What's the new powerleveling activity?

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Everyone hide your exploits !!! :grimacing:


It would be nice to say “everything is equal, so you should just do what you enjoy”.


Getting rid of leveling would solve that. The rewards of coin and cubits can be given to players in a different delivery method.


Grinding in this game makes the economy work. The value of everything you buy in a shop is based mostly on the amount of grind it takes to get and then also on the amount of supply versus demand. It doesn’t matter how much you grind to get yellow brick, most people wont buy it. If you grind to get inky leaves or roadrunner feathers then people will buy them. For blocks that have no grind, like stone, they are near impossible to sell because the value is sooo low.

If you take away the grind, then they’ll need to prop up the item value by forcing you to buy components form NPCs that have a minimum cost. This would create permanent hubs or force players to go somewhere like to sanctum to buy stuff. That sounds horrible to me, so grinding is my preferred method for the game to create value. Those who figure out how to grind the most efficiently will make the most coin.


This assumes all players are interested in participating in the economy or have any interest in accumulating coin. The only reason I need coin is if I decide to go to an exo planet. The coin machine will hopefully address this for me.

But this might be too far off topic


Anyone considered that boundless is supporting a business? Free to play games need money. Their money comes from cubits. Im guessing that those players who wanted more plots used to just spam a favourable mechanic. Now they changed it there may be more people who choose to buy plots, which in turn generates more money and keeps the game running.

Should it have been better tuned at launch or earlier? Yes, but from a paying the bills perspective it needed to happen. £9.99 every 3 months for gleam club from no more than 1000 people wont pay for devs, servers and offices.

Do I like the change…not hugely (would have preferred 0 craft time no xp) but do i understand it was 100% needed, yes. Totally


James specifically stated that this was not why they proposed changing to rock xp from 2 to 0 xp. I will not disagree that the game needs a way to pay for itself, but maybe getting more players is better than needing maybe 3000 players to kick in enough dollars per year to cover the costs of servers and 20 person development staff.


Oh ok. Didnt see the reply that thread got a bit lengthy, however i cant see a dev & company director posting something along the lines of yes, if we dont change it and make people buy cubits we will go bust.

The change will certaintly not hurt their wallets, whatever the reason


The game doesn’t have enough players to generate a critical amount of cubit and gleam club sales on top of those game copy purchases. If they want the game to be as profitable as possible, they would cut the game’s purchasing price in half and stop making decisions that make the game less fun. aka nerfing xp gain and removing resource gathering methods, like bomb mining.

They swept the XP gain nerfs under the rug with the exoplanet release.

This is where a lot of people will disagree with you on that the xp changes were necessary.

A new player doesn’t know better because they have zero history with the game prior to the changes. With this ignorance, the player tries to get through leveling, feels its grindy, and quits. This has been consistent feedback on the forums and on Steam reviews and Steam discussion boards. Decreasing how much XP you gain from certain activities.

Teaching Pies are pretty pointless outside of getting through Death Penalty XP after a hunt. It’s pointless to use for gathering materials of any kind outside of doing that.

Also, lowering XP gain keeps new players from being able to progress faster in levels to be able to do things much easier. The progression curve already is garbage outside of leveling. Going from Iron to Titanium is a leap. Titanium to gems is an even bigger leap. Claiming that Forging lower tier tools is the answer is a waste of materials on top of a player probably not having the skill set for their character to forge properly or effectively because they haven’t been able to acquire enough skill points. There for it bottlenecks them into a limited number of choices. Compound that problem with them most likely not knowing how to make enough coin to buy the forged tool they need.

All that keeps adding layers to the player retention problem this game has and does nothing for new player experience either.

It doesn’t matter if we like a change that the developers make. What matters is if the change actually is going to help contribute to the game moving forward with positive growth and more fun content. If the changes aren’t doing that, they are negatively impacting the game.


It was an extremely long post so it was hard to keep up.

It will if players quit, take breaks or decide not to buy gleam club. I was buying cubits and gleam club before the xp change. So all the change does for me is create a certain level of frustration and make me question renewing gleam club and at this point I am not intending to buy any more cubits.


Since we are on the subject… What’s the fastest way for me to become more rich than all of you and have more blocks of all types and better builds? Any insider track to domination would be welcome.

Also not meant to be a direct response. How do I change that?


You and a lot of other people already are more wealthy than me in the game and have way more elaborate things built than me.

I am not really sure why you’re asking. You probably play the game regularly every day.


Good point. For players who have no desire to use shops the grinding is just going to either be a burden or feel like a slow progression system.

I’m a fan of the coin machine, but it’s also probably going to lead to inflation and make it impossible to sell some items and may reduce the games economy to high end items only. We’ll see. I think it will be a fun experiment regardless.


Sorry. Was meant to be rhetorical to point out the absurdity of this thread and was accidentally directed to you.


No worries. This game is becoming more and more of a joke to me with how the developers are making decisions. I still just want to make really cool dungeons in it though. At this point, I could care less what else is in the game. I just want to make dungeons for people to play through.


I know this is off topic, but it depends on how they price. I do not think the intention is to have them compete but merely set a floor price and James did indicate they are making it so things can be done more granularly. For example 20 rock for 1 coin. . 4 stone for 1 coin versus the lowest price being 1 coin per item.

Lower supply might create inflation, but hopefully the prices you can sell to the machine for will not.


I think they are accomplishing that too well. :slightly_frowning_face:


All good points. I’m going to end it here due to being off topic. This topic is too fun to ignore. I’ll send you a pm.


Dungeons would be fun. I had fun exploring the old mines generated in Minecraft.
If there were some monster generator blocks that could be picked up and placed in a dungeon you build you might be able to make a dungeon. Maybe monster generator blocks could be craftable?


Who knows but that would be the only motivation to play the game for me. Running a shop along side making dungeons would be a byproduct of it. Along with that I’d make my own XP farms and also buy cubits on top of Gleam Club. It would just be why I’d play again for sure.

Players want to experience new content. So if the devs gave us the means to make that content within the game, then I think that would be a huge plus in the right direction.