When is the snow over

Makes it hard to build and unless my character can grow a third hand to hold something with a clear weather boon all the time it’s not a very practical option but the only one I have unless someone know of another way.

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It’s technically an exploit, and could get stuck forever, but I’m pretty sure if you switch away from a tool with a status effect while you are in sanctum and then leave, the status effect should stay on until you go back to sanctum and re-equip that tool.

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also: build mode helps


Aaah, if only people had been talking about this before… :sweat_smile:
…like… maybe some kind of weather machine, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

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What’s this build mode you speak of?

should be b by default (it’s the thing that turns on if you have a beacon in hand)

(but I have also been using the exploit Rydralain mentioned ;))

You also have Mummy Brews that turns everything to clear weather boop and changing your Beacon Line Color also helps to see

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@BabyCookie Don’t think it gets rid of the seasonal snow though. I could be mistaken but iirc it didn’t work for me the last time I tried.

You can always Build a Snow Shield
@VirtualEclipse made one of the 1st Snow Shield brought to you by NepCo Industries

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That would take sooo long lol :joy:. Little to big of a build to shield it. if any one has a mummy brew can you test it out for me and see might have to find a few

If you’re on PC, you can change the JSON files to give yourself no weather effects for the time being.


Dont do it lol, the snow shield which was octagonals with glass chiseled gleam and metals ate my framerate, in the end I had to destroy the whole settlement because the lag was unbearable :3