What turns you off playing Boundless?


I am moving on to greener pastures.

  1. The farming meta has converged on AoE tools and that seems to be here to stay. If you’re not exclusively using high-end epic AoE tools you’re efficiency is 900% worse.
  2. These top tier tools require so much effort & layers of RNG (which you eliminate with rare mats you trade from lower level players) I’ve given up on crafting them. The only real way to keep up is with constant trade which ruins any concept of self-sustain for me.
  3. The economy clearly isn’t a priority with major bugs taking months to fix. Very disappointed in the latest testing yet again not having a fix for footfall in. This fear of fixing large issues is normally how games die :frowning:
  4. Most of the grinds I have come to love in Boundless have been rendered ineffective. Most surface resources are not worth gathering since AoE tools yield them much quicker from nuking blocks. Bomb mining is dead. Cave mining is dead. Normal mining is dead - only AoE mining survived. Single player combat is completely ineffective - only large meteor hunts are remotely viable.
  5. XP balance is an even larger joke. Rock to refined rock conversion is so unbalanced that all other forms of XP gain are irrelevant. And of course rock to refined rock conversion depends completely on the unbalanced AoE tools for gathering.
  6. My beloved shopkeeping has been rendered completely unfeasible with the masses of variation in items, crazy amount of shops over dozens of planets popping up and no indexing or APIs to create a usable market.

Most of the sandbox experience I fell in love with is gone and it’s time for me to accept that. I really do hope that it gets addressed - but do not expect it to happen soon. I’ll be back in a few months to see if there are some options in the things I love again.

With 1849 hours clocked to date I would say the game has served me well. Thank you for an insanely fun experience up to the forging release devs!


Good luck brother. You’ll be missed



I echo your feelings regarding gathering and how it relates to xp, I’m also tasking a break from competitive boundlessing. Really sad to see you go, but it’s not “goodbye” it’s just until we meet again.

:vulcan_salute:Humbo I-ima


gave up crafting tools because of inability to get mats by urself with high-end epic tools available???


btw i dont think xp needs a “balance” in this game … u get it, its nice and after short time u already have plenty skill points. doesnt matter what u do, ur character will grow. if u want to draw xp out of stone, thats ur choice. but it wont yield u creature loot and other stuff u could use to forge stuff by urself without trading.

actually stone into refined stone has an already pretty good balance between xp yield and item yield compared to the time and effort it took


kudos to you for making a clear concise leaving post without making it into a big drama.
most of your points arn’t relative to my playing experience except for the footfall side…
Sorry to see go but hope you’ll return one day.


For me, it was the lack of any form of lore or backstory. This game has the potential to set itself apart from the thousands of minecraft clones that have sprung up since there’s obviously a backstory somewhere. Why are we on the Great Transmigration? Who are we? How are the Oort related to us?

Such lore doesn’t require coding unless the goal is to make it something we discover in-game, but there’s zero indication that this is the goal. There’s not a scrap of evidence of anything - even in the Sanctum, just an elder who tells us nothing and does nothing but occasionally emote during the tutorial.

Since it’s not a goal of the gameplay, it can be written instead of coded, making it baffling that no lore exists.

I can - and quite often do - put up with bugs and imbalance when there’s a story thread behind the game. Hell, I’m a huge Fallout fan and that series is perhaps more famous for it’s buggy product line than even it’s impressive lore and storyline.

The game is about grinding and grinding and grinding. I get that - it’s a valid gameplay strategy that I’ve enjoyed in other games. But with no structure or point that a backstory or ongoing story would provide, the grind is nothing but tedium. Yes, we’re trying to colonize other planets; that is understood. But why are we doing it? Did the star system we were living in experience a massive system-wide ecological disaster? Did we cause it, or was it something left behind by the Oort? How did we get to the point where the game begins, and why are we stepping through the game itself?

Give us the framework of an identity and motive. Players will take care of the rest by creating thriving new worlds, but only when they know WHY they are creating thriving new worlds.


I can get behind this


Honestly the lack of races currently in the game makes me very sad. :< everyone just feels like a blob and not personal at all.


Oh the irony! Characters used to be rectangular orange blobs in the wee early days of EA lol


I love this game. The ONLY issue I have had is greifing and getting no reply on the reported beacons… that being said… I’ve been able to overcome it, but a prestige war is the reason 2 players are holding my city hostage…

I’ve heard other settlements have similar issues and people are “taking a break” until the issue with prestige can be solved.

As for me… I don’t care. I’ll build around it and just keep on having a great time hunting with friends, running around the terrain, and relaxing as I build… :nerd_face::+1:


I have a similar Problem for Closer to 3 months now a 1 plot Player is Blocking my Progress and no word or Action from support. It is sad.


@james (only tagging bc this has gotten sooo long.)

So I’ve been avoiding jumping into this thread and just voicing whatever comes to mind that annoys me. All games have annoyances, we just have to deal with them.

I waited to give it time and thought and boil it down to the biggest thing/s.

First is the skill sets being one of the biggest wastes of cubits and time I see here. There is no point in it as it’s easier and faster to just go make a new character.

