Which Skills do What?

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So, I know that BoundlessCrafting has what some of the skills do (related to crafting, anyway) but I thought it would be useful to compile a list of what we’ve tested and what does what on here so far, seeing as there are many skills that are less-than-descriptive.

I have shamelessly ripped descriptions of what crafting skills do from the BoundlessCrafting site, so all credit goes to the creator, maintainer, and Fearless Leader, Stretchious.

For those skills that completely describe what they do, I see no reason to add them to this post at the present time. The same goes for those skills with the “placeholder” tag that do nothing yet.

Unless otherwise noted, stattribute values per-rank are additive to all values of other stattribute ranks modifying the same value. To get the total value add the values of all acquired ranks together. (Appreciated, @cor-karolis !)

If anyone knows any secrets or tricks about what skills do, please post them and I’ll add them to the OP. ^^


Basic Crafting Recipes: Unlocks Hand Crafting recipes for all wooden Timbers, Sticks, Tools and Torches(basic). Unlocks recipes on the Crafting Table for all Stones, for all wooden and stone Slabs, Steps, Walls, Tools and Weapons, for Stone Fire Pit and Crucible, and for the Workbench. Unlocks recipes in the Furnace for all metal bars and all cooked foods. Unlocks the recipe in the Workbench for Warp Crystal ammunition. Unlocks recipes in the Mixer for all metal alloys.

Sprint: Unlocks the ability to double-tap and hold in a direction or use Shift + hold in a direction to sprint at 166.66% of normal running speed.


Vitality: Increases you health by 60 per point, so by 600 per rank in Vitality. Helps versus creatures and falling damage, but lava does 30% of your maximum HP as damage per tick, so no help there.

Power: Increases damage done by 0.5% per point, or 5% per rank, this applies both to blocks when using tools, and to enemies when using weapons.

Control: Affects distance at which you can build (+1m per rank) and distance you can throw (bombs? +11% per rank). Has no effect on Slingbow projectiles or Grapple claws.

Agility: Increases run speed by 0.3m/s and therefore sprint speed by 0.5m/s, as well as increasing critical rate by +2% per rank. (Critical rate only applies to weapons and tools that can crit, such as the gold hammer? Uncertain.)

Item Crafting:

Common Machine Recipes: Unlocks the recipes for Compactors, Extractors, and Refiners at the Workbench. Unlocks the Engine Recipes tree.

Advanced Machine Recipes: Unlocks the recipes for Mixers, Spark Cores, and Spark Cord at the Workbench.

Common Engine Recipes: Unlocks absolutely nothing at the moment.

Advanced Engine Recipes: Same as above.

Common Prop Recipes: Unlocks the recipes for Doors, Storage Blocks and Shelves, Locks, Plinths and Shop Stands, and Torches(intermediate).

Advanced Prop Recipes: Unlocks the recipes for Trapdoors, Lanterns, Gleam Lanterns, Request Baskets, and Torches(gem).

Common Item Recipes: Unlocks the recipes for Fiber, Bone and Fossil Extracts, for Cloth, Glue and Nails, and for Warp Conduits.

Advanced Item Recipes: Unlocks the recipes for Cogs, Trampolines, Slides, Ink Extract, Healing Brews, Oort Shards, Portal Conduits, and Slingbow Extra Damage Crystals.

Common Block Recipes: Unlocks recipes for all Refined Rocks, and their Slabs, Steps and Walls, for all Compacted Coals, for all Compacted and Refined metals and alloys and their slabs, steps and walls, and for all Machined metals and alloys.

Advanced Block Recipes: Unlocks recipes for all compacted gems, Rift, Dark Matter, Blink, Oort Stone, and their respective Slabs, Steps and Walls, and for all Refined Gems, Rift, Dark Matter, Blink and Oort Stone.

Expert Block Recipes: Absolutely nothing at the moment.

Tool Mastery:

All masteries appear to make their associated tools last longer/more uses.

