Which Helixes require beacon to be guild aligned?

Following on from @DKPuncherello post:

Warning: issue with spark and wear buff. Please read everyone when you get a spare mo

It is very confusing to know which has to have a beacon guild aligned.

Home Healing says 'regenerates health for certain members when in guild aligned bacon’s - that makes it clear that the beacon has to be aligned to work, but what does certain members mean?

But Building Safety says 'when active…for guild members or faction member’s - no mention of being guild aligned so that should be active for every member everywhere (I don’t think it is)

Brew extension says 'for guild and faction member’s - same description as building safety so it would be reasonable to assume they are active in the same situations.

Bonus consumables makes no mention of having to be guild aligned either.

So it seems to be there is disparity between how a lot of them are described and how they actually work!

I have been greatfully leaching PS buffs for quite some time now (thanks guys, I was honest about it from the start!) and assumed due to the wording of the description on both the Helix info tag and the character sheet buff info that I was receiving the benefit.

Just wanted to point out that it’s not just spark and wear that needs looked at, but all the guild buffs.

Also, if possible, could a dev comment on if the buffs are acting as intended and the descriptions are incorrect, or if the buffs should be acting as the descriptions indicate?


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Yes it would be nice to know if this is a bug or a feature.

If it’s a bug I will wait

If it’s a feature I need to move my workshop and redesign it.


Depending on whether the description or function changes, will help me decide whether to set up my own Helixes.

Better to fund the minimum buffs of what I want and actually receive the benefits!

You can also just put your workshop on its own beacon so you can align it to your buffs guild while keeping your own guild for the rest of your city. That’s what I will be doing. It will be annoying to do though.

I actually don’t align my beacons to a guide at all!

I know it makes zero difference in actuality, but I prefer to see my characters name appear as warden/viceroy over a guild name. :man_shrugging:


Name your guild Fidach?


Any chance of any kind of response to this?