What's the new powerleveling activity?

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Now that they’ve nerfed the stone crafting XP by a whopping 50%, what’s the best new way to level up extremely quickly?

I’ve got over 50 hours in game and I haven’t even hit level 50 on my first character. I’m not willing to wait until I have 150 hours in game to be able to do most of the content in the game, so what’s the new way to powerlevel?


Playing the game, as intended, works a treat. Mine, hunt, build, craft, etc. You might enjoy it!


Mining on higher level planets with an AoE and teaching foods levelled me a couple of levels in less than an hour.
Got a lot of experience on a big group hunt too, even though I didn’t contribute that much apart from healing bombs and reviving!

levelling is part of the fun, and having to grind is all part of it I think. To me, ‘power levelling’ comes awfully close to cheating :wink:

edit: I’m level 31 now :slight_smile:


low level world, get an AOE that 1 hits, mega speed brews and a few teaching pies. EXP for gathering stone is the same across all worlds so higher tiers only matter for higher level resources. Spec your character for speed and strength.


also if you still want to exploit the stone crafting activity (since it only gives 1 xp and teaching foods only give xp to a cap) set up your workbenches in different areas. XP is given locally when crafted so you can eat a pie walk to one station collect. Eat another walk to the next location, collect.


Gathering plants.


that’s good to know, it must have been the diamonds and hard coal that was levelling me up!


What I’m getting from these answers is that there is no good replacement. I’ll just go back to murdering mobs on T5s I guess.

Mining stone on T1 worlds was only worth it for the crafting XP. Since they gutted that by 50% and also nerfed the ■■■■ out of teaching pies I guess I’ll either level up the old fashioned way or burn out and stop playing.

Well over 150 hours required to do everything in the game is way too much. This game has promise but it tries to pad out it’s lack of content by putting skills behind ridiculous grind walls. Realistically you need 3 characters (or skill pages?) to be able to do most things, and even then you won’t be able to do it all.

Kind of disappointing.


You hit the nail on the head there bud. Promising game with some weird execution choices…


This is actually viable now! Used to be a joke IMO when plant gathering and exploration gave little to no XP, now you can enjoy it doing almost whatever and get XP… still no way to get past the HUGE grind wall though… not really ‘Boundless’ for people who dont have 10’s of hours a week to throw into the game.


Nice try, pseudonymous dev! :wink:


I think that’s so that you work together, it’s all about community isn’t it and fitting into the economy.

I think you’re focussing too much on being top level. I’m sure the game really ‘begins’ then and you can do more, but the grind is part of the game surely?

Got to put the time in! and I’ll be happy if I’m level 50 within 150 hours :laughing: :laughing:


I don’t think developers have a serious conversation about how to incorporate grind into their multiplayer games.

I think Boundless could do without a leveling system to get rid of these issues with XP gain. There are other ways to reward players the same kinds of stuff and stimulate player activity at the same time.


The playerbase as it stands doesn’t really support this though. I actually have a couple of people I play with but most of them have burnt out due to that aforementioned grind.

Individuals that I’ve met and friended go a week or so between logging in.

If this game had a much higher player count I’d say you have a point, but currently that’s not the case.


Last night I set up a bunch of crafts. Left and spent an hour finishing an atlas while gathering plants to use up the current teaching pie I had.

Went back to my shop, ate another pie and collected the xp. Gained a level. Had half of the second pie left, logged in for 20 minutes, collected enough xp from crafting to finish that pie. Ate a third pie then collected the rest of my crafting xp. 9000 points short of a second level up with 1.5 hours of play time. Leveling up in a short time is still easy, it just takes more pies and higher tier crafting.

BTW I am level 50+


Being in the economy is an option not a requirement according the website, So yeah unless you want to spend half your time participating in the economy through managing a shop or trying to find some one to buy what you have then you need 3 characters or skill sets.

It is one thing for grind to be part of the game, but to require as much as the game does, ends up turning some players off according to the forums and player reviews. When is grind too much?


Who needs to be over lvl 50 to do most of the game content? I currently raid exo’s on sub lvl30 characters. :woman_shrugging:


Aoe mine on a T1 planet. Also you do not need to be lvl 50, max level just makes things a bit easier. You have access to 10 alts, make good use of them.


get rid of levelling? I don’t like that idea, levelling up is one of my motivations…
And not the grind per say, but they obviously don’t want everything to be easily accessible for low levels so that you keep playing and levelling to be able to do those things. it keeps people (or me at least) playing!

It’s not minecraft after all! a lot more focus on your character build etc…

I guess I’m naive and still new and can’t seem to bring myself to complain about any aspects yet :laughing: maybe the day will come when I think similarly


Or maybe its just weeding out the part timers :wink: