Where are the colors?

I have been wanting to say something about this for a while. But I refrained cause I thought that maybe it wasn’t really as bad as I was thinking it was. Maybe it was just in my head. But after some data was shared by some players about the number of exoworlds we have seen, and the number of colors we still have to see, I feel like something should be said.

I tried going back to the threads that were made by the devs in the past that talked about the exoworlds and what they are for and what they would provide.

The same paragraph was used a couple times by @James :

“Special Worlds: Exoworlds will shortly start visiting the Boundless universe. These are worlds that enter the universe temporarily, orbiting around another world, before vanishing never to be seen again. Expect a constant stream of new worlds to explore, filled with resources to harvest, unique colours to snag, and a playground for future features. There’ll be no regen or beacons on these worlds so once they’re exhausted you’ll be ready for another. Exoworlds will also include the first Level 7+ Rift, Darkmatter and Blink worlds. A new challenge awaits, but only until you or they expire…”

I remember when they started talking about exoworlds. I was so psyched about the idea of getting access to so much new colors. And we got some. More in the beginning I guess. I feel like in the past couple months though we have gotten a lot of repeat colors and hardly ever new ones. We have had something like 190 exoworlds. And we have 50 permanent planets. Is it normal that we still have 194 colors of metamorphic rocks that we haven’t seen? Now, I know, I know, rocks can be blocked changed, they can be turned to gravel, etc. What about Lustrous wood then? We’ve only seen 54 different colors of lustrous wood. Now I know wood and rocks are paintable.

I understand that some exoworlds atmospheres come with a certain palette of colors. Let’s take umbris planet, for example. We know that these planets will be red-orange ish. But do they have to always have the same colors? If you take a look at the different Umbris exo that we have had, you will see that we have had at least 6 planets with the exact same rock colors (Dark red igneous rocks, Night orange metamorphic rocks and hot cherry sedimentary rocks). I looked (I think) at all the wiki post that were made on the forum for the umbris exo worlds, and compile the info I saw there and found that 13 of them had Night orange as their metamorphic rocks color. And we had a total of 5 different colors of metamorphic rocks on these exos.

(see here the table I made)


Let me tell you that now when I see that there is a new Umbris exo, I have 0 hope of getting a new color. Now you might ask yourself : are there really so little red-orange ish colors in the 255 colors of the game? I would say there are about 30 colors that are darker reds/oranges/fuchsia/magenta/berry.

I am not a developer. I know very little about programming and I can only guess how hard it must be to make the exoworlds happen. But if we now get the ability to chose colors for Sovereign worlds, isn’t it safe to assume that the dev team would/should be able to decide colors for some of the exoworlds? And maybe more thought should be put into the colors that we get from them?

I must not be the only player that gets frustrated when I see new exos with no or little new colors on them. I know there are others that feel the same way.
I would also like to know if the algorythm or whatever is used to generate the exoworlds is working as intended by the dev team. Or do you also see it as a problem that, after a total of let’s say 240 planets (permanent and exoworlds together), so many colors still have not been seen anywhere?


Also a few cases but very frustrating ones are those where the new color block doesn’t even exist. And then it just won’t come again, meanwhile permanent colors came pretty often.


I share the same sentiment. I used to pretty much have all of my time collecting new colors in the beginning. There are also some colors we have seen very rarely, and have not again (or happen to be during a time when I am unavailable to play). There seems to be a very common few colors that keep reappearing, and I have found myself not wanting to waste the effort to even travel to them, even if they are rich in resources.


I’m inclined to agree, it seems that colors are recycled more frequently and it’s frustrating when your looking for something new and fresh as exos are supposed to be, I too get disappointed when it’s repeated (minus the exception of white… lol) I will say sometimes the repeat is ok especially when I miss a color and don’t wanna pay out the nose for it, but come on 255 colors shouldn’t be hard to do


Also I would like to add that I’m not against repeated exo colors this lets anyone who missed it a new chance, or when we only get singles of some blocks we may get a larger chunk next time, but repeating way to much the same colors its not fun.


I agree also…surely it ain’t that hard to choose colours for a exo planet feels kinda lazy. (Not saying anyone is lazy).

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I have nothing against repeat exos. To a certain point. to me it seems like getting 13 times the same type of rock the same color is a bit extreme. especially when we are working with a 255 colors wheel.