However, this I can simply turn my head away from and ignore. It does not affect my playtime.

What does affect my playtime and is my biggest turn off is the death penalty.

Wait, before jumping the gun, I am aware that it was worse. You used to loose durability on all your items on you, and possibly some other past penalties I am unaware of. I will agree that this is loads better.

But better does not mean it’s right.

Some looking back on history and all the vets with their “back in my day” stories might help put things into perspective.

First, yes, there have been people here playing since it was Oort Online. (We used to be orange blobs? Wow!) I’m not in any way saying this in a negative sense, but these people know how to play the game, and they’ve played it well. Hats off to them.

This also means they know how to level the fastest, and even though there was a pre-launch wipe, they used that knowledge and rocketed their leveling within days. Possibly less. I’m not saying they did wrong. They knew what they had to do and they did so to get the ball rolling.

Yes, I’m getting to a point.

So, these vets are now level 50, maybe 50+, or very close. Getting experience is not as important.

Couple weeks later, scores of newbie players start coming in with wide eyes and no knowledge of the game. Many ppl don’t watch hours of YouTube videos before even starting up the game. Some come in wanting a fresh experience. Hence, no knowledge. I myself am one of these people. I only seek knowledge outside the game if I’m stuck in the game. (Which, funnily enough, is how I ended up here.)

They are slow, possibly struggling, but starting to see how things work, then nerf-aggedon starts happening bc the experience exploits start coming to light. Some got to use it, others didn’t.

This is not a big issue to the players that got their levels so it kinda got swept under the rug with the “deal with it” attitude.

(I realize there’s the crafting table/rock leveling method but I see it as an exploit. I’m not saying take it out, and I hope that’s not the only thing ppl will take from this. It was due to someone putting their thinking cap on and using in game mechanics on an extreme level and should not be nerfed, simply because of the extremes you have to take for this. )

Ok, so back on topic, this does have to do with the death penalty. Because now that those kinks were worked out, new players have to go out and play the game the long way, no fast leveling (aside from the one mentioned earlier).

Seeing how this game needs to keep existing players while attracting new ones, this is extremely important!

Bluntly, it is extremely harsh. Exact percentages fail to come to mind right now, but only half experience until it wears off? Having to actively work it off, only to sometimes die immediately after doing so, or never working it off to begin with? Coming back with such low health as well. You could step out of the portal only to die from a mob that was behind you and never even see it. I’ve heard players who pretty much go through the game with permanent death penalty. This isnt right.

The game suddenly becomes a chore. It’s a punishment. No one wants to play a game that punishes so harshly, especially when it can happen for so little.

I have stood outside my base, when I suddenly blew up and died. Wtf happened? I wasn’t starving. I thought maybe a hopper, but my husband was looking right at my char as we talked and he said there was nothing. I decided I was just done for the night, because I wasn’t in the mood for that chore.

This also creates a fear to go out and actually do stuff. There are also ppl who have one char go out and gather, hunt, mine, whatever, possibly in that permanent death penalty loop, and bring back the goods to alts who sit safely in bases and never leave. Their alts might as well be NPCs. They have accepted this char will frequently have the death penalty and work it so their alts don’t have to deal with that.

I don’t want to give the impression I’m sick of dying. I’m a very, very cautious player who avoids dying in games when I can, even pointlessly resetting because I know I can do it without dying. I’ve played Breath of the Wild without dying all right up to the final fight. (Very easy to die in that game. Most suicidal Link ever)

In fact, only recently since launch have I had to start counting on my toes all my deaths, but those last 4-5 were also pretty much back-to-back.

I also want to say games were you can flat out kamikaze yourself are insanely fun.

And lastly, this is not a request to get rid of the death penalty, but rather rethink it. Again.

Let’s look at some MMOs for examples.

Rappelz. Let’s start with a harsh one. You lose experience when you die and it’s actually possible to de-level. Not advised, but I’m just listing it as an example.

Minecraft, Ark, Conan, you lose your items on death, or drop a loot bag. Or under server options nothing lost at all. Seeing how hard some items can be to get and how far you’d have to travel, still not advised. I will say, though, this did make me plan my trips wisely and I made sure to put away all unnecessary items. I also had no problem punching a ferocious beast then getting snacked on for the giggles.

World of Warcraft. This one is a good one. (And I hate that game so… yeah. They’ve had to work this out for years so I’ll give credit where it’s due) On death you can either warp back to a city with a 10-min debuff, or you can necro run from a distance back to your corpse, and the only penalty you had was ressing at about 25% health. It gets the players right back into the game and having fun.

Elemental Knights Online. Automatically sends you back to a safety zone with a harsh weakening penalty for about a minute.

Final Fantasy XIV. Sends you back to your predetermined safe zone, but your gear was damaged. However, repairing gear was not hard, and even if the item completely broke, you could still repair it, just at a higher cost. (Either coins, or materials if you were a crafter.)

I can’t think of any other MMOs I’ve had experience with off the top of my head, or I can’t remember how they handled the penalty.

