What turns you off playing Boundless?


Biitula is the US East equivalent to Xa Frant.
A Rugged Lush World (Level 3)

The only other world of this type in the universe is Boori (Australia)


Yes, Bitula, my impression, extremely overpopulated :slight_smile: Because it is the only of its type I imagine


The AoE tool change ruined it for me, the whole centraforge concept is outright boring and feels like a chore. I loved the Beta, it was a lot more fun actually. The more “features” they add, the worse it gets at the moment. And seriously… Piles of ugly Gleam buildings whereever you look, a broken and non existing economy that favours the ones who got a headstart and no income of any kind for new Players.
Not to mention the whole Portal Network Mafia system… Add a portal network by default or make it affordable to not use the existing ones. Im tired of jumping through a million portals that are just footfall traps to get anywhere.

If that doesnt change soon you will run out of players fast.

Oh yeah… and the game still lags. A lot. But i gave up on that one already.


That’s true. Feels like the center of the universe tbh.
But the planet is huge, I ran through vast forests without seeing anyone.


I wish there were things other than gems that hunter could be useful for. I see no point in them gathering gems from kills tbh. Maybe each mob has it’s own special type of brew or food ingredient that boosts stats when combined with herbs for ex. Maybe, i know this sounds outlandish but, the mobs could drop weapons or armor on death, or could be guarding a chest! Now i know there are only like two or three weapon types in game, but these were expanded, this could be a great incentive to hunt. Maybe weapons can look different depending on the handle, the material used, the guard, the edge, point etc and player could mix and match themselves to create these as well. This could also add a layer to crafting oriented player’s gameplay.

TLDR: RPG elements plez Wonderstruck


And that, is why I just left the game.

Can’t do a thing, I mean it really dawned on me how slow my progression is just due to lag alone, can’t build, tools break but blocks replace them selfs as I work due to lag, can’t hunt for #$&@, can’t mine cause again, I have to stand there for a minute, then play for two seconds stand for a minute, rinse and repeat.

I’m done with this game!

And don’t bother asking two ppl were randomly selected to tear my place apart.


thats weird… i dont have any lag. must be location or problem with different server


Do you know if you get much packet loss? … I used to be with Virgin media a few years back and my download speed was advertised as 75mb …In reality it was closer to 50mb but it was still terrible for gaming …It turned out to have so much packet loss that when I finally switched from them to a standard broadband provider that was only about 18mb it was still better than Virgin media’s connection. When I got Boundless over a year ago I was having all the same problems you’ve described and ended up having to upgrade my connection to fiber which is only about 32mb download and 11mb upload but the most important thing is that there is no packet loss and the ping is as low as possible.


I have no issues with internet, I’m not a techy but I can download 50gb worth in minutes, always no matter how many ppl are using their platforms.

Don’t matter, I actually would like a seperate test server on the PS4 which is not connected to the PC servers. Just so I can retain the 120 dollars I spent on this game, hell even a creative single player mode/coop so I can at least build and just have fun. Otherwise, money in the garbage sadly.


@XaniMatriX, I’m certainly no techy either but I do know Boundless isn’t just about how quick your Internet connection can download something. Because it’s a live global interactive universe across duel platforms that’s constantly being changed by other players all the time it needs a very stable connection. If you want to see how good your connection is, not just how fast, then it might be worth checking out “sourceforge Internet speed test”. It tests latency/ping, jitter, download speed, upload speed, buffer bloat and packet loss and explains what each one means etc. You’d have nothing to loss from checking it out and it just takes a few minutes. If all the results are good then at least you will have something to show the problems not at your end and if it does hi light something then it gives you something to investigate with your ISP.


I’m on the PS4 why do I havr to do all that garbage you just mentioned? I don’t own a PC, in in thr PS4… no man’s sky is an ever changing procedural generated universe with thousands of planets being effected LIVE by others, and to can see it all.

You have any idea what your saying? It’s on their end, their servers, their build, their optimization. Not my machine I paid for, not the awesome internet service I pay for, the only thing that doesn’t work is this game, and I paid for that too, unlike everything else I purchase this is bs.


Sorry, my bad, just trying to help, I’ll mind my own business in future …


Lol im sure that info may be useful to someone else that reads it though😁


I doubt it


Well the devs are not responding to any of it, in half tempted to ask for my money back.

In the PC I understand, there are ways and programs to optimize ur own machine to improve performance, I cannot do that on the PS4… completely different is all.

That’s why I keep asking for a seperate PS4 test server, so my friends and I can actually build and play, because it is an interesting game, just can’t do anything it’s a real shame.


What turns me off about boundless is that I can’t convince any of my friends to play it or even try it. The sand box genre has been plagued with duds and unfinished products that they refuse to pick one up that isn’t a AAA developer it seems. I have been enjoying the game immensely, but I still can’t seem to get anyone else I know to play it. I’m happy it has lots of great people who already play the game but I think I am not alone in having trouble convincing others that the price tag is worth the investment…


The continuous nerfs and adding of grind with every other patch. This game takes far longer to play, and the small amount of things that make gathering easy, keep getting removed or changed to take even longer.

The amount of time I have to spend to gather materials for a build in live vs EA is ridiculous, easily twice as long for certain things.


I’ll second this. Its why I am going to be putting this game on the back burner. Going to go play other games with my friends that quit when they introduced power and forging.


I still love the game and will still play. That being said:

  1. The grind - enough said
  2. The added other ingredients - Should have kept the original recipe and just added new ones
  3. What appears to be others finding gems, yams, etc., faster and more abundant then I ever do - Decorative gem, and metal blocks and I can’t seem to find enough to use as their intended purpose (Power coil and tools)
  4. Nerfing of mining blocks - I love to dig holes in the ground just to see what I can find and I used to get good xp for it. Now with the way things break and the low xp I don’t do it as much


The Beta was fun and it was about building and creativity. Now it is about grinding and timesinks. I am out until this game is actually fun again.

Also doesnt help that every single time you post about ingame lag and connection problems you get the “our servers are fine” standard reply. They are not. But in a few weeks they will be. Given the handful of Players left.