What type of planet are you going to rent, none, sovereign or creative? (if you already voted, please revote, added 'none'!)

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I’m kinda curious to know what everyone is going to rent when the next release comes out, a creative or a sovereign, or perhaps, both?

Also please answer this like the conditions are perfect. If you want to get a sovereign but not a creative once everything can be changed to your liking and prices are affordable please answer sovereign!

  • sovereign
  • creative
  • none

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Maybe add an option for people who do not wish to rent anything? I’d be curious about it


I want to rent a region on someone’s sovereign - is there going to be a market for it? :joy:


Sovereign for sure (unless I can’t afford it, then none and some tears :cry: haha). It is strange, even in NMS, where I’m basically just exploring and screenshotting so you’d think I’d WANT to be on creative, no… for whatever reason, having to earn what I get gives me a lot of motivation. And I’m big into collecting and mining anyways.

However, I’m very excited for creative to see what others do with it - the serious builders and great artists that this community has. :slight_smile: With funds and effort to get mats taken out, I bet we’ll see some really epic stuff! :+1:

Heck, if the price is right or my financial situation got a lot better, and/or there was enough interest from people who can’t or won’t rent one for whatever reason, there is a part of me half tempted to rent a creative for the purpose of letting others build on it. Where we agree, ok, you build here (don’t follow rules, poof! :wink: ) then I give you permissions. And eventually the world becomes one massive city of impressive builds. It is something to think about for me anyways.


Basically i just dont have time / interest for it.
I always liked boundless as exploring game , but nowadays its just “oh another glowcap”.
Theres no real exploring side you know?.

For me its nowadays about me having fun playing the game not so much “i have to do this on this day and so on” sure benefits are there , but im not just a fan of these worlds generally… sure these bring new stuff to explore wich is always welcome addition.

I just hope this is not going to wash over upcoming perma planets… cause those are the ones im waiting.


I’ll be getting a lower tier creative world and a T6 diamond sovereign world and possibly even a T6 emerald sovereign world.

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I myself am gonna get a t3 and t6 and until I know what planet it will spawn at im gonna hold off building


That type of gems would you do on that planet? Kind one wondering what people feel is the best Gem layout for a paid world versus just mining on public.

none interest me currently but will wait impatiently to see how sovereign worlds turn out or whether we might see more iterations of rental worlds :boundless:


I dont like bumping into people beacons while I mine gems that is why I want a t6. I think I’ll get a Blast one


I would agree that until the rules and costs are finalized, I will wait and see what happens. No point in spending money if I am not getting something that I would like or want. Might still need to wait for the right colors to appear or to have more control over the planets biomes before actually renting anything.


Planning to get a Sovereign planet, but I need more info 1st.


In my case, I’m doing it hoping that I’ll get something better than what the public permanents have. Emerald seems to have most interest and I like toxic worlds (lots of glow caps too usually!) so that is my first priority, Burn second. Both emerald and ruby have had some good exos, but the permanents aren’t that great. Searching for spots on Shedu has mostly led me into lava traps.


Now it seems that Creative Worlds are coming soon …
… I think its gonna be a Creative one I am looking for :+1:
But we will see - first Testing for now I suppose.
Happy :boundless: building every one.


Hmm OK, I kinda forgot that in my enthusiasm!
I added something to the op that I’m mostly interested in knowing what you would get if everything was perfect and known.

Would you ever be interested in a creative?

Meh, on phone and hard time finding words at the moment, hope I made my self understandable


Like Buugi, I’m also concerned that private planets will significantly reduce new perm planet spawns :confused:

like there was any spawning happening :laughing:


Well they said they are adding perm planets if playerbase gets bigger…
When it happens they clearly are gonna value is it nessesary to get new perm planet when they can wait people just to rent a planet = more money for them.

I think this is valid concern.


If you asked me a week ago, I’d tell you that I was gonna take a sovereign world and grudgingly accept some of the live universe’s constraints on me building stuff in order to keep my world physically linked to the live universe…

… But now that I found out we can have a creative world and still have other people coming and going freely, I’m 100% behind that choice.


based on what we know so far, sovereign. (if it is affordable)

getting the materials and all the survival mode limitations are a part of the game and of the fun.
if I just wanted to create a fancy building, I’d draw it or learn Blender and do it in there…

creative world with the free stuff and free skill page can be used to build mini games though. if more interactive items are added, I’d consider it. for now it ain’t for me