What turns you off playing Boundless?


The grind.


Limited time events


Being new to this game and 100percent addicted… its starting to really ■■■■ me off is your connection issues…it gets to a point where i ask myself is it worth it…makes me wonder why i buy the delux version just to get crappy connection issues. Then if i throw portal blocks down lately. I have to press button so my times just to get pop down screen to come down then be quick enough to press warp…dying for no reason is another one that pisses me off.agian due to connection issues…fix your servers please…honestly if another game like this came out and had no connection issues i would change game instantly…and its sad because the game potential is awesome.


hi… the connection to servers far away is usually worse than ur continents server. Try settling there to avoid ping issues


Lol… thats great…but untrue…yes better but not alot…plus the point of the game is to go to other planets to mine, collect materials u need…also ur encouraged to settle on other planets. Part of journal tasks…so that advice kinda defeats the purpose of the game…not meaning to be rude at all…just seeing the problems that drives people back to mine craft…lol😁


its not about other planets its about which continent the servers are. If u live in europe u should maybe build ur main base on a europe server planet. There are enough out there and u can still travel to other worlds, just dont expect to have a great ping on an australian world when u live in sweden


Yea i see what u mean…i am in aus.we only have 3 planets…so i have to go else where to get lvl4+ …like i said before fully addicted to the game…just saying what is a real issue


I would like to start off by saying this is a super addictive game and I love it. I play on PS4 and a new player (non backer). It’s all I play now. I have one character almost level 50 and I’m starting another character.

I haven’t finished Spider Man, or purchased Assassins Creed and don’t plan on getting Red Dead (All big titles). I am addicted to this game and hoping some more content comes soon.

Let’s start with what turns me ON
Yes, there are some bugs and player population decrease. I don’t really care. I joined a guild that’s nice and chatty and the main reasons I am so addicted is because:

  • de stress after work (not a hardcore stressful game)
  • social
  • I love building


  1. The worst bug I have heard of is regeneration in plots. This has happened to two of my friends, and they took a break or quit basically instantly. The plot idea is great, but this regeneration thing is really scary and can take very valuable things that took a long time to gather.

  2. The second worst bug I hear from some people is constant “unplayable connection”. I don’t get that much issues with connection. The server planet player cap was annoying though. But I know at least two PS4 people that complained over mic constantly about “unplayable connection” and eventually disappeared.

  3. The next complaint I hear from more advanced people is that they are bored. They got the top hammers, build a big town, and multiple characters to do anything. The only thing keeping them alive is the social and building.

Now that a lot of PS4 people are playing Red Dead, this is a good strategic time to add some content to the game. When they return they can be like “wow this happened, I can’t believe I missed this playing Red Dead”. They will tell all their friends and increase the population again.

  1. Titans and Dungeons - Every MMO needs some action. We have meteors which are different and cool, but we need some more action.
  2. Races - They look so good, what’s the hold up?
  3. Official Guild Status - Social is what will keep this game alive forever.
  4. More masks and outfits - They look so good, what’s the hold up?

I won’t be playing Red Dead, and I will probably focus solely on this game for the rest of the year, but if these features don’t get added by Anthem arrives (February 2019), I probably won’t be playing anymore. This is the time to get these features implemented.


i hate that people bring up leaving the game as point in a discussion. U are free to leave, free to come back any time and no one cares. u are not everyone in the game and others might overlook what u see as a flaw, they focus on other stuff and have fun with the game, or not and leave it behind ( to maybe pick it on a later date).


I’ll have to disagree with you on this, as this is the only actual content you suggested, because it’s focused on Combat. This game is NOT an MMORPG, tho it keeps trying to act like it is. It’s a Sandbox Creative game. All about building, and being a community.

So if the game does add Dungeons, it shouldn’t be the Devs making an adding a dungeon to do, but more of giving the players the ability to design events, including dungeons, instead.

Being a Creative Sandbox, The players should have the ability to make the events that the players want to experience and play. Maybe some ‘Epic Story Titan Dungeons’ by the Devs eventually, but let the players have the freedom to create thing, (WITHOUT IT BEING A GRINDFEST!).

Imagine people able to make little pocket dungeons based on the City it’s made for, or out in the wilderness for people to stumble across and do. But not just fighting dungeons, but other events. Jumping/Platforming Challenges. Puzzles. Mysterious Dungeons full of secrets and traps. Anything you can think up.

