level 150 to have a fully spec’d out character. I feel forced to use alts in order to do the things I want to be able to do myself.

The longer I feel stuck in the level 30’s (and I have not even gotten to level 40), the more bored I get with the game. But I cannot do the things I want until I get the skills. It is a chicken and egg situation. I need the skills to go to the planet to get the resources to make the tools that will let me be more effective at getting xp to get the skills I needed in the first place.


This that turning me off is the luck of RPG elements! What i mean?

  1. Add an armor/weapon system with stats. (bow/sword/mace/wand/staves/shields/two handed etc…) (heavy/light/medium armors)
  2. Make the items provides you skills. For example a fire wand provides you a fireball skill… or a thorn shield gives reflect damage or a holy stave gives healing skill etc… (Depending the quality of the item will give you better unique skills or more than one skills or stronger skills).
  3. Add guild Tabards or Cloaks with guild icon.

I really want to see dungeons and raid bosses that drop unique armor/weapon skins… and of course a GvG feature with sieges and battles between guilds…

Will we ever gonna see these kind of features in the game? I wish someday…


No idea on Guild Related wearables - but armors are already being developed, and so is dungeons and bosses, both really large and very difficult ones as well as dungeon bosses, which also have loot…

Melee weapons are also being developed I believe.
As for tool specific “enchantments” thats already in the game via Centraforging which supposedly could be expanded upon if the developers so wish.


One word: Heartbeat! :heartbeat:


The Heartbeat hasn’t turned me off playing yet but it definitely has turned me off mining.


The main thing that bothers me right now is that skill sets are coupled with your player level curve (which makes them not equivalent to alts), and feeling forced to level alts due to the leveling curve

(Skill sets are soooo close to the right idea)


death re-spawn which kill the moment, you auto put 50m away where u are same as mining expect u in meteor, and kill by new set of mobs in area you in or if mining should be put where u are


Some or all of this has probably already been written above, but far too much for me to read. Besides the more people keep saying the same thing, the more significant it might be to retaining gamers.

As a newcomer (PS4) to Boundless (looking for fresh replacement for Minecraft):

  1. Tutorial objectives are pretty good, but some frustrating gaps for new players. EX: Need glue. Okay, how the heck do I make glue? Google. Having to put down the controller to constantly search for something that should be in game breaks immersion.

  2. Love crafting. Don’t mind experimenting, once I am past the basics, but I shouldn’t have to memorize 100s, 1000s of recipes. Divinity manages this perfectly. Experiment - if it works then you now have the recipe added to list for whatever you made.

  3. Getting griefed when you are still just trying to figure out the overwhelming game mechanics. Perhaps some of the frustrating things are resolved later in game, but after a few days of exploring, experimenting, objectives and then come back the next day to discover some jerk had surrounded your little 2x2 house in all directions. Literally had to run in game for a minute or more just to get to anything I could mine, chop, etc… Forced to abandon all my hard learned work. Picked a starting location in middle of nowhere hoping to avoid this.

  4. Should be some early objective explaining emotes and communication. Someone waved at me a couple times while I struggled trying to find quick emotes. Expected a quick phrase/emote wheel and some method of targeting player to wave at them specifically. Needless to say, they grew tired of waiting, shrugged and left. I can’t remember the last time I played an MMO style game that had such a non intuitive communication system. Final Fantasy XIV has quite a few early quests walking you through chat, tells, emotes, etc…

  5. Dedicated fans always respond telling new players that X, Y, Z is already explained in some online forum or wiki. Advanced topics, concepts, tactics - sure. Basic beginner stuff should all be easy for new players. Too much frustration and you just want to quit. The beacon/plot mechanic drove me nuts. I used the plot tool (?) to mark out my little startup house. Came back the next day to find my wooden floor was all dirt/grass. Thought something bugged out or I was mistaken. Laid down new floor to repeat the same thing the next day. Then finally started to think that my laid out plot did not include the layer I was walking on. Not exactly intuitive. Who would think, “yeah, I claimed the area above my feet, but not the land I am walking on”. Clearly too late to even consider changing that mechanic, but a bit more clarity, emphasis in the objective tutorials would be helpful. If it was stated then it wasn’t emphasized enough for me to catch on.