Out of all these examples, I think World of Warcraft has made the best decisions on how to implement a death penalty.

You have two choices. Either you accept to lose where you were and go back to a city/safe place and eat your timed debuff, (Im gonna put in the detail that technically you show up as a ghost in front of an angel in a remote, mob-free area and once respawned players typically hearthstone to town) or you spawn as a non-corporeal entity and have to run back to your corpse with lowered hp and run the risk of dying again in exchange for staying where you were. The necro run doesn’t stay the same either. Each death increases the time until you can respawn again, with a maximum of 30 minutes between death/respawn wait. I don’t remember when that stack reset.

So this method is not without punishment, but it also doesn’t make you feel like you’re working off a chore for the next however long it takes.

Heck, use that wait time and make a sandwich. Take a shower. Use the restroom. Say hello to the people you live with. Maybe even get some fresh air!

I’d also like to say a big part keeping me in the game is actually this forum. Some people make me grit my teeth, but others make me smile and laugh and I remember those people are in game.
And then the WS team, who actually listens. They take our groaning and snark, criticism and sometimes outright anger and instead of getting defensive, use it to strengthen themselves and their goals.
So thank you, all of you. Keep being you. :grin:

What would entice players to still Play?

Not like we’ve made much progress. The characters are fugly and you need to spend cubits to throw glitter on the ■■■■.


I wished we could pinpoint locations on an atlas. Have the items on the compass (top of the screen) show on the atlas. I know we can add location on the location panel, but nothing in there links up with the atlases.

I would prefer tracking a location from the atlas instead. More visual.

Also, would be cool when you take a portal (on the same planet) to pinpoint your location before entering the portal. Sometime you enter a portal and you have no clue if you are like 3 meters further or 3000 because landmarks are very hard recognize on the atlas. This is even more true when you enter a portal and get teleported 10 meters away but facing in another direction. It seems like you travelled so far just because the atlas rotated a lot.

I wished I could spin the atlas freely instead of having it locked into my position also to look on the other side of the planet for say.

I wished we could see the regions on the atlas also. Once you’ve explored all the regions, you can’t really see this information anymore (you can guess from the biomes, sort of).

Atlas is underused. I feel like it could be way greater than it is already!

Love the game!


These are all good suggestions!

IIRC this shows up at the top of the screen along with some other info for the region you are standing in or near.


Its to have Shop Wars, everything is about shopping. Everything we do in this game in the end whether its hunting mining crafting or forging its all really to sell things in your shop stands. Portals Shops Stands & Request baskets. That’s what this whole game revolves around. That & the building mechanic of course but that’s not what attracted me to this game. I came for the Shop Stands, & when you really think about it. That’s what the whole game is all about, nothing else really. Its just a giant shopping game with building hunting & crafting.
More lore’ish interaction would be a very nice thing though.
However I honestly think we really need some form of pvp more then anything. ( Not Literally )
However, been there done that in other threads so yeah…


Sounds like you just need a hunter alt, go hunting with him/her on safe planets until your strong enough to comfortably hunt on lv2, find a good store like mine that sells affordable foods & brews. *use them
Try some teaching foods when your feeling really spicy to boost your xp gain.
Or if your feeling vulnerable pop some shielding foods.
If your feeling weak use some strength brews.
& try not to just stand out in the open being completely still on any hostile world for too long.
You didn’t see the screen at the time which means you weren’t paying attention.
Something killed you he just didn’t see the animation, that happens sometimes you cant see it.
I do it all the time & get killed, but to be completely honest with you from my view point, its completely fine the way it is currently, its much better then before & its honestly not hard to shake if you play smart, & don’t spend a lot of time on planets that are far beyond your characters pay grade. I hope your not that person that’s running around on t3s with a super weak character complaining about death pen.

Oh mucho important as well, stack you resistance skills. They are absolutely amazing.


But why buy forging ingredients from others when you know they are not going to let them go for a price that would be efficient for how you like to run your store? Why not just gather what you need for yourself ? That’s what I have to do these days with what they’ve done with forging I have no choice. Buying most forging ingredients from players is just completely cost ineffective & agree with you there. If you just gather all the primary materials you need for your forge ingredients yourself & don’t request all those things unless your doing it at a comfortable price ( Lets face it ) its not happening cause no one wants to sell anything for a reasonable price, everyone wants to clean your baskets in one easy swoop or they’re out is basically the mentality of most gather’s the best thing to do is, set the time aside & gather tons of the ingredients you need for yourself. You gotta do it for yourself bro, then you have no over head & its all profit, that’s what I do anyway.


Mmm… I prob should have mentioned that my char is a hunter and I have all the resistances. I’ve taken hoppers to the face and shrugged them off, and solo’ed t3 meteors.
I did mention I don’t die often, and I’m a careful player.
Your advice would be good for a new player and I appreciate that.
My viewpoint was from my experience with multi mmo’s (more than mentioned here) and a suggestion for improvement to the game, which is what this thread is for.


Ahh, gotcha okay. Little miss understanding there :grin: