When did you swear off forging?

I’m honestly thinking right now about setting these 120 coils out to regen. I’ve never really wanted to forge but I’ve been having a very hard time getting some straight answers to what you might think would be simple questions. But only if you haven’t tried to mess with this ■■■■.

I’m not usually a hothead. But in over 6 months now of constantly playing this game, grinding, hanging out, building, helping friends - I’ve never been so mad at any person or part of the game as I got tonight in my simple attempt to forge a stack or copper regen bombs.

So frustrated that a couple of things happen that make me think either I’ve been so frustrated as to be forgetting actions i’ve taken, or some things are seriously broken with the centraforge. In any case I’ve a much better understanding of some things I’ve heard after tonight including a couple times when i’ve had a friend RAGE OUT and I’m thinking “well you knew what you were getting into”… like some smug idiot.

I came here from a game where hard grinding is the norm to the extent that I was sneered at as a ‘casual’ by many people and all crafting is RNG with a hard success rate of something less than 10% depending on the item. I thought i was ready for this. I’ve made a couple of simple forges and things went well enough within expectations that I just wasn’t expecting this tonight.

Time after time of the wrong boons, random boons. Boon removal not removing the boon. Boon removal TRANSMUTING the boon. Decon, decon, decon. Finally getting so excited to get the damn boon that i somehow set the forge with


Maybe it was a potential boon? it didn’t have a zero by it. Does regen even have boon levels? I don’t know.

Apparently there are so many bugs and weird tidbits of secret knowledge for the forge that I’m left to blame myself even though there’s a ton of known issues with how this thing works and in two cases where I think a bug occurred I’m not even ready to try and report it.

I’m not here for fear driven mechanics. I’m not at all interested in a gambler’s rush. I’m not interested in providing QA services for a system with no spec. I’m not honestly sure if I’ll ever pick this one up again.


That’s a rhetorical question, don’t answer that. This isn’t an advice thread. This is a thread for commiseration. I’d like to hear some other people’s stories, so if you are actively forging or haven’t forged yet, please refrain.

Anyone else want to share their forging horror stories?


Seems really odd to me to start a thread saying youre having a lot of trouble finding answers to simple questions, then finish with not wanting to hear from people who are forging well.

I see this working out well.


This is not a forging advice thread. This is a thread for blowing off some steam and reaching out to see if there are others that have been completely driven off of the forge due to similar experiences.

Thank you to those that have reached out with forging advice in other channels. If this thread is empty in 24 hours I’ll consider that as encouragement to try again later with a cooler head.

If it’s full of people making rude or sarcastic comments I’ll take that as a different message entirely.


No worries, wasnt trying to be rude, just an observation. You know theres a few in our group that dont share those frustrations, sing out if you decide to give it another try and want some answers to your questions.


I deal with three people so far at the highest end of the "forging game"and 2 of them are nixians. That’s not likely to change any time soon.

It’s just not the point here. I’ve been educated with screenshots that the potential boon trait doesn’t show a zero level if it’s a single level boon now, among other things.

When/if I am ready to continue forging I will be in forging advice threads.

Edit: just read the comments saying you don’t want advice… so Ive deleted my comment lol


I read your comment, and some supportive feedback is great though it’s not what I’m looking for. I know people have quit the game over forging. I’m curious how many have quit forging and stayed.

In response to what was there, all I can say to you is be ready. I forged a bag of lucent heal bombs with no unexpected issues. I wanted a 10/10 wear removed spanner and forged it in one session and with vigour to spare.

That’s part of why i was completely unprepared to be totally stymied and stuck with bad rolls again and again and again trying to get a single level boon onto some copper bombs. To the point that when the boon appeared with no numerical indicator, I set it right away. WHOOPS.

Just the cap to a very long and frustrating evening at the forge.

EDIT Actually not that long. But that frustrating.


My solution to avoiding any forging woes is to find a way to make coin so I could buy other people’s lovely forged creations and avoid doing any forging myself.
I understand that forging adds a depth to the game in tool creation and that some people take to it very naturally.
I have also seen a lot of the frustration with the mechanics since it was first introduced which intially put me off plus now I just wouldn’t have the spare time…too busy building.


I’ve done this for a long time. I’ll be returning to this strategy for the foreseeable future.

That is literally the reason I only sell coils - there gaunteed to turn out the exact same every time with no RNG, and back after malurialakrib, galan and hochious were released most people wouldn’t accept diamonds or other gems for tools anymore, and thus were the only way I could turn diamonds or the like into coin for forged goods.


Last night when i forged some hammers, it took About 20 min and ALOT of decon resin before i got the first one i needed. After that forging went iits way.
But before that…
Alot of times, when i put in the starter gums i skipped animations. Whenever i deconed, after skipping Animation, i got no items in return. Non.

As allready offered, i am willing to forge for you Nightie, just let me know.

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Yeah after getting heal boon on bombs for the 8th time in a row, while forging regen bombs, it gets hella frustrating…

Or spamming 8 longevity gums to not level up aoe to 5 and you see the slider land high and aoe levels up…

Then I just walk away for a few days and give mean looks to the forge :sweat_smile: I find it hard to deal with it some times and then complain on the forums about how it’d be less frustrating if the rng wasn’t so hard.


Rng is random, random suffers from a thing called negativity bias. You remember the fails FAR more than the successes. This leads to a general bad vibe for the RNG task and yet this is probably the best way to simulate the need for skill. Knowing what to do when the rolls go against you is what separates a new forger from an experienced one. I have been playing for 6 weeks and I have a firm grasp on forging as I can self forge max items as well as simple stuff no problem. Additionally, forging leaves alot of room for personal style. I often find myself modifying others forging methodology to fit what works for me. Overall if the devs put in a bit of work to ofset negativity bias it would go a long way to reducing frustration. Always play around with what you take into a forge, experiment and find what works best for you. Any questions pm me and I will do my best to help.

Edit. I do not get frustrated because I understand how random systems work and see WHY they are implemented as such.


I understand the how and why and the negative bias, but feelings are feelings, not based on logic :woman_shrugging:


LOL, exactly. I know how to forge, heck I sell my stuff rather successfully but there are moments that I would like to throw the forges into the minter!!! :joy:


Works for me!

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I can personally commend the level or rage that you have reached on many occassions.

The forge machine should come with a disclaimer popup when used “warning likely to induce more rage than the American time exo world bias”


That is a hard guess^^

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Recently I decided to forge an iron hammer (for fun, I haven’t forged in a while so I thought why not)
I also swapped skills, temporarily, over to have maxed forging capabilities for forging it.

For some reason I just could not get the boons I wanted. I was trying to get AOE and damage. The special gum kept giving me magnet, and the effect boon kept giving me critically lucky :expressionless: This would go on for 15+ rounds…yea I don’t know why I went that long on each time either.

. The first time it did that, I thought okay just a bad first try. I decon’d a few (~5-7) times, and then stopped. I think it was a little ridiculous, tbh.

(If you have ALL the forging skills, why does forging have to be RNG?)


This system is not random. It’s heavily weighted with modifiers and constraints and contains an element of RNG.

I understand there is a type of person who sees ‘challenge’ here and is ready to tackle the ‘mystery’.

Even after 8ish hours of sleep and several conversations on this topic, all I see is ‘sloppy’ and ‘misleading’. Also ‘broken’. Due to my personal nature and my history in QA the only ‘challenge’ this holds for me is ‘get it fixed’. In this scenario I have lower odds of achieving that than I do of forging a 3 max boon tool with pure boon and no pastes.

Misleading names, incomplete/incorrect descriptions, and an inconsistent interface are not ‘fun’ for me. Or many others, apparently.

14 hours on the weekend. A couple people have spoken up to say they generally avoid forging. Still not one with an actual answer to the question. Interesting, but not amusing.

Of course, selection bias is also a thing.

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