Wouldn’t that be a more fun thing for the game, then, say, a portal to a room with Meteor like Waves of enemies, till you fight a boss at the end and get a chest? Especially when people walking into it will probably have Max Defence and literally be unkillable and easily able to just kill everything, even on the hardest worlds and monsters? Combat isn’t really the focus of this game, and if skilled into combat, it’s laughable easy and boring because of it.


i like ur post very much (much more than some others u did :stuck_out_tongue: )

but i have to disagree with some stuff. u are not unkillable, even with max defenses on high tier worlds. Combat might be not ur focus, but it can very well be the focus of others, so stating that this is not the focus of the game is dead wrong. about 1/3 of ur skills or even more are dedicated to combat. u can play this game perfectly just being a hunter

Also u know my position on this game being called out as grindfest. Grind u do to achieve a goal, like playing through a game until the end, or reaching the max lvl or something like that. In a sandbox, where ur goals are arbitrary and set by urself, u cant blame the game for being grindy. its either that u set goals, that are too far away or too difficult to achieve, or u are too unimaginative or unmotivated to set some new goals, or the way u try to achieve those goals is not a direct one. Maybe u can blame some specific action, like for example farming waxy earthyam as too grindy because too repetitive. But theres so much more to do in this game than farming waxy earthyam >.<


But every action, every ‘Playstyle’ is a Grind. You say ‘But there’s more to do’, and I say yeah, instead of grinding for Waxy Earthyam, you can grind for wood, or grind for rocks, or grind for bones, or grind for sap, or grind for wax, or grind for glue, or grind for gems, or grind for mud, or grind for coal, or grind for peat.

Do you see a pattern yet? EVERYTHING you do in this game, involves a grind in some shape or form. Even building, because you don’t get blocks for free, you either have to grind and craft the blocks, or grind materials to sell for money to get those blocks.

You say ‘There is so much more’, and I ask, where? Cause all I see, in every single activity, is grinding. Just for a different item. But the end product, or even the methed of getting it, doesn’t change that it’s still a grind to get said item, to do said task.

And even “perfectly just being a hunter” is a lie, because you need money to replace your tools, and with how often they break you’ll be doing it a lot, and need someone to SELL those tools for you to buy, AND constantly buying the monster drops, forever, at a price that is affordable to replacing the tools.

Oh, and what do you know, that right there is a grind, just to KEEP playing as a pure hunter.


everything u ever do will include some form of grind if u define it like that
grind is a core mechanic of this game and games like this. dont come up with “minecraft is not grindy” or some other bs like this.
i wanna differentiate: grind is called doing a repetitive task to achieve some goal in the game.
a game or task is called grindy or grindfest, if theres literally no other way of progression than this one grind and the amount u need to repeat this reach stupid numbers, while theres no content that distracts from the grind. Here is important the very subjective way to break a race to a goal down to several tasks u need to perform. If u take the most elemental tasks u will almost always find them repetitive, in every game. A game is grindy when it only consist of the most elemental tasks and there is nothing to tie them together to an epos or story.
in a sandbox, this epos is player-made. The game lets u the freedom to choose ur own story instead of forcing it onto u. The downside is, that people who are less creative will feel that the game consist of only basic actions and grind. The emphasis on player-made content and player-driven economy is foreign for those people and especially at the beginning of the game, where this content is not yet prevalent, they dont have the patience to contribute to this to let it grow.

So a hunter may not sell his loot… why? cant buy weapons… why? i dont get ur point.


At the moment what’s putting me off (not stopping me… too addicted :crazy_face:) is the constant rain, ok, not totally constant but it feels like it is, certainly seems to now be raining more in comparison to being dry. I’ve invested a lot of time and effort into building a base on Sochaltin which had a very pleasant mixture of weather. Now it just feels depressing and miserable :weary: … Please please either revert it back to what it was and just add the excessive rain to new planets so people can choose to settle there or look for better weather or give us some controls over the weather effects. Excessive rain is depressing, dreary and totally unnecessary, it does nothing to add to the immersion, in fact I think it does the opposite. I’ve built too much to just pack up and move lock, stock and barrel to somewhere else (which could end up the same in a future update). I live in the UK which has more than enough grey sky’s and rain so I don’t really want to log into a game to end up with even more.

Edit: On a positive note I love the thunder effects, they definitely do add to the immersion. It would just be nice if there was a little less rain so it was more of something to look forward to rather than oh no not again.


My biggest turn off is I just don’t have enough time to play as much as I would like.
other than that I’m a total fanboy! boundless has me hook, line, and sinker.


Same as Jeff :scream::scream::scream: if only day had 48 hours :joy::joy::joy:


Huh? Clarify?


The devs care. They care a lot. It’s kind of their main thing; making a game that they (and we) love.


i believe the devs care more for people who play their game than for those who dont. (and this is a good thing imo)
They offer an awesome game and support, care and expansion, but when some people decide to put this game aside for now… that shouldnt bother them too much, because they still have a nice friendly player base to care for


The simple answer is the game needs more content, a lot more content and my preference would be leaning toward combat side of things. More and more people are getting capped and the variety is not large enough. I would say should be pushing for a decent content patch at least once a month and post about new things coming to keep people interested in the game.