A lot of great things in the game I like (stacks, the two hand mechanic and much much more). But some of the frustration points already have me debating trying to restart again.


on 1. and 2.: There is the knowledge tab ingame that shows you all recipies you can make and blocks/stuff you can gather (with infos on them) … but yes, would be good to have a tut quest which shows it to you explicitly

  1. That kind of griefing is something you can report through the ingame functions because it’s obvious griefing.

  2. +1 on this suggestion

  3. Yes, the regeneration rebuilts all which is not “in” your beacon, so the blocks under your beacon plots are not protected. if you build a block or place a prop you see a frame which is eather green, orange or red. Green is in your beacon, orange is wild/open world and red not possible because another player’s beacon you have no permission for. Don’t know if there is a tooltip/quest showing this.


Pressing up on the D-pad will open beacon view allowing you to see exactly what’s plotted


The extra skill sets weren’t exactly clear so I spent all my cubits to get all the sets for one character thinking I could use the 32 odd skill points I have in different loadouts basically. Low and behold my skill points are shared across all skill sets meaning I have 3 skill sets that share my grand total of 32 already used skill points and now I have no cubits for plots to keep progressing on different planets. (Also all my skill points are spent in crafting and moving between planets and nothing else)


We had restarted playing recently (last month or so), and despite some initial misgivings about monetization we gave it another go and have really liked the new skill system. We’ve been playing like crazy the past few weeks until the past few days and the server problems! We’re going to be moving our home base because of other players builds changing the environment that we loved (lakeside, sunset views, and someone bought the plots above the lake and are building their massive something there). Part of the game, I get that. We can’t play, however, when the rubberbanding is so bad (homebase is Beckon, just outside the Aquatopian Embassy, we’d been trying to check out Kada I but couldn’t explore much further than the Portal Seekers hub). We’ll keep checking back and if things improve then great! However it’s a huge source of frustration and we’re currently frustration-quitting. :stuck_out_tongue:


I spent a lot of gameplay in 1.0 release. I think it is a very good game, fun to play, but still there is a one big turn off for me. The sheer amount of bugs. Not severity, but the volume. For example I try to a journal task, it turns out bugged, so I try another, turns to be bugged too, doing so evil monsters literally spawn in the air before me, and drop to surface (I think them spawning before my eyes is a bug), so I turn around and running on almost completely flat terrain I somehow manage to hit surface for xxK damage (if I am the one getting injured, shouldn’t text say “surface hit you for…”, For the sake of consistency?), So I dig deep to recouper my health, which takes ages, and somehow get hit by soil or rock again, I don’t know how, when mining it. I don’t even mind that dying to that bug is simply unfair. I respawn in sanctum, go to world, and get on my back cuttletrunk that just won’t stop chasing me. So I somehow manage to teleport back to sunctum, look through portal onto the abbys of cuttletrunk eye, bump the portal (the first bump never does anything), bump it again it to see my nemesis from the other side, bump it again ( to safety :joy: ) and again and again…

Anyway I’m a programmer myself but I do something completely different than wondeerstruck (really does not matter what), and the volume of bugs in a “release” version is astonishing, it wouldn’t pass QA in any company I developed for. It’s like you had completely no QA, because most of those bugs are not some edge cases, but things you discover by simply playing.

It’s looks almost like you run out of funds and simply had to cut QA, release it in this buggy (somehow very playable, I’ll give you that!) state, or just abandon project altogether.

That’s what turn me off. A bit.

I really wouldn’t mind a bit less often patch releases, if only they wouldn’t introduce more bugs, like recipies crashing the game, or not seeing wear bar when mouseovering the machines (power coils especially).


I saw on twitter they are aware of the server problems & are working on it. It’s uncommon so hopefully it’ll be gone again soon.


I sure hope so! It sucks that this is happening right after launch.


I expect like with all suddenly more popular things it’s a scaling issue, they’ll get on top of it. Happens to lots of internet based stuff. I’m alt-tabbing and doing something else when it rubberbands, as long as I’m not in a battle. :slight_smile: