What turns you off playing Boundless?


What turns me off playing Boundless now? Nearing on 800 hrs in game. Honestly? Just the lack of players really. Plenty of red squares on the radar compass, but never really seem to run into too many people along my routes. Hardly anyone outside of towns.

Other than that, everything else that is possibly and subjectively negatively affecting the game, truly doesn’t bother me.

Death penalty? Oh well, I died. It happens. Id take the xp grind, over being ■■■■■ deep in vulpto whacking away looking for rubies and accidentally sliding into the lava and losing up to 75% of my gear durability. (Yeah, that’s when I started building bridges to rubies instead. haha sigh)

Footfall? I really don’t care about this one either. I look at it as coin that just magically appears. Cool. Free coin! Not much footfall coming in, and short of change for that awesome aoe hammer from Crete or skylight forging? I go hunt and sell them my trophies. They gets 20k of mine, and I get a few thousand of theirs. Successfully dropping the price of the hammer since I worked for it.

Working to obtain something you want, opposed to need, feels more satisfying to me. Feels worth it. Feels like I need to go buy some persisting pies with the money I made off crete or from skylight forging. :slight_smile: thanks! You guys rock!

The devs are up late working their butts off for their baby, and for us. Even on weekends they’ll pop up on here or in game. So what’s a little ingame work for us while things get smoothed out, if they’re the ones truly working here?

Thank you @james and everyone else over there! I truly appreciate your perserverance and passion for this game!

There are other ways of looking at a problem like I explained about footfall. Don’t focus on a problem we don’t have complete control over, but instead, figure out a way to alleviate that in game untill it’s taken care of.

There’s a saying I heard a while ago that I sat and pondered for a while that I feel holds true to allot of these posts:
(my honest sincere apologies if this possibly offends anyone. Let me know if it does, and I’ll delete it off here. No questions asked.)

Here’s the saying:
"A lightbulb goes out, people fix it and get a new one. Lightbulb goes out for a Catholic, he stands in the dark and says, “what did I do wrong”?

Which one are you?

Edited to add: @james and to thank everyone there! Hopefully this will put a smile on one of their faces. Instead of being tagged mostly for negative feedback.


What turns me off is the PSN trophy list, cannot complete this.
-visit 50 world types
-survive 2 hours on special world
-complete meteorite on special world
-complete 675 feats
Some of these features are not ingame yet.


& all I want to do Is locate crete’s request baskets so I can spy on his prices, that darn Crete. He knows im looking for them :rage:


I mentioned defense turrents before, I think that would be awesome as well. Mainly for pvp purposes though in my opinion. It would be nice to be able to keep certain individuals from being able to enter your property if you don’t want them to. Just not sure how that would all fit & feel cohesive. However with the right amount of thought & man power it could be something very nice to have. I would love to have the option to restrict certain individuals from ever being able to set foot on any of my property’s. But that’s just me being the Anti Social type that I am. Most people just wont get it in my opinion, or really even understand why they would ever want to use one in the form I think of them so *fart noise


It took me few weeks to come up with coherent reason why I’ve stopped playing.

I’ve got to the point where I’ve started crafting everything with power. Big grind to that point. Then I looked into the future and saw nothing but even more grind.
With every accomplishment I had I didn’t make grind easier. Far from it. I’ve opened even more grind. Stuff which were easy to do (iron tools) changed to forged iron tools (even more grind, cause forge ingredients were less common than iron).
And looking even further, I can see forged gem tools. Even more grind for single tool, closer to not be able to self-sustain my needs.

And those tools would only help with more tools. With forged iron + copper tools, I already had best tools for building/creative stuff.
With no automation, grind would expand linearly from now on, at least on building side of things.
On tools, it would actually have spikes every time I upgrade to higher tier.

As population of players able to visit T4+ planets grew, resources I was able to get also were less and less common.

Then came changes to lowest level forging. It was last straw because it basically made self-sustained progress prohibitively grindy. All feeling of progressions vanished and I saw only the same grind forever.

Instead of making my life easier, every step I made in “progress” made it more difficult.

In my opinion devs messed up Skinner box conditioning. There was always the stick, but somewhere along the way carrot get lost. Challenge without reward. No way to make stuff I already was doing easier, no legit way to automate anything, no hope for less grind.


the search for purpose in life is ages old and u project it right into this game in lack of a fabricated one that is delivered by some games. for what do we grind when we die anyway? Why learning stuff when stupor seems so conveniently less bothersome? Why building something, if everything decays?

Fact is: forged gem tools are not grindier, but much easier to obtain than forged iron tools with forged iron. Also since u left, there was another forge update and now low-power forging is much less costly.

i hope u find ur carrot again… (in my world sandbox games are constructed the way that everyone needs to dig out their own carrots, but what do i know…)


We quit playing pretty much without realizing we’d quit playing honestly. Between lack of content, an economy that doesn’t know what it wants to be (currency based or barter based), and most importantly stil no private realms as was advertised and a key component to us buying a few copies of the game… no one thing is/was the cause. Just a lot of small problems that create a bigger problem of specifically no urge or desire to play. Dailies might have been something that could have at least kept us logging in off and on for a while but even then I’m sure eventually we’d be as the same point we are now.


