What's the new powerleveling activity?

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This game needs all the players it can get.


If by part timers you mean casual players? Players that only can play for maybe an hour or so a day?

Then I would argue the developers need to just state the game is only for players that want to play 5 hours a day and let the rest of us quit and see what happens to the game.


New Power leveling;

Plan really large build with lots of planned mat placement
Craft lots of refined stone / glass
eat pie
Place tons of Blocks. The harder to make the better.



I play at weekends mainly, but then maybe an hour a night.

it was a joke, I don’t think you need to play 5 hours per day to enjoy the game…


I just do not understand the need of players to reach level 50 before they have even played the game. To really play it, you should have more than 50 hours. I took my time, I ENJOYED the game, it is a game, not a race to get to a certain level by a certain time.

I didn’t reach level 50 until close to 1000 hours, because I wanted to experience all aspects of this game, the exploring different planets. Gathering different items, crafting food items, making tools, mining to see what I could find and making items.

Looking at the different rock colors on different planets so I could see what I would like and I didn’t want to go to a shop and see, I wanted to put several down and look at them. Same with wood, see the different colors, the different types of wood on the planets. I couldn’t go to all of them, but the ones I could I went to.

This game isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon, slow down, enjoy the game.

And we all here need to realize, as soon as we start to say this is the new way to level up fast, it is going to be taken out, look at how they changed the rocks from 2 xp to 1xp because a lot of players were telling how you could level up your alts fast by doing that, just to level up; not to get the rocks needed for building.

It is not the end of the world if you don’t level to 50 until later, if you reach level 50 and it has taken 200 hours, that is 200 hours of fun you should have been having.

At 1600 hours I am Just Now starting to work on centraforging and I don’t feel I have lost out because I took so long, I feel I have gained from it – fun, experience, meeting some great people here on this forum and some while playing the game. Seeing a lot of great builds as I explore the planets. Was on Shedu Tier with my son yesterday, explored someone’s castle, Oh My Lord! It was Amazing! ! ! A theater with seats, a stage set up. A long dining room that was fit for a banquet. A beautiful sculpture design using gold and gleam that was simple but elegant. The size, Huge, huge, tall, whoever built that, had to have been a group of players, they should show pictures of it. And be proud of all the work they have done., Simply amazing to see.


I happen to have a lot of free time, but I still think the game is too grindy on many aspects. I have 712 hours played, which is not that much compared to some other players; about less than a third of those hours are from pre-release if I remember correctly (that would be 200+ hours of “no longer existent” grind/play).

Indeed. I do like grinding in games, but sometimes the complexity of the grind for some things just leaves you feeling burnt out… I don’t really want to make any more points on this subject as it is off-topic and I would probably have nothing positive to say on it.

Regardless, more on topic, I do agree that the best thing to do for levelling really should just be to do what you like doing, which to be fair sometimes is not as easy without already having certain tools in your repertoire. Over the last few days I’ve probably gained about 6 or 7 levels that are 50+ and most of that just came from normal gameplay (and avoiding deaths a bit).


It isn’t about whether your like doing it or not. It’s about what’s going to remove more grindy feel from the game and make it feel and look more fun to a larger crowd of players. The game is back to not really growing at all since the free weekend event.

You can achieve the same thing of leveling with rewards by doing it through daily quests. You a hunter? Do all the hunting quests. Miner? Do just mining stuff. Builder? Do just that stuff. The problem with this is it takes development time away from other features of the game but it’s almost becoming more and more necessary for them to do those kinds of back tracking design choices because the game isn’t growing.

If I collect 500 surface resources to finish a plant gathering quest, I could pick my reward from The Exchange. Certain things could be still rewarded along with the thing you want, like plots or cubits or something else. The coin and skill points you get would remain relatively the same.

It’s something that gets players to actively be rewarded for something they already do or for something they wouldn’t normally do, such as a miner hunting or cutting trees down.

I am also a little bias cause MMOs with leveling systems usually are more grindy than ones that don’t.

Every perceptive has value. I am just sick of this old traditional thinking that a MMO or RPG needs to have a leveling system of some kind. They don’t. What the developers have done is looped in design choices that have made it complicated to balance things out because they made systems that are connected to one another. Leveling is connected to plot acquisition because of the free Cubits you earn. Cubits are attached to skill resets that you can get from The Exchange.

All of that is wrapped up and behind the leveling system if you aren’t shelling out money to get your Cubits. So naturally players would figure out the fastest way to level up in the game and the developers called Stone Crafting’s XP gain to be an exploit. Last time I checked crafting and gaining XP from it wasn’t an exploit but they decided to punish the player base because they were using a game mechanic that was designed for what it was used for: crafting stuff. The XP gain from it just made it ideal.

This is in line with their mentality behind making other major balance changes to the game instead of coming up with better solutions. If you weren’t around when Bomb mining was a thing, then you’d understand where I am coming from with all of this. This stuff can be looked up on the forums too.

There’s a trend in their decision making and none of it has made the game grow in popularity. In one instance, it crippled the game’s player population.

Please take everything I am saying with a grain of salt and look into these things yourself if you really want to see all the discussions made on these forums about this stuff. But above all of that, enjoy the game if you really like it. I just think the devs need to open their eyes to the problems this game has.


Driving any paying customers away is a bad business strategy, and a destination to failure.

But I think us part timers make the bulk of the game population. Being our part time is attributed to career, and family life I would wager we probably invest the most regular $ into the game as well between gleamclub and plots.

Filtering us out would not help in many aspects of the life of this game :wink:.

Disregard this post… sorry I missed the humour


I am looking for something to get me back into the game. I should probably take up someone’s offer that they made to join their group. Might be what I need. But what you’re saying here has a lot of truth to it. Casuals make up the majority of a MMO’s population.


Healing and reviving is a huge contribution.


Mining is best way: you get much ores, fossils and other stuff. And producing those to gives you nice amount of XP. After actually getting some thing what helps you.

Alternative ways to get XP; cook glass 5xp or yams 6xp or other foods. Both have 2s cook time with compact hard coal in titanium furnaces.

Here is one proof of working alt leveling method, without XP pie to level 50 around 1 hour.


I just grappled and waited for people to die haha! and chucked bombs left right and centre

had a blast haha


Sounds like you had a blast… literally!

Glad it was fun! I’m just starting on doing hunts too and it’s a lot of fun!



Time to nerf yam cooking now.


when considering crafting skills for blocks, food, brews, tools/weapons… yes if you want to make everything yourself you need at least 3 alts lvl 30+



While youre here… what about that place/break exploit?


What exploit is that? (@vdragon might already have it logged if it has been reported already)


The trouble with stuff like this we’re going to lose more nice incidental XP from normal gameplay. I’m starting to feel like there might need to be a limit on concurrent machine use or something. Or XP needs to be taken out of crafting and put somewhere else. Else there’s a dull cat & mouse game afoot, it seems.


I think all this does is address the symptom. Why are players trying to level quickly? As long as this motivation exists we will continue to find the best, fastest, easiest, cheapest ways to do it.