What turns you on playing Boundless?

Why not a On question, since we have an off question.

I like the crafting obviously, and taking breaks hunting with a completely diff build and character. Or run deep mining with my little miner and his abilities.

As important to the Dev’s is the positives we all love. The especially appreciated things they have built or implemented.


haha - I’m happy to see someone else thought about it

judging by number of posts in the above topic (in comparison to “what turns you off…”), people like complaining way more than appreciating :wink:


EVERYTHING :heart_eyes:


I especially love the building and then having to go out exploring to gather the resources you need to keep upgrading your place and seeing all the other amazing builds which then gives you ideas to improve your own place so you want to keep progressing … plus all the really friendly people you meet on the way that are happy to give you a tour of their build or show you to a portal if you get lost or want to go somewhere specific.


I love gathering. And I love mining into a mountain and then dropping into a large cave - it’s always cool when you find a huge mine to run through where materials can be spotted easily. And the aesthetics! This game is so pretty. And the characters, they’re really cool looking. I also love that there are a range of meteorites for solo or group players. And it’s really cool how you can see the imprint of large settlements from other planets. And the people! There are lots of really nice people here. I could go on. There’s a lot that I love about Boundless.


Not having NPC’s in Boundless, nothing against them but I do like knowing everyone is a real person and I can interact and chat with them. More players in the game, the more players the better, obviously! :slight_smile:

Boundless turns me on, I love the game!!


Aesthetics. Boundless is the first of its genre I tried out because the aesthetics of other ones put me off. Minecraft, for example, I highly dislike the aesthetics of.

How easy and long you can keep what you’ve build and with no threat of other players destroying it. This was my main problem with vanilla Rust.

The community is friendly. Though I feel this may be just a temporary situation because everyone is aware that they’re part of a small community and realizes that that means trying to get along with each other. On the other hand, I don’t know, maybe nothing would change with a larger player base. Maybe this type of game just attracts friendlier or more mature types.


The community is definitely a major plus! I really like the concept of village, cities, and the capital cities naturally forming as more plots are connected together (which is how it happens in real life). I love the variety of things to do.

But by far, the best system is the economic system!! Well done devs, I know a lot of thought went into this. Being able to just load up a stand of stuff and walk away allows for a stream lined method of buying and selling. And no set process is equally fantastic. A decent party of my income comes from arbitrage.

The game is amazing! I really look forward to all the new content and features still in development. Best game ever!


Boundless is my favorite game and has been since March of 2015!! I love everything that is in game now and all that I see that is yet to come!



I like (trying to stay alive)(gathering -> crafting -> building)
I also like the feeling of finding things, potentially using something in unique ways for a purpose
That will make people replicate my basic ideas

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It is easier to point out something that bothers you, than to pick what you like specifically

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Another thing I want to add that I love is the music. It adds to the ambiance when I step out into the snow and the violin starts playing. :sparkling_heart: