What would you like to do with your local universe?

For me, a no regen 5km planet with no beacons and griefing is allowed. I’ll call it,


Running on a Bounder-Spanner server

What would you like to do with your local universe?


2b2t In boundless sounds fun

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Just need to get someone to develop those hack clients for the anarchy servers

and ONLY for anarchy servers.

Be lonely and return to the mmo after 5 mins.


This! I don’t want a local universe. Even if it’s just a pass through the portal wave, I want people.


If I were to have a local universe, I probably wouldn’t play it but just administrate a modded server or something.
I won’t know my interest level in modding until I can see what we can actually do with it and how user-friendly it is, though.

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I will play local universe for mods. They’ll start slow, no doubt, but I believe they will eventually spur the spread of the game. We will probably start with random stuff, like being able to place NPCs who do nothing more than wave, altered block properties like corruption dealing damage, altered textures and sound design so we can have Star Wars style blasters etc…

I intend to support whatever mods are shared initially and maybe try to push the game on other modders who haven’t heard of it. Eventually I’m expecting to see NPCs building forts we can raid and many more activities we can enjoy with friends.

Overall I doubt I’ll spend any less time in the live universe. Local will be more of an outlet.

How badly do you want to learn Lua?

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yes, it does. without the queue of course.

Rip im ps4

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Well, Lua won’t be a barrier for me, but access to source code and/or the level of documentation for APIs/hooks will be the thing that brings me in or not (day job brain fatigue aside).

PS4 cant host servers sadly (according to the devs) but if I set one up ill make sure PS4 get certain things here and there

An interesting consideration will be if PS users will be able to play on modded servers, or if mods will require a modded client.

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I’ll be setting mine so that the new XP/cubit gains make sense and I’ll also be tweaking beacon fuel times, so that I can actually build at the scale I want without the artificial restriction and the fear of the world or my beacons expiring.

I’m also looking forward to playing on multi-tiered planets and being able to find all gem types on a single world.

I’ll still have my main MMO chracter to go exploring and see other players builds with, but I don’t tend to venture off my own world much anyway, so it’s not going to be all that much different for me to be completely honest.

If anything, it’s just going to give me the freedom to play much more casually, without any of the ongoing costs of Gleam Club and world rental.


I’d probably get bored to bits.

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I’d probably use that feature for my son to play 'cause I don’t really allow him to play online yet. (don’t get me wrong, he’s still super young)
He played Boundless twice so far - supervised. ^^
I still got a spare Steam key for Boundless so as soon as the update is there I might set up my old PC for him so he can play offline.

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those types of mods are server side.
there are also some config files you can change the settings for like cubit costs for some things but all of that stuff is on the server.

they are changing the login menu to have the ability to select the mmo or otherwise.


Thank you for that doc, I hadn’t noticed it before.

That scripting system looks like it can do a lot of cool stuff, but a lot of things, like PVP flags on beacons, any UI changes, adding new blocks or mobs, modifying forging, or a chat overhaul, don’t seem to be practical with that, and would require something more. Likely file modifications on both client and server.

That’s not to say we can’t do quite a bit with this - I think can see reasonable paths to modding in NPCs, automation, adding damage blocks, maybe even adding in global PVP and/or PVP zones. This is powerful, but not unlimited.

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Added new weapon: Bow and Arrow. Bows can be crafted with Timber and Sticks. Arrows can be crafted with Sticks and Stones. Bows now replace the slingshot and can be fired much long distances. Bows can also be charged up to fire further by holding down the fire button. They can hurt other players in PvP areas and will also hurt the local wildlife.

From: Release: 106 - Bow & Arrow and Ambient Creature Update
Seems like the weapons and flags are…were already there… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Can you mod trampoline blocks to make you bounce higher?

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That would have to be tested under server load and latency to see if it’s practical or just annoying.