Hammer Mastery: Seems to lower the amount of hits needed to harvest coals, metals and gems, or perhaps allows Power to apply more fully to them?

Shovel/Axe/Chisel Mastery: Unknown.

Grapple Mastery: Makes grapple-claws fly much faster, resulting in (usually) increased range and easier aiming.


Inventory Space: Increases inventory space by four slots per rank, from 16 slots up to a max of 32. (Thanks @Astellus )

Combat Mastery:

Lance/Bomb Mastery: Unknown/not yet implemented.

Slingbow Mastery: Makes Slingbows do more damage. Better materials can gain more from high mastery while lesser materials “cap out” at lower mastery ranks, with further ranks doing nothing for them.

Slingbow Rapid Fire: Increases fire rate by 20% with slingbows made of materials capable of Rapid Fire.

Charge Slingbow: Allows charged shots with slingbows made of charge-capable materials for up to ?% (Varies by slingbow material) extra damage per shot.

Equipment Crafting:

Common Tool Recipes: Unlocks recipes for Copper, Iron and Silver and Gold Alloy Hammers, Shovels and Axes.

Advanced Tool Recipes: Same as above except for with Titanium Alloy and all gem materials.

Expert Tool Recipes: Absolutely nothing at the moment.

Common Weapon Recipes: Unlocks recipes for (Copper, Iron and Gold and Silver Alloy Slingbows? Possibly Lances and Bombs of these materials in the future? BoundlessCrafting says they unlock nothing ATM but I think it’s wrong…)

Advanced Weapon Recipes: Same as above except for with Titanium Alloy and all gem materials.

Expert Weapon Recipes: Absolutely nothing at the moment.

Common Technology Recipes: Unlocks recipes for Copper, Iron and Silver and Gold Alloy Chisels, Spanners, and Grappling Hooks.

Advanced Technology Recipes: Same as above except for with Titanium Alloy and all gem materials.

Expert Technology Recipes: Absolutely nothing at the moment.

Common Decorative Recipes: Unlocks recipes for all Brick Mixtures and Bricks and their corresponding Slabs, Steps and Walls, for all Decorative Rocks, for Glass, and for Dark Glass Slabs, Steps and Walls.

Bulk Craft: Unlocks the ability to craft in large quantities, reducing the ratio of resources required.

Mass Craft: Unlocks the ability to craft in very large quantities, further reducing the ratio of resources required.


Jump Height Bonus 1: Increases the jump height by 1m, as well as increasing the jump duration. Unlocks the Air Jump tree.

Jump Height Bonus 2: Increases the jump height by a further 0.5m.

Air Jump 1: Gives the ability to jump a further 0.5m (for a bit of extra duration as well) while already in the process of jumping.

Air Jump 2: Adds 0.5m (and a bit of extra potential duration) to the Air Jump.

Climb: Adds the ability to vault up over/onto blocks that are struck at waist-height or lower while moving upwards (at all, whether you jumped or not. Buyer beware). Adds the ability to vault much higher over/onto blocks when striking below a ledge while using a grapple. Counts the lower edge of a slanted block as the upper edge for purposes of climbing. Extraordinarily useful for climbing steep mountains. Has potentially VERY disruptive effects on grappling in certain situations.

Antagonize: Unknown? Assumed to increase “threat level”, resulting in increased mob aggro, aggro range, spawns, or some combination of the three.

Shadow Effect: Unknown? Assumed to be the equal and opposite of Antagonize. Lowered mob aggro, aggro range, spawns, or some combination of the three.


Item Durability Bonus: Decreases the decay rate of Items (due to use) by 10% per rank, for a total of 50% reduction at Rank V. This would result in tools lasting twice as long against normal wear and tear as they do with no ranks in this stattribute.

Death Penalty Reduction: Reduces the penalty to item durability due to dying. After @cor-karolis ’ testing, this is additive in nature, resulting in a 100% reduction at max rank. Handy!

Revive (R.R.A.R.R): Does this even do anything yet?



Rage and Focus


Edit: In particular, I’d love to figure out what skill increases slingbow range towards what it used to be. Slingbow mastery which I expected to do so has had no visible effect on in with about 4 ranks, so I cleansed 3 and dumped them into Control thinking "maybe the “sling"bow projectiles count as thrown, since technically they are, just not by me?”. Nope, no visible difference.

Edit 2: Turns out that no skills increase slingbow range. Range is an aspect of material used, with Diamond and Sapphire having the best range (40m). Thanks @Jiivita !

Edit 3: Jumps got heavily nerfed in both height and duration, yay! I think it’s about half as much on both… Air jumps do almost nothing now.


Perhaps worth noting that, at least from what I’ve seen, when a skill has multiple ranks, the tooltip describes the marginal (i.e. NOT cumulative) benefit you get from that rank. So if the decription “Blah I” says it gives you 5 points in Blah, and “Blah II” says it gives you 15, you end up with 20 total.

Also, in Survival, the “Death Penalty Reduction” is applied multiplicatively to the existing default penalty, i.e. “10% less penalty” means that when you die you’ll take 22.5% (= 25 - 2.5) damage, NOT 15% (= 25 - 10)

I’m guessing the ranks of Death Penalty are structured as 25 - (sum of all bonuses) rather than 25*(1-0.1)(1-0.15)(1-etc) only because the if you sum the available ranks (10+15+20+25+30) you get 100% and that’s a nice round number. But I haven’t checked in game.


I’d be hesitant to add the one about death penalty reduction totaling out to 100% until someone has actually tested it. It wouldn’t be the first tooltip to have wildly incorrect values per rank (and I also suspect that that one, single tooltip, is actually cumulative rather than additive… strange, right?).

Other than that, you’ve got a good idea of adding in a note about rank bonuses being just for that particular rank, and additive to the others. I’ll get right on that ;3

Yeah, definitely wait for someone to test that. I’ll try at least two ranks’ worth myself, once I level a few more times. (I can verify that Rank I makes the death message say “23% durability lost”, but I was so disheartened by that that I cleansed it off again at once xD)

If rank 2 says 21% or 22% durability lost, it’ll be cumulative, but 19% would be additive.


What with the rounding, still unclear as to whether it’s doing each rank separately in sequence, as in 25% * (1-0.1) * (1-0.15) = 19.125%, or adding up all the ranks first as in 25% * (1-0.25) = 18.75%. One more rank should show which it is (15% rounded for each rank separately vs 14% for adding them up first).

Super happy regardless. I’d assumed it was cumulative too, and therefore that even the highest rank would still have you taking 17.5% per death. Which didn’t seem worth it.

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Hey, thanks for the testing! :smiley:

I don’t think it’s multiplicative. If it is, it would be the only skill that way.

Maybe this is why I’m (at least it feels like it) the only one complaining about latency-related deaths due to wonky prediction. If everyone else has this fully ranked, they almost wouldn’t even care about deaths.

Edit: I see I’m not the only one who has a penchant for building structures where 100+ block falls are likely. Nothing like a little ULTRALETHALITY with your breakfast cereal, amirite?

This is a good day build to die!!

…and, consequently, one skill I’m extra happy to test. Won’t somebody THINK OF THE POOR GEMS?


Can confirm it’s 0% at highest level…


Do anyone know about the endurance section? I mean I would like to know whats the difference between the projectile/melee/impact defence and resistance skills. Do defence better for lower hp players and resistance for higher hp, or whats the case here?

Edit: Then someone from dev side? @james @luke-turbulenz

Does what it says. Creature that fire projectiles like the spitter deal projectile damage, creatures like the wildstock do melee damage and creatures like the hopper do impact damage. If you upgrade those skills you are better at defending yourself against the spitter’s projectiles, the wildstock melee charge and the hopper’s impact explosion, etc.


What is the difference between resistance and defence?

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Both do the same roughly, but armour is defense value and resistance is percentage decrease.

So a melee armour of 10 will be added to the damage formula to calculate how much damage is applied after armour is taken into account. Resistance is a percentage decrease of the damage applied, so you take 10% less damage from melee attacks if you upgrade resistance.

Edit: Just checked and this is mentioned in the skill description already :slight_smile:


I meant to ask this too, not the difference between projectile, melee and impact, but at least you were here! :slight_smile:

So there are different formulas, and there are different situations where one is better than the other? I assume then some creatures have armour penetration, so against the ones with raw damage the defense (armour) skill is better, and against the armour penetration ones the resistance (%) skill is better. Or is it not the case? (If no then this is a suggestion too! :wink: )

And impact def/res reduces the damage from falling too?

Has anyone done a comparison to determine what the best progression is for making tools more effective? In simple terms, fastest way to break a block, for example. There’s dexterity, power, and tool mastery, unless I missed one. Which of these decreases the amount of time taken to break a block the most per skill? And perhaps, which of them decreases the amount of time taken to break a block the most per skill point? Given that data you could determine what the best way to spend your points would be with the goal being breaking blocks as fast as possible.

Basically, go for flat defense (often called “Damage Threshold”) on low HP characters to shrug off lots of little chip damage from small hits. High HP characters will want either % resists to survive the monolithic single hits, or both flat and percentile reduction combined with HP regen and intelligence to go full on tank.

The hard thing about this question is that it depends on the block… and on the hammer. Generally though, if you’re going for speed efficiency, go for straight power, then dex. At any point if you feel like resource blocks are taking more than twice as many hits to mine than regular rocks, pump some points into Hammer Mastery, it seems to bypass some sort of “damage reduction” the higher tier resources appear to have.

On the other hand, if you want your hammers to go as far as possible before breaking… I dunno, pump Power and Durability (under survival) and throw in Mastery when you need it but ignore Dexterity.

That IS the burning question.

Logically it should, but…

I have no idea.

id really like to know what this is for… i spent my 30 points in it last level and after some testing the damage dealt is the same… im guessing its something more like.

Hammer Mastery 1 =  Wood Hammer? 
Hammer Mastery 2 = Stone Hammer? 
Hammer Mastery 3 = Copper Hammer?
Hammer Mastery 4 = Iron Hammer?
Hammer Mastery 5 = Silver Alloy Hammer?
Hammer Mastery 6 = Gold Alloy Hammer? 
Hammer Mastery 7 = Titanium Alloy Hammer?
Hammer Mastery 8 = ??? a gem type
Hammer Mastery 9 = ??? a gem type
Hammer Mastery 10 = ??? a gem type

Not really sure… but if it is something like this maybe the name of the Mastery should no be “Hammer Mastery II or IIV” with no real information on what it does… “become more effective with a hammer” explains very little if the damage caps out on a hammer type…

Hammer Mastery Wood 
Hammer Mastery Stone 
Hammer Mastery Ore 
Hammer Mastery Alloy
Hammer Mastery Gem ?Name?
Hammer Mastery Gem ?Name?
Hammer Mastery Gem ?Name?
Hammer Mastery Gem ?Name?
Hammer Mastery Gem ?Name?
Hammer Mastery Gem ?Name?

might explain things better?.. idk im just putting ideas out there..

30 or 40 hours of grinding i’ll get a cleanse point to remove one level of it… this brings up something else, you only gain cleanse points when you level… one cleanse point every 24hours seams more reasonable.

@james @luke-turbulenz whats dose Mastery do? also a cleanse point every 24 hours sound reasonable?


We’re working on a knowledge base / wiki that will be included in the game to help answer these questions for all players. @luke-turbulenz can answer details about the current skills in game.