Which planet is best

Explain in 500 words or less
Best essay gets a million coin
Contest ends October 1 2021


The Best planet is Houches 1, because Babycookie builds amazingly there.
157 words.

On a journey, did i venture forth.
No instruction I took heed.
For the Adventure I was seeking then,
fresh did i want indeed.

I aimed my totem upwards,
in Elder I took faith,
Then once it flashed and then it pulsed.
New token I obtained.

The conduits were hungry,
I fed it my new token,
Then with a flash and then a blur,
I new world I watched open.

Dàshing thru so smartly,
Over hours i did travel,
upon this planet I will deem.
a happy quest contained.

For I did upon a cookie,
find a kingdom great and magic
The crumbles tell of taintless tales,
the chocolate of it’s Charm.

There was nothing else quite like it,
Never have I seen before.
I doubt i’ll ever see another,
of that i am quite sure.

If you ever want a journey,
a fresh perspective take
Then Houches 1, your joy begun,
Cookie Kingdom is your fate.


So for a million coin challenge, I had to clearly give a name,
of a single wondrous planet in this amazingly addicting game.

After reliving my Boundless past when I first opened a sanctum portal,
I stepped on Angel I one with amazement, excitement, and quite the chortle.

While Angel I was my birthplace and my home of all homes,
there was so much more to explore and so many more biomes.

I ran into a fellow Oortian after slowly starting my small base,
he walked with such confidence and I knew he knew more of this wondrous place.

He waved and said hello with style and asked how he could be of some help,
I clapped and waved and had many a question and I even gave a few yelps.

He was quite knowledgable and experienced and almost a scholar to me,
he placed some blocks and created a portal to someplace called TNT.

I entered the glowing portal not knowing what amazement was in store,
I stood in bewilderment as the universe was there and portals galore.

I saw so many portals to wonderous places like Tana VII, Eresho, and Till,
there were just so many to explore I couldn’t standstill.

I then knew that this planet and the hub that I was brought to see,
was more than a planet and more than a hub, it was what made Boundless a community.

So to pick one best planet out of so many wonderful places,
I have pick Circarpous I because it links to so many wonderful faces.

Boundless is more than some code and more than some capitalized name,
It’s a family and community and so much more than a game.


There once was a man from Nantucket. I hear its overrated, Maryx is better. The End.


The best planet is Finata, because I smell nice.

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2453 characters


The best planet is the one where your main beacon lies!


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I am Insert name here

I am a planet

I wonder what it will feel like to be a Death planet

I hear the sound of the crowd when they get the penalty in my soil

I see a meteor full of people

I want to hunt as well

I am a planet

I pretend I am also a citizen

I feel DEATH

I touch the guild

I worry that they will leave

I cry about my owner

I am a planet

I understand how much they love me

I say hunt

I dream about hunting

I try to help them get better every day

I hope my dreams come true

I am a planet

115 words :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ll take my coins now please :slightly_smiling_face:


The next rental that I roll.

The anticipation of waiting for it to pop. What colors will I get? Something new maybe? :crossed_fingers: The Jackpot - white rock, rose or red gleam? How will the count come out? Perhaps I’ll get a really big gleam spiral area for hunting? Please, please let this one be on Alcyon and not Norkyna…


roses are red
violets are blue
biitula is best
and sod the rest
though some might detest
despite signs of past unrest
while not much room for a new nest
where everyone is undressed
and blaze is a pest
and so are you


Lamblis because i like to try and swim in the lava at times.

But that said….

Currently i spent most of my time hanging around on my little tree build located at Tana.
Close to where the :monkey: lives.
I heard he likes his :banana:.



The planet which is best, The one which I dearly hold in my heart.

Beta, just plain beta. For that was when thy journey was truly start.

My first T7 Exo. White rock, Blinkstrike critters, many wonders hard to tell.

But then a meteorite fell. Threatening to ruin it, Racing to the planet.

I didn’t think that all would be well

Then a group of citizens came in and dealt with it.

The planet gives the thanks they deserve.

Bows and bombs everywhere

Nowhere to rest

When the last shot was fired

The blinkstrike creatures ran away

The hunting crew saved the day

Therefore I have to say

Beta holds a special place in my heart

Beta, is when thy journey start.

Beta is where the hunters rest

Beta is the best…

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BASH is where the heart is.

At the time of my spawn,
Not knowing who or where I was,
I was greeted by the Elder.

With his guidance I landed on Trior.
Made a campfire to keep warm,
A table to craft, a beacon to keep it all.

I hobbled around totem at hand,
With nothing but yams,
To the cluster of purple dots on my compass.

Curiosity set and I stepped through,
At first a workshop
But then to the Seekers of Portal

Here I saw strange blocks that stood as tall as I, With these disks for sale and some portals
One that was bigger than the others and I stepped through.

Amazed. Purely amazed.
There were other worlds. I ran through the big portals,
But stopped at this one was called Sorissi.

In awe I stood at this Holy Empire.
The grandeur of its structures
I was truly lost.

With my trusty totem,
The fifth one at this point,
I set out to make a new home

Burrowed into a mountain.
Mostly hollow when I was done
But it wasn’t me. It wasn’t green.

I ventured off again
found a world with vast lakes
Lakes of death lakes of lava, Lamblis

The cry of these one eyed creatures startled me.
As I got close, I found out they are not friendly.
So I met the elder again.

Boy was this green rock difficult to smack into my pocket,
Hammers of stone a block at a time
Thonk thonk thonk.

After some time I discovered a world
A world I was unable to see
A world I was waved at but I did not know what they looked like while gasping for air

A hint was given that the world is dangerous,
Especially without the proper protection
To grind until I am safe to explore it

Several levels later, I made it
To the world that blinded me,
To the world who’s name I thought was superfluous.
This world was Circarpous I

The collection of portals here,
Where friendly people gathered.
Jumping bouncing and waving, Atubio

This was a hub, a megahub.
It took me far and wide.
To worlds I’ve never seen

A Greek themed city. Pathos
Marveled by it’s streets and building.
With a familiar statue, David.

While another placed you facing Zeus,
In a mighty temple he sat in Olympus,
Ready to strike down any who failed to win his favor,

A city where a Sasquatch spent the day dancing away,
With a little hub that looked like a train station,
Where you can slide to see how far you can go

With another dawning a dark feel and shadow red,
A tower were Reapers hold their power,
And house their nefarious facilities

Where later on you’d find the path to a Valley of Kaos,
With it’s helpful tools and supplies
Noting it’s simplistic beauty is not chaotic.

Circarpous I, the home of an explosive guild
Circarpous I, the home of a Megahub
Circarpous I, the best planet in the universe


Dang, 503 words. Thats a lot. A little over sadly.

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Boom fixed. I also now read @Redlotus post and see we chose the same planet :rofl:


‘Twas the future with beautiful buildings made of gold and diamond sparking to pretty in the night built by a master builder also known as host


yay you can’t be disqualified :smiley: lets have some more entries!


I’m enjoying these. Too bad I was never good at essays lol

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