Who wants some coin

Due to a massive workload increase and some other games catching my attention that don’t require as much time invested to get results I am not actively playing.

As always I’ve managed to stash a pretty large chunk of coin and think it’s only fair to put it back into the economy in case it helps people out.

I’m not after rock, storage etc, maybe stuff I might be able to use when I can play again.

Ores, bars, trophies , forge materials, beans etc would happily be bought. Just let me know where your store is.

P.s. I won’t pay absurdly overpriced amount likes 11c for copper ore


Thanks for doing this…

I wish I had an insanely large amount of items for sale as I would love some extra coin. I have a shop in DK Mall with just random animal drops, beans, etc. It’s down on Row H way in the back… I can restock it with whatever you think you might want when and if you come back to play.

I’m about to open my concrete shop (where Exo Heaven used to be) which I doubt may be of any interest but has been my main focus so I have let my main store lack a bit.

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Nice :wink: have some tools up for sale but thats it. :grin:

Anyway no need to buy me out im good for now :wink:.

Again a very nice gesture😉.

Me. I want some coins. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just give me all your kindling shred. So I can plant it. .hahaha

Someone say Kindling Shred?

My concrete shop is about to open and this is very much needed. Is a Kindling farm ever big enough?


I sell different colors of goo + some kindling mass kernals at Pendragon’s Exo Mart in Deep Dark Mall. :slight_smile: If you’re at all interested in these.

Deep Dark Mall can be found via TNT Hub in the malls/shops portal section. My shop is directly in front of the portal on the other side.

Where do I need to head over to😁

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My first harvest tomorrow I think




Aww, you should go treat some of my tenants over at Brown Town Mall :wink:

(Brown Town portal TNT mall wall)


I sell stuff from hunts. You are more than welcome to check my shop out. It’s in dk mall on Tana VII. The coordinates are -2,144 N, 1,585 E Alt 249.

Want some gems? I can do an 8 hr mining session for diamonds :joy:

I have sweet beans and some spicy beans in Schrodingers in DKMall location E61

Sorry for not replying for a while or not visiting anyone yet. I decided to go and get very drunk with friends lol. Now struggling to get back to sleep.(random 6am wake up due to a train). As soon as I can see straight and my brain doesn’t hurt I will go on a shopping spree


That’s the one thing I’ve probably got too many of already due to a sovereign creation and mining obsession. Pretty much how I ended up with tens of millions too :grin:

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No worries on visiting … I moved my store so I guess that worked out well.

Ahh so I was buying your gems .lol.

Quite possibly lol. Must have sold close to half a million gems :rofl:

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1 more day

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Just like my farm over 30k of seeds and still only half way there. Any donations excepted.:yum: