What turns you off playing Boundless?


To quote Steggs from back in September…

Bomb Mining
The Boundless servers record a vast collection of metrics and analytics about the different game mechanics, resources and player activity […] It’s understandable for some players to be surprised and disappointed with the recent changes to bomb mining, it was a popular and effective form of mining; but based on the analytics it was also far too overpowered. The ratio of bomb mined resources to hammer mined resource was magnitudes out […] the last thing we want to do is break elements of the game which make it less fun for a significant portion of the playerbase […] We’ll be monitoring the data over the course of the next week, so please do keep bomb mining and let us know how you’ve been getting on - if something needs to be changed, we will take the steps necessary to do so.

“Please do keep bomb mining” was honestly a pretty deep cut/slap in the face after the ability to do so was removed. Still no timeline or roadmap addition to getting this balanced back into the game, but would love to see @olliepurkiss revive this dead horse with a feedback thread for a testing iteration or descriptions of limitations faced before – gross oversimplification – “tweaking a few block armor values”


I still enjoy the game, and play daily. These are opinions that i have that would need to be in focus to keep peoples attention.

New Content! I’m not talking about Guilds or Msg++ stuff, Thats not new stuff. They already have guilds and msg in the game. These are just quality of life updates/Balances. Only newish items are the guild machines. Which are time based buffs.

New content could be easy. Craftable gear, examples… Lamella bikinis, Leather Underpants, actual crafted head gear. Nothing as cool as the cubit stuff, twig crown, or Orb shell helmet.
Also, meteor farming is ok, but why the only way to get decent amounts of Oort? Introduce Titans, or planet announced smaller bosses.
And I am still confused on why to go Guild first instead of farming? i know a ton of people waiting on farming. Only a few actually interested in guilds outside the buffs. Would be more content.

We need content, things to get on and do daily. Some type of daily events, Farming would have been something to fill a small hole while guilds were being created.

Next would be the Economy! At this moment outside a few rare drops and forged gear, the economy and reason to own a shop is useless. Anyone can go out and get any mats they need after playing a small amount of time.

Stop trying to balance the game to the casual players. Make grinding worth it in some form. Extremely rare drops, time limited drops, drops that take some form of extra time to collect. Also would fit into the new content. Titans and world bosses could drop these things.
The balancing youre focused on, is just a bandaid. Without more introduced content, youre doing nothing but wasting time. Even as little as wildstock eyes. Used to have to go find some stout ones. I went meteor hunting for canes last night on a lvl 1 planet and came back with over 60. I used to get 80-100c each. Now they will be worthless. Stop catering to the casual crowd. They are not the ones paying money or playing daily. They just want everything gave to them.

The game in all, is fun and going in the right direction. But you need to introduce new content worth playing daily instead of balancing and quality of life changes.

Keep up the good work.


Because it’s the ground work towards dungeons and raids: aka, titans and prefab or player made dungeons.

In addition to guilds running a shop as a group as well to conquer the economy mini-game. It also allows players to come together under a single flag, banner, or name to actually accomplish a specific task that all of them want to do. That can incorporate any sort of group activity in the game, including the boring meteor events we have right now.

When PvP worlds, areas, or whatever, etc. that is actually implemented in the game where you can actually fight and kill someone else, that will instigate pvp guilds too. That’s an extremely good thing for Boundless regardless of how many people would whine about it. Don’t want to PvP? Don’t go to a PvP area or world. Simple.

The problem is guilds as a game feature is no more exciting than LED Blocks because of the lack of content a group of players can do together. Personally I’d have a merchant guild but what is the point in running a guild in a video game that has no actual replayable content worth playing?

I have a lot of stuff pre-designed and I am just waiting for a large chunk of content to be added to the game before I start building that kind of stuff. I’ve been holding off on building a warehouse cause I don’t want to have to try and move it because players are dropping out of the game and portals are closing up because of a lack of content. I don’t need more stuff to grind just so I can enjoy the game and get the most out of my time.


Well this is a new one for me…Came back to the game after a few months break due to being busy irl…

I went to go mining, and I found the best spots to mine gems on some of the t6 worlds seem to be completely boxed in by a single player. One of these is well over 5k plots in size.


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Worth less but not worthless


Couple observations about this thread:

  • The developer literally asked people what they don’t like about Boundless…(that is great! )

  • Problem is, there is a certain individual who continually appears in the thread arguing with people about they way they feel??? Seen the word “lazy”, “newbie”, and more.

Kind of sad really.


I’ve cleared the flags and re-opened this thread.

The aim of this thread is to capture feedback from players about things they don’t like about the game. Please feel free to comment and give us criticism and feedback.

If some of the criticism can be answered by other players then please do so. Not everyone knows everything about the game. Keep the responses positive and informative.

But please do not abuse each other. The thread is for criticising the game and not other players.



I’m prob late to the post but I love the game, after being gone due to surgery it was rough to make a return due to my portals shut down and lower tier world I’d settled on didnt have the means to push forward.
That and all my originals I started with quit and places despawned.

However I came back packed up and moved to higher tier world, with that said I would like to note two minor things I wish the game had that would helped me:

Offline planets: it wouldn’t hurt to have some offline worlds maybe a T1, T3 and T6 with different colors in variety of regards (or world random gens) so when servers act up we can play on our own. I know the game is build around community however I personally would enjoy a separate character set in a offline world to mess around with build ideas or something.

Physical disc release: (this would be ideal with the offline mode included) but I am a huge physical media junkie and often times I forget or glance over my digital only library. With companies like Limited Run Games (whom I hate), Special Reserve Games and more that do small indie prints many possabilities are open!

EDIT: Also a photo mode/camera for videos/screenshots would be amazing!


F12 for screenshots



Great to hear from the Devs. I started playing with a friend of mine about 4 weeks ago. We come from thousands of hours of minecraft and enjoy the MMO and the free-market of this game. Our main complaint at this point is the dwindling population and growing “ghost towns” that we’ve noticed. The seamless MMO aspect is this game’s key feature to us but it depends on an abundance of players. I think a big sale and marketing campaign to jump-start the population could trigger a snowball effect (we are avid PC gamers yet we only heard about Boundless through word of mouth from a friend). We are just now getting into high-level centraforging now to let you know where we are coming from and are overall very happy with the game.

Some notes of my journey into the world of boundless:

  • When i first started the game up, i was really intimidated standing there with a portal totem, unsure what my choice would lead to (am I stuck on a world, how hard is it to run to a city/portal/find my friends that were already in game, etc).

  • I was initially turned off at how slow mining and placing blocks was, not realizing that they would become faster and more familiar once I had invested in those skill trees.

  • The tutorial was perfect for my first character, but can be a grind going back through it with each of my alt characters.

  • No melee weapon(s)?! I was really surprised when I learned this. Hunting is a big enough aspect of this game to justify more than two weapon types (plus bombs i guess), all of which are ranged weapons. The material and centraforge variations keep those interesting but please give me a close range melee to hold in my off hand.

Things that would be nice to see in the future:

  • Ability to place water and lava from buckets, etc.
  • A brew letting you breath underwater to help gather rare ingredients.
  • A super high level raid (boss stuff) that requires a dozen or so end game players working together. Meteors are fun but more variation on that would be good.

I would be happy to answer any questions or expand on any this. Thanks for the inquiry into the community!


@GreyArt247 well I am on PS4 and though we have screenshot button for recording there are a lot of huds and markets that call cant be turned off for pristine screenshots and video recording.


Wanted to add that beacon permissions should be universal among my alts, I don’t like having to log in to my main character to alter plots and stuff and that my alt’s plots are separate from my main’s plots. Also a beacon option to ‘remove all associated plots’ with a single click would be nice instead of running around un-plotting chunk by chunk to move a beacon. It would be nice to fully share a beacon with a friend in joint venture bases, etc so land plots,


A lot of those issues should be solved with the guild update coming up. You should just have to establish a guild, set all permissions how you want them once and be good to go.


Nicely thought out post.

I def agree on the lack of melee weapon. When I started fighting, I’d punch a goat with my fist, then step aside as it charged, turn and finish it with my slingbow.
But I’d much rather have a weapon that is quick and requires no reload. Can’t count all the times I’ve stared death in the face chanting “reloadreloadreloadreload!!” (Because that obviously makes it go faster.)

Slingbows won’t become obsolete, as they’re great for cuttletrunks and hoppers, but melee would be great! More variety.


For me, even though the worldgen is impressive and the scale is amazing, the actual texture and voxel quality is really ugly. I know it’s probably necessary to keep the game running at an acceptable rate, but I really hope future updates will try to enhance the texture quality a bit.

Also, there’s not much helpful info on certain recipes or how to complete some objectives. I personally enjoy this, but some players might not.

Oh, and maybe make caves a little easier to find.


Are you sure? This game’s community is turning against it at this point considering it’s only at 200 players and is getting progressively more grindy and annoying.

I’ve seen more people complain about these mythical fanboys than anyone actually behaving as such.


I just want to give you some more information about it, you can forge a quirk on a toll named “That Sinking Feeling” that will double your oxygen underwater(Still think it could be better than this).

This is added in the upcoming guild patch


If you hook a USB keyboard to the PS4 and hit F10 the HUD and all displays disappear for clean shots and video


That is AMAZING info to know ty! However I would still like to see a more practical way in options or via camera but tyvm!