What would you like to see pre-generated into the worlds?

Edit - changed thread title from “dev-generated structures” at suggestion from @james.

Kind of a random thought, but – when the first players enter a new world, what will the infrastructure of that world be like?

What we know
• There will be a small number of Oort Temples scattered about.

What we don’t know
• Will there be other ruins, Oortian or otherwise?
• Will there be old roads, bridges, tunnels, etc?
• Will there be cities, villages, dungeons, or other structures generated on worlds by the dev team?

@ben Anything you can reveal here? :smiley_cat:


I’d love to see some old crumbling infrastructure in the worlds of oort!
Not just ruins, but old roads and bridges as well. They dont have to be on every world, but sometimes they can create a very interesting feel on certain worlds.
Imagine a desert like world with chunks of bridges poking off the mesas where there used to be water. It would make for a bit of immersion in the whole “oortians were here a long time ago” deal.


I would love the idea of randomly generated ruins populating the worlds in addition to just temples. Definitely would add to the thrill of exploration. Would also be cool if they had a chance of generating hidden containers for oortian artifacts to be hidden. Not epic loots, but odds and ends that may or may not be useful and reward exploration.


The last point you made about cities/villages/dungeons is the one that’s been most pressing on my mind. Given that this game will hopefully have a well fleshed out RPG aspect I personally find it only natural to assume that there would be city centres and other areas to go and find key npc, quests, and non-player-run shops (and all such manner of things). But with the differently tiered worlds and full world regeneration how would those things work fluidly?

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This is not going to happen though as non-player run shops would basically ruin any prospect of a fluid player driven economy. Further more the devs want the focus to be on the players interaction so NPC’s are probably not going to happen either, and if they are it is probably going to as a more ambient creature to fill out the player created towns.

Everything that you find in new worlds will need to come out of the world builder rather than dev-generated. (But I’m guessing this is what you intended.) We have a few things in the pipeline and planned here - but I really don’t want to spoil any surprises. Needless to say - world generation is an important part of OO and I can see us continuing to push this area well beyond 1.0.

Let’s make the thread work a little - What would you like to see pre-generated into the worlds?


Mines, temples, ruins and towns spring to mind straightaway.


Not only ruins and relics of the lost oort times, but also more recent things like Titan dens, where they have stayed for eons gathering Oort relics and such. Wreckage at the bottoms of the lakes rivers or seas, nests for ambient creatures, dungeons, etc.


I would like to have random dungeons or forts created by the generator that are more then just a room or two with a door and a chest. I think about the size of a level in Diablo (The very first, where the size was fixed ^^), filled with traps, statues, little shrines, different monsters, some treasure and some hidden places.

They don’t need to be “just” dungeons, but may be temples or small underground colonies of creatures for example. Would be cool if some look like builded ones where others may be more like natural caves (may be filled with wild animals).

just don’t put only small stuff in the game cuz that is seen in many other voxel games as well. Think bigger! :wink:


I´ve also already thought about something like that. Since MMORPGs usually have instances/dungeons i think Oort should have something similar.

So here´s my idea:
There are (at the beginning) 2-3 pre-designed dungeons (I´ve thought about something like ragefire chasm or wailing caverns from wow but diablo1-2 dungeons would also fit pretty well) that are randomly generated underground (In a set distance from any player beacon ofc).
Those dungeons have set entrances (just a hole to get inside, I´m not talking about real instances like in WoW) and are protected by a system owned beacon. So if you are mining and stumble across some indestructible blocks ,and are up for a adventure, you could tell some friends/your guild your coordinates and start digging out/searching the entrance. Once you are inside the dungeon it could look somewhat like this

(probably not with this graphic though^^)

with dungeon mobs waiting for you (maybe just normal mobs with slightly different colour, higher stats, grouped and more aggressive). Once you killed the last pack/boss you stand in front of a bunch of chests(filled with Oort shards, …) and the system owned beacon. Once you have destroyed this beacon the dungeon area is no longer protected, you can mine all blocks that you want for your home base and world regeneration starts until the dungeon completely disappears.

I could not agree more with you. I´d gladly wait a year and get a system like i explained instead of getting some “cheap” standard voxel structures in 3 months.

I´ll add a picture of the map of the dungeon i compared to so people who are not familiar with WoW get an idea about the size of the dungeon.(It took about 15 min to clear it)

EDIT: Oops i uploaded the wrong map, but its pretty similar to the map i meant to upload, so you get the idea.