What turns you off playing Boundless?


I didn’t say you couldn’t use the word how or when you wanted, I asked you “Why” are you using it in such a manor. Not telling you what to do so there’s no need to get irrational,


i told u already the answer… this is getting ridiculous. im out here


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What was that argument even about?


If you exit and re-enter the forge the second after you start a new round it skips the animation.

Saved me a bucketload of time.


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New players are the best. They come into something with fresh eyes. It’s really the developer’s job to keep them. The game for me is good. I been just playing since Sept/Oct and I do feel there is for sure a gap between the noobie’s and the veterans of this game.


I like this game. I am relatively new. The following is some ideas and feedback from a noob’s perspective

  • I feel that there needs to be some kind of NPC vendor of some kind. People just don’t want to buy things. I don’t know how it would be balanced but for me that is a bit frustrating. Most people’s requests are way too high tier for any new person to even try to make decent coin. Maybe some kind of vending machine that connects to other vending machines in the same world. Something that newcomers could contribute to societies, cities.

  • Also what would be kind of neat is for something that is kind of like plots but smaller. For roads and trails. Something that won’t “invade” someone else’s real estate. I like to build paths in this game but I don’t want to have it be intrusive to other people’s land / it is also a bit hard to when it counts towards your plot allowance.

  • Kind of like there should be semi-plots that allow people to build where the world does not regen there; perhaps it doesn’t also effect your prestige since I could see that being abused.

  • The ability to also be able to sell real estate. So you can build a house or something and people in game could come and purchase it. Once they did, then that plot area becomes theirs own.

  • Perhaps a mailbox system? So you could transfer mats from one beacon to another.

  • Perhaps also sharpen the graphics just a tad in the PS4 version (yeah this is the famous words that everyone says to a developer, I am sure). I know the game most be highly demanding considering the scope of it. Just that I am a bit jealous/let down a bit that the PC version looks so much crisper. It’s definitely not a deal breaker but for sure is noticeable and hope you improve sometime down the road.

The game is again good great though. I love the concept and what you have done. It for sure is one of the most original games I have played in a long time. I know this is just getting started so I hope that you continue to put in your ideas. Good luck!


This is not the thread for arguing points please. This thread is meant as the place to voice ones gripes to the devs so that they may have useful data on what players don’t like.

Just in general, if you’ve got useful tips for another member who is struggling with something, maybe DM them. If you don’t agree with something or an opinion, just leave it be. If somebody is just completely spewing everything that they hate with a passion about the game… let them vent.


Do you not realize that’s exactly what we are doing?
Have you even read at all how this conversation has transpired.
" From me Doing Exactly as this post suggested "
We are now having a conversation based from that very post & about that very topic, so I believe were good. :blush:


No, specifically you’re discussing points being made. This isn’t the place to determine who is right, who is wrong, and what is good or bad for the game. Perhaps, create a new thread? This one is already 1300+ long… at the very least it would help keep your own discussion tidy.


Well if its already that extensive, I personally don’t think it matters how much longer it gets. Its already huge, & you must not care about it as much as you think you do. Because your post has nothing to do with the topic. What we were talking about does.

Its okay.


My job is to help keep threads on topic. Perhaps you would be kind enough to respect that? I care about these threads more than I think you realize, in spite of your implications to the contrary.

To that end, I’ll go ahead and put in the legwork and move your posts to a new thread- just for you.

Spinoff discussion: what's your opinions on PVP in Boundless?

I think that would have been a much better idea In the first place if you felt that our post didn’t belong with the rest for whatever personal reason you have.
However I already stated, there was no need for you to interject because we were fulfilling the topic of this post.
Arguments are how resolve is found which is supposed to be the point of a game forum.
I stated things I didn’t like,
& suggested solutions,
Someone disagrees with one of my suggestions,
We begin to debate whether the feature Im suggesting ( Mind you still related to the topic at hand ) is copying another game.
All still related to the topic then you interject talking about arguing points.

If I scroll up those comments right now, im going to see a lot of " Pointing "
That’s cool, its your job, maybe try not to take it so seriously to the point that people cant make suggestions & get to solutions.

Noone was name calling or being vulgar, yet theres an issue. Its honestly somewhat laughable.
Look man you got the power, Do you, ill sleep fine.

& if somone cant make a point here, then what is the point of this whole thing, I don’t get it?


No offence taken :grin: … reading it back now you’re right it does sound like that … It was more of a case though of - Oldie, off day, venting … still haven’t touched the forge since early access and probably won’t for while, it’s just not something that grabs my interest, I might take a look at it again out of interest if they do decide to make some changes but I prefer building anyway which is why my character tends to end up being a bit of a mixed bag of skills rather than a dedicated hunter or forger etc. Part of the frustration at the time was the atlas updating, or rather lack of, but that’s been addressed with the amazing update recently. I would of been happy if it just updated once an hour but it’s virtually real time now :grinning:


Tell your friends Boundless is published by Square Enix


Agreed the falling in random holes is hard to avoid sometimes and getting 20k penalty from it is to harsh and forget using the skill to half the penalty because there are not enough slots then to spec some builds to completion.


Shouldn’t need to even have skills to reduce a penalty.

This type of penalty / punishment [no idea why any game developer would like to ‘punish’ their playerbase tbh] is just a false difficulty.

If the purpose is to slow down level progression then make mobs harder. The only people it affects are those playing the game and levelling up. At level 50 it has no effect on you except slows down your cubit reward. XP draining just has no use what so ever and should not be a thing.

I have died quite a few times now because the sound vanishes randomly and so you cannot hear hoppers,spitters attacking you - not my fault there’s a bug [reported in another thread by a few people now]
Lag - not my fault


There are really no block to block interactions or moving blocks. Even simple things like gravel or sand succumbing to gravity. There’s a lot of good possibilities, like defense turrets in beaconed areas, elevator platforms using platform blocks that connect to rail blocks, both of these could require power or spark.

Experimenting with gases would add a whole new twist to mining as well. Gases could be blocks like any other, but will fall, float around, or rise depending upon their density (rising gases could be trapped in cave cielings or pockets underground).

What I’m saying is the prospect of a stagnant game is what turns me off, and a static environment will always stagnate. I hope you guys have it in you to really make this game into a phenomenon like I know it can be.


Not getting real answers, in years…Future of the game directed @James