What turns you on playing Boundless

self-explanatory, I guess :sunglasses:


The Kind, Helpful, and Creative Community.


Dem Planets


@Minyi Dat art thooo


the other players :smile:


The devs.

This is one hell of an ambitious game, and they’re doing a damn good job of it. The engine is amazingly well constructed (at least from the outside :P), the art is :+1: :+1: :+1:, and the gameplay is falling into place very quickly now that much of the core engine pieces seem to be in place.


I really “nevir” could have said it better.


not everyone thinks that way, but… weather effects is a big yes for me


and /insult animation :joy:
(especially when performed by many just before entering portal on a big )


Caves and portals.

Once Boundless has the Minecraft equal of Redstone circuit and sticky pistons (possibly since we already have sap), I’ll put that at the top of the list.


The detail that can be achieved with chisels. That alone would’ve had me hook, line, and sinker. :heart_eyes:


1 - The community of players. The overwhelming majority are helpful and pleasant to deal with.

2 - The developers. They are responsive to issues and continue to move the development of the game forward in a positive manner.

3 - The cooperative versus competitive nature of the game. The game encourages cooperation between players by allowing the sharing of production facilities, the economic activities, and the way hunting is currently configured. Since anything inside your plots is protected, it prevents other players from deconstructing your build or raiding your storage. This and the inability to loot other players prevents a lot of the competitiveness between players that can make a game all about competition and kill cooperation.

4 - The lack of PvP. There are tons of games oriented around fighting other players. It is nice to have a game where that is not part of the game. If people want to fight, they do have the mobs and in 1.0 Titans and other creature.

5 - Multiple planets. It is great to have different worlds where different resources are available. I look forward to 1.0 where there will be more worlds and more colors of resources available.

6 - The portal mechanic. This is a great way to allow movement between the worlds. It also fosters cooperation in locating and fueling this important resource.

7 - Gleam. I really like this resource and look forward to more colors in the future.


The progression system is a big plus for me. Somehow I like it. Tons of icons (i have a thing for the designs and the variety). Also the welcoming information when you have entered your settlement. Leveling is split up into many different categories and sub categories. It is simply nice. Generally the look of it all. Big compliment to everyone who has been working on this part, and on the whole concept. And to the community of course, which is involved ever more so.

  • The graphics. Beautiful. God shafts, weather falling intelligently to the ground, glowy planets in the sky, shining flowers.
  • Terraforming. The fact I can manipulate my environment. Wonderful stuff. Worship for Chisels belongs here.
  • Self-regenerating resourses. The MCraft servers I’ve played on usually had two worlds, the safe home world and the one that could be wiped when mined out. Logging in to Boundless then being able to go spelunking immediately = immersive.
  • Portals. Walking from one coloured world to another completely different world is . . . magical. Very unique.
  • Having somewhere safe to go (The Sanctum) which also provides the 2nd portal to get-the-hell-out-of-where I was buried.
  • Keeping precious items upon death. Reduces Rage-quit.
  • Maturity of the player base. At Last! And the active forum.
  • Frequent updates and patches. It’s rather addictive waiting for the next drop!
  • Lack of pvp. Very refreshing. I’ve spent 2600+ hours on ARK(s) fighting dinos, but never another Survivor. I come to Boundless to relax.
  • Crafting and Building of course.
  • Grapples - now that I learned I can duel-wield a hammer and the grapple! Laugh at me if you will :slight_smile:
  • and . . . No bl%$#@y Zombies! lol . . Those Hoppers though…:stuck_out_tongue:
    Thank you.