Where is the best place for me to place a small shop?


I’ve been thinking about building a small shop but I don’t really know where. A T1 to T3 planet preferably as I’m still unmolded noober. I just want to put a square and set up a few plinths to generate a bit of money with ■■■■ I find. But which planet has the most traffic of these lesser planets? What city?


Come check out Black Light(pheminorum) and see if is to you liking


Gyosha Mall on Gyosha is a good place too, accessible from bottom row Aquatopia and from PS Gyosha hub. Generates a fair bit of footfall.


Looking for shop owners to setup around the dbx hub. Have a few spots available, with about 20 portals and high visitor traffic right at the front door. Is on Sorissi, US east T1.

Can find us via…

  • Ultima HQ - Ground/green floor, under krafters entrance (sign says Dyab0lix)
  • PS hub Bitula - first floor eastside (DBX superstore)
  • Legendville Hub Tana VII (DBX shop and hub)
  • Gyosha Mall - DBX Superstore (or DBX shop hub in the portal hub)
  • And all the cool settlements on US East servers

Good community too that just love helping out new folk!


Four words; GYOSHA MALL!


Ya Gyosha mall is one of the few ‘happening’ places for shops at the moment with a lot of traffic. Would recommend.


Come check us out at New Leyden Market, see if it suits what you want to do:

(Original Forgeries just opened a stall at New Leyden Market!):


You can’t go wrong with the New Leyden Market which was recently featured in Jiivita’s video! He even wants a stall there too.

Be quick about it before they are all gone!

(nah, I can extend the market!)


Link to video:


Oortian outlets. You can find us at the beservona ps hub. Or in slingbow depot at the ps gyosha hub. We are running out of shop spaces so get one while you can. Until we expand