What turns you off playing Boundless?


To add one extra reason to my above post.

Plot removal
I am trying to create a small settlement near a lake and have finished the temple.

I needed to try and save a few plots to finish the roof on my new building

and so I moved a plot I was only using for a path to save me some grind and when I next went to use one of my machines I see this:

Because it is very hard to tell where your plots are underground when you place and remove them. I must have removed the wrong plot and now I am down a whole heap of resources. More grind to recover is not fun. I don’t want to have to spend ages thinking about, messing around with and repairing damage from plot placement. I just want to build.


Plot layout overlay has changed for better, available on testing, will be on live in a few days.


That would definitely be a way to keep people playing longer. I am hoping a lot of my gripes may be due to early access testing and may become irrelevant.


ah thats you :slight_smile:
I have a settlement near by over the lake that I started when I created my second character. I havent been checking on it for a while but I went there yesterday and saw that nice house - the one in your first screenshot above. :sunglasses:

I decided to work on my main character settlement using my additional characters so I’m slowly demolishing my build next to you, but I will leave one beacon of 16 plots that is located behind your house (towards a smaller lake, hidden in trees). So I might still meet you sometime there (either as boundmore or jim-gleam or peter-spitter).


So we’re neighbours :slight_smile:
It is hard to keep up with more than one settlement. I’m hoping mine will grow around the lake eventually if I can get enough plots.

I’ll look out for you.


I like the lake and area, but have invested a lot somewhere else. But I’ll be glad to put some plots around and help you create something nice, even if its a small house or something. You just let me know what area you think is ok for me to settle, so I don’t block you from expanding the way you want.

EDIT: just realized we are going off topic here so we might continue that via pm if needed.


Made me think that a unique monster for each planet would be cool… but that would be a bit expensive to make a monster to only be used on on one plant, and there’s the issue of keeping them fresh and interesting

on that same note creatures favoring certain bioms over others would be cool too. it would make it easier to focus on what you’re hunting at least =)


you could however make a speshal monster for difrent atmospheres. i agree that just because a planet is a cirtant tier it shouldn’t always have the same monsters.


Yes, the removal of underground plots isn’t an easy task–I’ve up to three plots that I can see underground that won’t go away because something would be disconnected from the rest (which is fine with me) but I can’t find the one that would be disconnected. Deleting plots via a schematic would be easier–but it wouldn’t fit the style of the game. That’s a bother!


Please yes! This sounds like a fantastic way to increase the lovely little wave from the window moments I crave when sitting around waiting for materials to process. Plus who knows, the nudge might lead to more talks and opening the doors and letting them check out your fancy place!


I stopped playing after the last XP/level balancing update. I was getting 40 plots a level which was amazing and great, then logged in and found I was suddenly level 50 (had only been 41 before update), had no new plots and was required to grind endlessly for a pittance of extra plots. This totally ruined the game for me and left me with zero reasons to play.


pretty sure that’s a bug, I believe you should have got plots from levels gained.


Additionally, that’s a rather shallow reason to abandon a game entirely considering that it’s in early access and balancing changes are constant and inevitable.


Nobody is asking for the validity of a reason, just a reason.


Fair enough. I was feeling upset earlier :sweat_smile:


that regen bomb sounds fantastic got my vote :smile:


I guess you would not like that approach but I’d start another character for extra plots. I’ve done that a couple of times before we had multiple characters per account.


I don’t care for the current implementation of the crafting table UI, in my opinion I liked seeing the contents immediately. It now feels clunky for me & I’m having a hard time getting used to it.

A couple reasons for this however, I use them as storage because I like how they store the items like chest over the display storage, I don’t like putting everything on display to quite simply put it.
Some may love doing that but me personally I just don’t care to.

What I purpose is a chest similar to the Minecraft chest be implemented as well.

To go around the chest I have a couple more ideas.

  1. Implement a fancier crafting table that has more storage capacity, maybe using stone so we could get it in all those beautiful colors.

  2. ’ This is my favorite of all three ’
    Change the crafting table UI to include the contents menu separated from the others covering the part of the screen that isn’t being used by anything but our characters standing there which I personally don’t see the importance behind. I feel like that can be a little much at times.
    Id prefer a more accessible UI.

( Some other things that turn me off about boundless )

  1. Not having the ability to create my custom character yet, I know that’s coming eventually though.

  2. Not having a species in the game that looks human’ish

I understand the lore of the game & that there will be no actual known human dialogue used & that’s fine but I still want a character that reminds me of our human species within the game

  1. The scary approach it seems like yall are taking towards pvp

I would like to see a system that allows for pvp anywhere at anytime that awards the winners with reputation & exp as well as a small amount of coin and a minor generated random item drop.
The loser should lose a equal amount of coin & suffer whatever death penalty they may have as well as lose ‘Reputation’
( & this is just me going way out there but )
I’m thinking that this ‘Reputation’ could maybe be spent at a special type of Boundless store where the only usable currency is reputation coin or whatever its called, to buy special items that you cant normally get within the game, like customized bows. Maybe even " pets " ?
It would be really cool to have a pet Cuttletrunk
I would also like to say that this store & its items would be pretty expensive & hard to obtain because they would require tons of " Reputation "
Also winning or losing battles within your own settlements could maybe effect prestige in some way?


The loneliness puts me off to playing boundless, it just feels empty at times on a social level, I think a global chat would fix that.

I love the game though, it is my favorite game through many genres.


the weather option thats gone big downer for me
i hate it :frowning: