Who sells 3x3 harvesting axes?

Looking for 3x3 low damage axes.


I can forge some for you my friend. How many do you need?

Are you talking t1/2 low damage or t3/4 low damage type?

I’d also like to know… I use low dmg aoe tools for flower harvesting and farming.

Lowest dmg, 3x3… don’t need anything else

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Titanium, topaz, or sapphire?

As many as you could do, I go through a lot. I’d pay very well for them.

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T1 low damage is the best.

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Or is auto harvest preferred?

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Either works for me

2 sets are done and 1 set with 19 minutes left. I’ll be near the tnt Megahub working on a building if you’d like to meet up

Sure I’ll be there in 30 or so

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I have some for sale on Alder. Fancy Market portal at TNT. Wood axes with aoe, speed and durability


It may take a few more hits on higher tier worlds, but I only use the unforged titanium shovels for harvesting flowers. I’m sure there is something better I can use. But at least I can make these myself beings im not good at forging haha

Do you find any value in speed increase for flower and grass harvesting? I know for farming, it’s key, but i haven’t tested enough for flower & grass.

That’s for the harvest epic ones like fungus and rocks. For flowers and grass, it’s always one-hit.

This thread (and another one) is making me want to open a forged utility tools store.

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Go for it. Since pretty much the venerable forging release, I’ve had this in one of my shops:

IT does OK for me over time. It doesn’t get a lot of attention since they aren’t gems, and at 999c if gives people a chance to try them out or just get one for a pinch if they don’t use them regularly.

That empty stand that says “Harvester” usually has what Kaplah wants in it, copper 3x3 axes with some magnet for 999. I had made hundreds of copper axes and put them there for a while but haven’t made any in weeks.

If a tool can break a block in one hit, it’s not good for fast harvesting.


Yes there is value in speed increase, so that you can harvest more in a less amount of time, I usually, but not all of the time use a mega fast brew. I don’t like using aoe harvesting flowers and fungi because I screw up sometimes and break the flower instead of harvesting it. Of course gem tools allows you less hits per plant. But I’m just use to using the unforged titanium. I need to start using the gems , but I rather use them for forged tools or bows

Flowers can’t break, you’re thinking of the other decorative blocks. The decorative ones that require the epic I agree, one-shot shovel. Flowers I usually use bombs or AoE tools. I’ll try out speed next time I do grass or flowers, though.

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Don’t bombs destroy the flowers? I tried it one time after reading about people using them to gather… tried it on a flower field… made big craters but I got no flowers.

Yeah, it’s worked great for me every time I’ve tried.

it works only if the bombs break the blocks under the flower in 1 hit. otherwise the bombs do indeed just clear out the flowers from the field