When do trailblazers get access?

I backed the game at the $15 Trailblazer tier and I received an e-mail stating i would receive access in Late 2015. I really want to play the game!

We’ll provide an update on this soon, we haven’t forgotten about our Trailblazers :blush:

Cool thanks.

Can I get an update on this post? I also backed the game with $15 Trailblazer Tier and it’s disappointing not getting a key when the game officially launched today.

Well it didn’t officially launch today afaik. The launch date was moved to late 2016.

I don’t know where you saw it “launch” but it’s not coming out for quite a while yet. You could either upgrade your package, or wait for an update on trailblazer backing.

I need to start reading slowly more often since I made 2 mistakes.

  1. I read the release date on steam as November 13, 2015 when it really says November 13, 2014

  2. Also didn’t read the section where they planned to release the game to everyone in late 2016 after having a more stable version of the game.

I apologize for my mistakes.


Any updates on this? I almost forgot I bought this game and recently saw the email again. It said “Late 2015” which is soon to be over. Can we at least get a new estimate of when we get access?

I’d say it’s that.

Trailblazer was equivalent to a pre-purchase of the completed game, ie. the game at 1.0. We originally targeted “late 2015”, but during development you learn more about what is required and it is now looking like “later in 2016”. The date was always an estimate, I believe the site even said “Estimated late…”, where as the release version at 1.0 was the true trigger for access.

There could be an argument for giving Trailblazers access before 1.0, and instead respect the “Estimated late 2015” attribute.

When we renamed Oort to Boundless, we removed the Trailblazer tier but this has caused some confusion as supporters who bought Trailblazer are mistakenly thinking they bought Explorer (as this is now the lowest tier.)

Our current positions is to respect the Trailblazer is a pre-purchase of the completed game, and hence don’t think players would want access to the current incomplete version. (This would be my own personal logic if I pre-bought a game - I’d happily wait only wanting the final version.) After all, players can upgrade at any point if they want instant access.

Happy to consider alternative options is the community felt strongly about it.


Might want to consider giving them early access (week or two) to a beta period (assuming there is one) as a thank you for patiently waiting?

now that its late 2016, maybe we should revisit the idea of giving trailblazers access?

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Yes this is something we’re considering and planning todo.

Once the team is back in the office we’ll send out invitations to everyone who is a Trailblazer inviting them to try the game.



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Just… how many trailblazer are there?

@Havok40k 351 before re-branding. All hail the wayback machine.


Any update on this?

The latest weekly devlog stated that the devs will invite Trailblazers to experience Boundless before the 1.0 release.
It mentioned that this may even happen during this month. :grinning:

Were nearly there!

Seraph :shard: