What turns you off playing Boundless?


Main thing so far in 20 hours of play is, what comes after building? I see that content is coming next so i’m personally looking forward to it. (i have not encountered server issues, so im not sure what the problem for other people is.) As of right now, i’m not sure what else to do once the leveling and building are over with.


Being chased endlessly by cuttletrunks is causing me grief. Just the factor of easily angering 1 let alone multiple cuttles is problematic in of itself, not to mention the 2 homing attacks, and on t6 planets the ability to levitate and throw you. If you’re going to make 1 creature this difficult of an enemy, then the ability to evade them should be greatly enhanced, and not be chased so far that I end up dieing due to the homing attacks.


It’s a sandbox game like Minecraft, Trove, Runescape, etc. You play it however you wish. If you like PVM, there are meteors, creatures, etc for you to kill. You can make food and decor. You can build whatever your heart desires. You can do pure RPG. You can become a great weapon forger. You can play the economy & trade/set up a shop. You can be an evil troll. It’s whatever suits your fancy. There isn’t really and end-game per say. The building never ends, if you like to build. The levels keep going up. I do hope they add Titans & maybe big quests.


One thing turns me off from playing boundless.


Please patch this or something…


Can they patch sleep too?

Also I could use those tummy filling bombs they removed IRL! I can then play more!


No placeable water I dnt get saplings from trees I can’t craft armor for my feet, legs, chest, back, head, arms, neck and the smelting and crafting system is aweful/ boring. I have a much better idea then what is available now.

Pvp worlds should be a thing if you die your stuff drops for someone else to grab.
Pve worlds are fine with keep inventory on when a person dies.


After hundreds of hours playing now. I have probably become numb to things that annoyed me previously.

The things that continue to annoy me though

Death Penalty is harsh - too harsh to be honest. The XP gain was nerfed already and now a death means you earn half of the nerfed value ! At mid 30’s I do just log off now when I die more often than not if I die to falling down someone’s damn uncovered hole/shaft. That type of death is just so frustrating as you cannot see the holes amongst the grass. Any game system that promotes a log off mentality is never a good one.

Continuing from being punished for death I also get very frustrated in the fact that I have a chunk of energy missing now as well [because XP penalty just isn’t enough] but I walk through the portal from sanctum to find there’s a mob(s) a few feet away that insta kill you as you have no health. Why oh Why can you not at least eat in the damn sanctum so you have some health when you portal through to start recovering your XP debt!

Debt ?

Debt for what? I owe XP because I died? If it was a debt, would you not have given me something that I now owe you for? I could understand a debt label if I was getting double XP while being alive and now you wanted some back because I died!

A better option would be taking coin for each death. 1st death costs 500c , if you die again within an hour it keeps adding 500c with each death.

With the game not performing perfectly with regards to lag, This death punishment really should be reviewed , should be reviewed completely regardless of lag to be honest.


There’s just not enough stuff to do. I feel there’s an excellent foundation for the game, but I feel as though the walls and ceilings haven’t been implemented yet.

We need more to do…

Mini-Games -
Buildable Checkers/Chess boards
Vehicles/racing/race tracks
Obstacle courses with new, fun, functional blocks
Oortian Card Games
Lots more Decorative stuff the craft/build
Dungeons - player and dev made
More Loot in general… armor, weapons, etc

I could go on and on… but really, the main thing that turns me off is the lack of stuff to do.

I feel the current stuff has been stretched as far as you can go before things get truly ridiculous. Some of the requirements for recipes seem overly complicated just to increase time in the game. On the flipside, I feel some crafting times just encourage logging off of the game. I feel the game can get really grindy for no reason other than to extend play time.

Besides all that, I just feel as though there’s not enough to do.


Run out of credits. Where does it all go? Is all the credit hoovered up by a few players? How do you make credit later in game?


Sell your in game items, mob drops, forged gear, crafting materials that no one wants to go get, completed Atlas’s. There’s ways and means if you look for the opportunity to.


I personally find the crafting overcomplicated, too many items needed (or have to be processed X times for no obvious reason), others would be centraforge… I don’t want to get a PhD to understand how that works. I just want to play and enjoy myself.


After playing for a long long long time a few things i do not like:

  • Centraforge. The process is OK, but having to wait out all those lever animations is irritating. Can it not be made to work instantly so i can click through it faster?

  • Mass crafting. I now have to click 30 times per machine/crafting table after i stripmined half a planet and are working up those rock to rocks and refined rocks. That will give you RSI. can we not make a one button click to fill up all 30 crafting places?


Similar to how the energy/runningthing was that was just fixed, I get really frustrated by the fact that fall damage is percentage based. Investing points in max health causes the player to lose way more health than someone who hasn’t invested in health. But when trying to heal with food, it takes for ever. A good chunk of my deaths are due to falling inside my base while trying to build it and I have max health.


sometimes reading the forum helps :3
and for the mass crafting thing: dude u get tons of xp just for this little tiny piece of work… dont be ungrateful

@llamadoH use brews or better healing bombs for healing. use falling armour to survive altitude. u can grapple the ground, too, to avoid damage


Yes Grey, the forge is our new lord & savior. & without it you will get nothing with deadly accuracy.
I personally find it kind of funny that everyone needs to become a Super Master Black Belt Forge Champion to get good effects on there tools & weapons through forging. Im not complaining though.


uhm… u answering to a post from 2 months ago lol >.< and this quote can be reduced to (no offense intended): newbie, stuck in weird skill build, complaining :DD
i think @GreyArt247 has developed much in this time


I know who Grey is he has been around since Alpha, Im sure longer then I have. Your throwing the word noob around so frivolously, why?

Yeah im a very busy person so I don’t have all day to spend on the boundless forums unfortunately im usually busy playing the game or making a video about it. I apologize if my response was too late for your liking. Ill make sure to respond to the next post within your time constraints.


we were all newbies at this time cause the servers went live in… september? i doubt he was max lvl at this time, and from the content of his post it was a newbie issue, ignoring the breadth of possibilities he had at hand to solve his problems


That still doesn’t explain your frivolous use of the word noob. But that’s all cool & fine.
We weren’t all noobs, I have over 3000hrs under my belt, about 2500 when we reset, as well as many others that had no issues as to what your calling newbie. A newbie is someone that has no experience in the game, whatsoever. Not someone that has been playing it for ages.
& Understands all the basic fundamentals & aspects of the game. “Due to ages of Experience”


i can use whatever words i like in whatever use i intend them for in whatever form i present them and i dont have to explain this to u or anyone else.

3k hours and he doesnt know the advantages of shadow epic? trololol i doubt that