Why bombs shouldn’t be allowed near meteors


This is on delta a level 4 planet!!! Why? Even a lower rank bow will 3-4 shot most of the mobs so why crater the meteor like this??? This is why large hunts are more irritating than fun now.


Yea this is a big issue. I’m hoping they address this after the Regen bombs update for meteors. I find it odd that we are allowed to just make holes for mobs to fall down into and be trapped. I mean where’s the challenge in it?


The two systems (bombs and meteors) are not meant to be perfect together. Granted, there are tweaks that could be done to regen bombs to keep people from griefing meteors, but it remains a viable strategy to trap mobs…whether digging holes or blasting craters…


…and troll other players during hunts


Yes it is kind of but how is a crater that big good for hunts? I run around shooting mobs. So now I have to watch out for giant craters plus mobs? In a FP game you can’t see 360 degrees so basically I’m S**T out of luck because 1 person wants to bomb huge craters???


Yea I agree with you. I stopped going on alot of hunts because it seems these “Big holes” cause more problems then anything else. 20 blocks wide and 20 blocks deep makes no sense at all to me. Used to not see this on hunts when I first started to go on them. People actually faced the challenge of fighting the mobs not just shooting fish in a barrel. 3-4 blocks deep is good enough to trap a elite wildstock anyways so makes no sense at all.


Don’t want to go toe to toe with the mob hang from the tower not mess everyone up. Don’t destroy the ground. Hang from tower and shoot mobs they will converge under you. Same as shooting fish in a barrel!!!


I 100% disagree. Bombs are great. Maybe not with 30 people on a hunt. But with a small group and a plan it can be really fun.


I’ve died more times to bomb holes than I have to wildstocks or Cuttles. That’s one of the reasons I quit hunting.


cuz back before the forge was a thing it was really the only way to have a good shot at doing the high level meteors without having to have a person hide in a bunker for the meteor

as for the crazy size you are going to have people that troll or go overboard when it comes to sandbox games and has i see it wildstock traps are no different then “hunting towers” if you want a challenge then you would want to do hunts where you don’t build or destroy anything and just fight and there is nothing wrong with that just some people like the old way of fighting.


Unpopular opinion: I like the bomb holes because I run less for loot. :sweat_smile:


This is what hunts look like now? If I start hunting again I’ll have to stick to private hunts.


Yes a small group they can be helpful. But 30-40 people it’s causing more damage + fall damage to people that run around and fall into a 15 deep hole with wildstock


A “bomb” hole is one thing a 15-20 deep 15-20 deep wide crater with no warning no nothing is crazy.


I think the hunt leader should be the one who determines if bomb hunting is acceptable. It’s their hunt. What does everyone else think?


Bombs are allowed during the Sasquatch hunt, tho I expect the bombers to show some restraint.

Large aoe bombs are great for getting trees and foliage out of a spawner way.

Making holes under the spawner let us split the group in 4-5 people per portal and not worry about rampaging wildstocks coming from behind.

But accidents happens, sometimes 2-3 demolition man shows up at the same hunt and bomb a place simultaneously.

I think a better understanding of the bombs and more communication between the hunters can work better than restricting the use via nerfs.


I was on this hunt, they bombed under where people were, there’s no need for that. Its a level 4 planet, if you can’t handle it, hang from a tower or don’t go. Plain and simple.


Hi! This would be my handiwork, the bomber who made the holes (Lennex/BombermanMax). Gonna start off with apologizing if this caused you distress; we utilize these holes on our hunts to corral Wildstock (primarily), Spitters and Hoppers for our hunters who utilize multishot slingbows and generally to keep the lower level players who attend our hunts safer than if they’re allowed to run around.

Normally the bombs used are tailored to be around 5-6 meters forged, as this causes the AoE to make a more natural slope that players can jump out of and that elite wildstocks have issue escaping. We also usually have someone building up towers for players to grapple out of them if they happen to fall in, and can hang off of to shoot from. We also have a number of heal bombers on hand that frequently clear the fall damage off players who fall in. They’re intentionally placed underneath the portals (and everyone is told this before the hunt begins), so if you don’t stare up at them the ground won’t suddenly disappear beneath you.

I have gotten permission from the hunt leader @Lesioui and have led these hunts myself, and have been told by a number of attending that they prefer to have them even if a bomb goes awry every once in a while due to slopes/knockback/laggy doublethrows.


Maybe add to the “hunt announcement” that you utilize bomb hunting. That way people don’t show up to a hunt with 20 deep craters and no tower above. Or die in the crate after a new pie and brew that you lose? Or are pies and brews being reimbursed too?


I was there, these are my screen shots. There was no tower, and yes, the ground was taken from under my feet more than once by different players. So yes, I have a problem with it, I don’t like to hang from the towers, I want to run around and shoot things, these holes prevent that. I also wasn’t warned that holes were going to be made.

I don’t want to seem like I’m attacking anyone over it, but its become an issue that needs to be fixed. I can understand small holes, but these were 10+ blocks deep and extremely wide. Its a lvl 4 planet, theres honestly no need for it.

If there needs to be holes then take an AOE shovel and dig 3 down, I’d rather fall 3m than 10-15m into a hole. And even with the holes, not all mobs make it into them as there were still plenty of wildstock and spitters running around.