Where in the heck are diamonds?

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Sorry to ask (for probably the 1,000th time), but where can I find diamonds. I have been mining in lvl3 worlds under mountains and so far, zip. Are they only rare on those worlds like iron is on lvl2 worlds? Do I need to go to lvl4 worlds to find them?

I’m stuck needing to power my Workbench, but until I can get a diamond or two, I’m stuck.

Thanks in advance!

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Tier 5, Serp world.

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Take a look at the universe map.

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Alt 5-40 under mountains on Serp, Id recommend getting far from whatever hub you use to get there, or alternatively once you arrive, return to sanctum and use a warp augment with the beacon view open and jump to place less inhabited. Good luck!
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Thanks guys! I didn’t realize that they were in lvl5 worlds. Looks like I have my work cut out for me still. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget your atmosphere protection! :wink: tier4+ requires it

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