I am still playing after 1 month break.
I do a few some of ur points.
But there are somethings this game really need to improve.

  1. I really don’t know what’s their balance direction. I mean since the bomb mining removing patch until now all pointless…

They removing bomb mining because they felt its too over power. (around 700 gmes / hour) But now with current meta hammer mining you can get at least 1500 + gems in 1 hour + easier setup + not hard to forge a meta mining hammer. These grind rate cause the entire gem market broken. …
But their balance direction is keep changing the forge ingredients… which means it only make experienced players feel more annoying, and new forge method becomes more and more complicated. But the result still the same, you can still get the hammer for 1500 + gems / hour … Which means the gem market still remain broken, but more annoying to forge the gear. ( Nothing really change, just more annoying)

Experienced player may feel they keep lowering the gem price or gem product’s price is helping new players.
But instead, this kind of action make new players have limited way to earn the money.
Before when the new universe released, i sold advanced power coils for 17k each. Now it becomes 3500c…
During Alpha beta i sold gleams for 200c / unit . Now it becomes 5c - 15c / unit.
How come new players can make money by this kind of economic setup ?
Right now money become extremely useless at a lot of points. For old players, basically the only items worth to buy on market is Oortstone. (They can gather all other mats super easy by themselves.) For new players they lost the chance to make their first income.

  1. Lack of new content. Basically since the game released to current patch, this game has 0 new contents increase. ( I really don’t count a few new blocks as new contents) Maybe guild system on next patch is one of new content. But that is 100% not enough to keep players playing or find players back to the game.
    Especially that is guild system. When the population drop like this crazy speed, the guild system will become pointless one day. They really need to focus on new game content like farm / dungeon / titan. And stop doing the stupid balance… If all the balance they made, they do it after dungeon / titan / farm system released i believe most people won’t complained that much. When the new universe released, more worlds appeared kind of catch player’s attention, so most of us didn’t notice that this still the same game as Alpha beta. Its still the same contents with slightly different version. People who are talking about is something different, something new compare to old game. Making the game more grinding really won’t help you guys to keep the population. (Mabye you guys do nothing, current population is even better lol )

Those are my advice again, these day i realize more great city fall, more great players left the game.
Its really sad to see they left the game they support so much and had so much faith.

Hope you guys can make the game better again as Alpha beta. To be honest i like the way you guys running during alpha beta more than current way. At least more organized, and you guys were listening player’s opinions.


I wish you only had 1 character for all skills instead of creating multiple characters. And the connection problems too.


Having 3 skill pages per toon is good enough for me.
Lot of advantages to having alts, such as extra coin, more plots.
also very easy to level (some peeps complaining that it’s too easy…)


Alts aren’t the reason people are playing less. It’s cause there’s nothing to really do in the game. Even when the Farming content patch comes out in January/February (guessing on this time frame), it won’t be enough to bring a lot of folks back. Perhaps to check it out. Until there’s something that people can really sink their teeth into and savor the time they spent in playing the game, there’s really zero point in playing.

If you take a really hard look at Boundless, it’s a game that’s empty of actual real content but has a nice solid foundation to allow for that content to become consumed repeatedly.

I honestly think that the guild system is going to be a step in the right direction as that’s needed first before any sort of dungeons or raids are implemented.

But alts aren’t a net negative by any means in this game. It isn’t what causes the root problem in Boundless.

Much of what I’ve also said is why I don’t really play the game. I am interested to see what bare bones feature they’ll put in for Farming when we get our hands on that.


The only advice i can give for coin making - dont try to sell gems.

Anything you can find in an atlas can be gathered quite easily, gets a low value and is often farmed more effectively than new players can.

Unfortunately money is made from items that take time to gather, convenience cost and all. The best items for coin at the moment are mob drop trophies, with surface resources coming in a rather distant second due to not all of them not being subjected to 3x3 farming…


For me it’s the constant repair of coils.
Drives me insane. I’ve gotten used to the grind, but only after reaching the end game. The gem / power coil wall around level 25 was hard.


I will have to agree with you that lack of something to do in game (other than grind out resources which I find boring) is certainly one reason fewer people seem to be playing or are playing less. Without derailing the topic too much, why do you think guilds will help? Other then allowing a settlement to keep its name (which is an issue so I am not trying to minimize this), what else does it really add?

I personally think/hope that farming will add something more to the game to bring some players back and not just be another grind fest.


Guilds could possibly increase the PvP aspect to where guilds want to take over / found capitals… to do this would require either prestige bombing (easily countered by individuals with determination) or more hopefully recruiting inhabitants.

Recruiting would require a desirable guild - good buffs and benefits. These in turn require member xp (to feed the “guild xp”, name eludes me atm) and coin. This coin sink would hopefully cause an increase in activity leading to new coin generation, currently mainly footfall, which would require more activity from players even if they are just running over fellow guildie’s plots.

More activity means more product consumption, means more crafting and selling and more life in general.

This is an optimistic or wishful outlook, but at least that’s what I’d like guilds to add to the game


OK that all makes sense.

As far as Guilds engaging in PvP, my concern is that this encourages Guilds to engage in the same behavior (merging settlements) that has created so many forum topics where all it does is upset one group or another. Since we do not yet have protection zones, I think players will continue to express displeasure at being force merged and will see no difference in it being a Guild versus any other group or individual player. I am not sure just keeping their name is going to be enough.

I agree the buffs do create a coin sink in the game. I do not know about you or most players, but as I have never had significant footfall, I do not see where I will be getting coin to contribute to a guild. I am not sure why the guild would create more footfall activity unless you have to visit the helix every so often in order to keep the associated buff. We shall see what happens with this. Since the revised footfall and the guilds are not in place in the live game, all my statements are really just my personal guess.

I hope your optimistic outlook is closer to what happens than my less optimistic view.


Oh i agree that guilds wont intrinsically change much, most of what i said will take active decision making from groups or individuals, and I’m just hoping some of it will spill over to the rest of us. Time will tell :+1:


Maybe not all the Trophies.
Basically Spiter / cuttletrunk trophies have low demand.
But Wildstock & hopper trophies now are not too hard to gather as well.
Since more daily hunting event host today compare before.
even join one of them you can get tons of it.

So i think the only thing worth price on market is Oortstone.
The demand of Oortstone stilll very high.


Yeah, guild won’t change much, but it still the patch players need.
This system still a good start for them to fix one of their main issue caused by “forge system”.

The entire “forge system” released cause way too much problems.
I agree this system is fun and also a lot of players enjoy this kind of setup.
However, this system is too hard to balance.

  1. The ability to gather everything in the game is way too over power.
    (wood/ shimmering orbs / rocks / gleams/ gems / coal …etc )
    Well, its basically break everything. And the result affect the market break in just 2 month.
    (After Players released easy and op forge methods)

  2. The town merging issue. The reason why i said this issue caused by forge system is because as an Alpha players, i know we didn’t have this issue during alpha beta. Its a new issue after the forge system released.
    Why ? Because the ability to boost prestige. With nice forge gears you can boost the prestige in short time.
    Plus the plot cash shop involve, basically when players have ability to boost the prestiges and plot a lot, it means easier take down the warden in any city. Of course player’s nature affect this issue as well, but when the system becomes like this, you really can’t blame them to do this. (Even we all know this issue is really selfish playing style.) This is reason cause a lot of players quit as well.

  3. The way they balance the forge system.
    I guess devs one day realized this system is a little be too powerful, so they decided they want to nerf it. But the direction is completely wrong, so it cause players left patch by patch until today.

Now “forge system” becomes one system they really hard to modify. If they remove it or huge nerf it, i believe a numbers of players will quit too. But if they don’t remove it, the entire market will keep broken as current state. The fun thing is this game never be more grindy as usual, instead a lot of things are being too easy to gather.

This why mostly i choose the word annoying instead of grindy. With the best forge gears, you can get more source than before. The way they balance it, just make things more annoying. So its never be challenge, its more like making people spent more time to do the same thing again and again and again. I really don’t call it grind, because u can get even better results as before. I will suggest they need to re-work entire forge system, even it has chance to completely ruined the game, but it also has chance to make this game new life.
(I mean destroy entire forge system, and remove all the RNG things, make it more like blacksmith work.)

Also they need to abandon all the ways most mmorpg used to balance. Because this game is not pure mmorpg. This game also is a sand box game as well, and more close to sand box game. So they need to balance the game like sand box game not MMORPG. If wonderstock they want to make this game as MMORPG, they better release “class” system. And it means all the hammer / axes… etc will remain longer and can be repaired in the game. New forge system can be the chance to forge unique states to use forever until players find the better one fit their play style. It can be a fun direction too. For 90% of successful mmorpg, they don’t have a system for players spend a lot of time to craft a tool can only used to 1 day - 3 days… Its really pointless. (But in sand box game its normal setup) I guess its time for them to decide what this game should be looks like. A sand box game or MMORPG.


Part of the beauty of Boundless is it’s trying to create a balance of both - that’s what sets it apart and I believe gives it massive potential.

The sandbox side is really well considered IMO, and although the character development and the RPG side are pretty rudimentary right now, there is a great base on which to build.

It would be great if the team would publish a real road map to give us an idea of the direction being considered. Much of the forum has become speculation since there’s no guide to what is planned.