What turns you off playing Boundless?


just build some content or are u too lazy?

people are the content in the game… their buildings, economy, their strife, their professions
and updates will come with more game inherent content

im just fed of people who outright threating the devs with player exodus or their own leave, or announcing to leave the game demonstratively, over something dense like the opinion, that a game should stay in the state it was sold, or the opposite opinion that the game doesnt have content and needs to be changed within x days or < insert stupid threat here >


Bro. Really.


Also, I invite you to check out the first post on this thread.


You can do you, bro, but here’s the thing; you got to accept that people want to be heard. You saying that people are friendly, then cutting someone down in the same breath is hypocrisy. Just respect others and they will respect you. If you’re turned off by people “quitting” then, you can maybe inspire them to stay?


I love the game concept and design and how everything is setup but as a player with a few capped characters I am finding the thing that turns me off is the lack of overall content the biggest turn off to me. I do build I have my own cityscape and shop that is busy and I love that aspect of the game I just feel like the game has more potential with more content and would really like something to look forward too down the line :). P.s would love if it was combat related


i didnt cut down anyone with this.

jacktherabbit said something i found controversial (“the simple answer is…”) and i answered him to this. didnt cut down anyone and wasnt also overly disrespectful.

In this game content is mostly player-made. so when he identifies a lack of content… it is very likely a lack of effort from his side… or the accusation of a lack of effort in the whole community


I suppose that is a matter of opinion, but in my humble opinion, presenting them with an option of either do this, or “are you too lazy” is pretty disrespectful. I’m not going to get into semantics though, since, it leads to pathways away from the issue. So, you’re entitled to your opinion.


again: content in this game is player made. by design. You are my content in this game chivlet. And when rabbit is accusing of not enough content… from which direction do u feel the stab?

Also i dont know anyone who doesnt feel lazy at some time. Being lazy is a human condition.


We can agree to disagree. I can present pointed arguments contrary to that, but regardless, I’ll let this rest.


the lack of…
Player created content store. Like a blueprint or even 3d models etc. i keep thinking something like Dota or even Roboblox and sell for in game currency.

Allow Gleam club to be purchased with in game currency I would say it should be super expensive but it would be a coin sink.


posted the blueprint idea already … but in the steam forum >.<
copy structures into ur blueprint should be only possible on ur own plots to prevent stealing of ideas tho


I agree and there could be some kind of watermark on the beacon so you can always see who made the BP and make is so you could not copy and resell it. like you own it but you cant modify it.

that ties into another thing i was thinking about. Destroy the beacon and all the blocks would return to your inventory.


Shadesmar i think u are too emotionally attached to be in this forum. Is just peoples view. The forums title asks for these opinions. U jumped on my coments. U jumped on everyone’s here. And i understand the reason for jumping in at every comment. Some are just being haters…but this forum is for development. For the game makers to look through and see if their is real issues. How can they see what people want or issues arising if people are scared of being shut down…its a open forum to grow the game.thats all.let the game makers decide if its valid or not. I am not trying to make you feel bad or anything u seem awesome in some of your comments but in this particular forum u need to be open to suggestions wrong or right.it is a forum for people to voice their opinion what turns them off the game. As the title of the forum suggests.


can u explain me please with quotes where i was talking about emotions or overly emotional or jump at any reasonable comments? i think at least when u asked i gave always an eleborate reasoning on my opinions. u accuse me of being not open for any suggestions but can u give explicit examples for that please?.. oh yea and in what way does the title of this forum suggest that i cant criticize what u or anyone is writing here, from my own point of view?
my suggestions just got shut down altogether by the claim that im too emotionally attached, and everything i was writing was just to jump on people. Did ur comment have any other point?


People are friendly here mostly, i am not. no case of hypocrisy. Read above for a real example of hypocrisy


Since you tagged me again, I’m letting you know that I’m not continuing this conversation. Thanks.


Yea u didnt get it…sorry wasnt meant to make u feel it was a attack…have a good game…:grin:


@Chivlet @Shadesmar get a ■■■■■■■ room to do you love thing. This is ridiculous. Do you think everyone need to read your ■■■■ argument??? OMFG

not to mention it’s way out off-topic


This is not a topic to even really reply to anyone else. Its ment to be a collection of opinions that the devs go through and read for inspiration. In short, its not ment for conversations.
@james @Steggs101 unless I’m way off the track here I think there needs to be some moderation in this thread.


That would be sweet but that’s asking too much I think.


Constant server offline…connection issues in this game are becoming so bad. Its almost unplayable at times.its my first online game that is this bad…come on fix the server issues. The rest of the game is unimportant if you cannot connect…