What turns you off playing Boundless?



Jesus wonderstruck i wonder how your office is like…

No srsly clothes would be really great, i feel dumb.
More forge ingredients!
More boons!
More quirks with alternative effects.

Please let the tooltip for foegestuff show stability and vigour cost!!! PLEAASSSEE!!!

Compact oort!!


A warning for when your portals are expiring!!

The ability to make stuff on a plot available for everyone!! Without adding to friendlist and stuff.

That way we could have notice boards and town stockpiles+freebie noob stuff to attract setlers.


make it so that pressing Triangle on ps4 or holding down X when putting something in the crafting que fill that table or machines craft list to the brim with that crafting stuff.

I have processed over 400k stone thats
22k x presses on the vrafting tables +4k on the refineries.

I am stupid, i did this with a broken thumb. And now i have to operate (hopefully not lol)

But still save some thumbs, mouse clicks, carpel tunnel syndrome and those poor ps4 controllers.

Make a full que with this stuff button.

Thats all for now
Love your game


I never posted here, because most of my feedbacks are spread around the forum.
No wait don’t go away! (yet)…I will try to avoid a boring monologue :sweat_smile:

What turns me off Boundless is the same thing who bring me back.
I am fascinated by strange/unique concepts. Even if they are incomplete and playing with my nerves.

I play a lot of retrogames wich enter the same category.
The issue with this kind of game is you often need to take long breaks for days, months, or years to enjoy them again. You can’t really recommend these games either. It’s like a guilty delight. I am too ashamed to talk about this game outside these forum.

I wish Boundless would be more polished on every aspects, more on par with popular titles. I want to see this game as something else than a 8-bits game challenge where you have to juggle between very good or very weird things.

For more details you can check my post history. Don’t want to make it too long. :wink:


I really like the idea of this feat


For me I was very interested and started playing quite a bit and mostly teaching myself everything which is fine I don’t mind that. The thing is I’m solo and found myself constantly trying to switch my skills around. It is kind of annoying to me that I can’t do everything I want to ya know? I basically sign in to collect coin now and focusing on other games. Also as soon as I got mostly set up in a community someone built a wall in front of my house lol So now I have to pick up all my stuff and leave xD


thats not nice… did u try to talk with the owner?
u can prevent switching around skill by creating more characters with different roles. because they lvl very fast at low lvl its fairly easy to get them to a lvl where they are useful and u dont have to switch skills anymore. Plus they pay themselves cubit-wise


No but to be honest I don’t think I should have to play on several characters just to get things done. I know that sounds spoiled or lazy but it’s just not normal lol No I didn’t try to talk to him he plays different times than me I believe, never seen him. I will probably just look for a group to play with once I regain interest in the game. Or start a new character to spec I guess, even though I disagree with the way the skills are set up :wink:


u dont need to play different characters to get things done. u can play different characters to get things done faster and without hassle. ur game ur choice


Yes I agree with that, the name of the topic is what turns you off playing Boundless so I described why I’m no longer interested or as interested. Of course it’s my choice I choose to not play unless there is some changes :wink: There are much better open world survival games out there that feel more… Complete. So I’m playing those right now. Just responding to the topic accordingly :wink:


the skills are set up so that ur character act like a swiss army knife: everything is good, everything makes sense, but dont try to use all at once, cause that looks stupid and u might hurt urself


Ok that’s fine and it’s ok if I don’t agree with the way they are set up?


would be nice to hear a suggestion for something better so we can discuss it


Yes but I can already tell you think it is perfect as is, so what would be the point? I don’t personally like games where characters need to be limited to one or 2 skills you know? It’s just my personal opinion and that’s probably not going to change either. So I say we should agree to disagree and move on :slight_smile:


Also I am aware you can spread your skills out and just have 1 point in everything, but to me that defeats the purpose of unlocking a skill lol


Im always open for new stuff. why shouldnt u voice ur opinion and maybe help the devs and others to see ur perspective? Maybe there are some misconceptions that can be cleared or we can just exchange point of views and leave it at that…

i dont think thats what ur doing when u raise alts. They all gain xp while using them and with time come skill points that u can invest… im not sure where u getting that u only use 2 skills for alts

not sure what u are talking of… thats definitly not what i was suggesting >.<


All elements are resistant to physical damage by 40%.
(I didn’t know either before watching Jiivitas video on it.)


u can get rid of elemental effects with cleanse brews and zeal reduces the debuff time. u cant eat elemental shielding loafs to protect from a certain element.

thats not true
when ur armour is high enough to repel the attack u dont get the elemental effect. But some attacks of the stronger mobs could still penetrate and apply the effect, or u got effected earlier with corrosion debuff, which reduce ur armour

u can grap the ground to prevent a wildstock pushing u. Get some falling armour if u want to survive fights with bigger wildstock


CONNECTION ISSUES omg always, everywhere, doesnt seem to matter server location. And on topic of location of me versus server planet… Why is it the better level 3 rugged or lush are European only, no USA? So that leads me to head to a Euro planet to play and of course even worse connection issues


Define better.


Eu has 3 T3 worlds while US East has 3 and US West has 2 and really only the coal / metal ones matter unless you like the color design of one of the others.


In response first to “only the coal / metal ones matter” personnaly id never choose many existing to build my base / home on where I spend time crafting, others forge, I craft/build. Example Till, I dont care for the extras there (elemental damage, lava, yada yada) I want realtively safe environment, yet some challenge. Where Im leaving now due to extreme connection issues, Xa Frant, perfect for me, just as Im attempting to describe, a low challenge, has meteorites even, iron to mine, on & on. Yet its not devistating. I could not find similar in USA, so ended up settling for a lvl 2 - Tana VII, quite pretty (i enjoy the views), but lame on challenge & mining!!


Would you mind sharing with me the T3 US East? Perhaps i missed something