I have always felt that the chances of new colors on any given type of exo is too low.
Too many times a blink exo looks the same as the previous one. The same for any other type: t5 chill or t6 burn.
I like that each type have its own color palette, but these palettes are either too narrow or the code doesn’t allow avoiding colors that were already there several times (meaning extremely unlucky rng might result in the same colors appearing repeatedly).

I keep telling myself I will wait for t8 worlds before I pass my final judgement though.


If devs want to keep a fixed pallete on certain worlds I’m ok with that, but then we need certain wolrds that are purely random even if they look ugly. Like some freaking rainbow exo.


yeah that; maybe t8 gonna be like this? extremely unstable and random? brutal like :wink:


I agree

I want that constant stream of new colors

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I feel a good metric to look at is how many exos had NO new colors at all. You’re all focused on the rocks and how often they’ve been recycled, but Everytime a rock is recycled, did they add a new color of plant? I know people don’t care as much about the color of their glow caps, but are we really getting no new colors on exos that often? I feel like there’s always SOMETHING new, even if it’s not new rock or wood colors. Keep in mind not everyone cares about rock or wood colors, but want new plant colors or grass colors. Recycling the wood and rocks, like you said, also allows them to become available for those shops that need to restock their supply or for the people who missed them the first time around. I think it’s important to look at how many exos have been 100% recycled colors. Because I feel like there’s ALWAYS at least ONE new color of an item on the exos, even if it’s not something you’re looking for, there are other people who are looking for those items. So you may not notice the new colors coming in since it’s occasionally on plants or boulders that you might not care as much about.


Instead, I typically feel like I’m getting hit with a constant stream of something else when a new exo pops up… :persevere::unamused:


Here is the list of blocks/plants that we get on the planets, next to their name you can see the number of colors that we still havent seen. If you go to the original post of that quote, you can have all the detailed numbers for each resource.

I used rocks in my OP because it was easier to focus on one single block to bring data for it. If i had to do it with all the blocks, i would have needed the whole week to do it.but from looking at it quickly, i can assure you that we did not get to see more than 100 different colors of flowers/plants. In fact, the only thing we saw more than 100 colors of is gleam. though, that is just according to data, keep in mind that some resources have data but cannot be actually found on planets (i.e Sochaltin has night azure gleam. we’ve looked everywhere and it is not there)

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But what I’m saying is, when 1 color of wood is repeated they might give us a new trumpet root plant. When a color of wood is repeated they might give us new coneflower plants. That data in that comment is only part of it. It shows the amount of exos, and the percentage of colors we have never seen.

But what i’m wondering is if there have been any exos that have 0 new colors at all. Like any exos where every single block and resource is a recycled color. And then seeing a percentage of total exos that spawned that have no new colors. Maybe later today I’ll go through the exo archives and create a list of every exo that had 0 new colors on it. Or something like that. Because I feel that’s far more important when talking about the issue of colors being recycled.

For me plants doesn’t count because some of them can’t even be found or just spawn a couple, also those can’t be regened.

But they still do count. Just because they can’t be regened doesn’t mean they aren’t important, or that some people don’t collect them for their builds. That’s the point I’m trying to make, everyone is always focused on the rocks and wood. But there are other people who like to collect new plant colors. Not every exo is for you. It’s for the community. Some people are getting new colors even if you aren’t.


To me they count and I often go plant gathering before anything else.

To me I guess-timate an average of about 170ish colours on average across 45 different blocks based on the data presented above. 7650 blocks x colours doesn’t seem too bad to me.

Edit… my bad, I misread and this is the number of colours we haven’t seen. so let’s say around 85 have appeared on average, that’s still 3825.


Sure having repeat wood and rock is one thing, and yes perhaps we do get a new plant color, and yes not everyone may care about the rock color that much, but let’s also consider the gleam too. I saw several repeats of colors there as well.

Sure there’s gleambow, but after this year’s fiasco with that not everyone is able to run that event. I personally don’t use a ton of gleam as I mostly like to treat it like pokemon lol, and I know that the game is also about economic properties, but not everyone is rich and able to buy high priced stuff when it’s demand is greater then the supply.

But would it be fair to say that we are getting new colors when only 1 black cactus spawns in a planet?

I also collect plants and rocks but sometimes it’s stupid to see a new color that doesn’t even exist.