Why bombs shouldn’t be allowed near meteors


Yep, adding it to the hunt announcement will happen. Sorry the six-deep hole murdered you, hope someone rez’d you. Be well o/

Edit: I also wanna point a finger at how fall damage is calculated, genuinely don’t think the short drops the holes normally are sized at should take 2-3000 health off a 8vit player. Want to see that reworked at some point.


Even if rezd that doesn’t replace the pie and brew. Plus the time lost killing things which means loss of xp either way.


It is a shame that dying clears your food and brew buff. Weird, really, since debuffs persist through death. Never quite understood why that happens.


I’ve never died with a poison debuff and had it still there. I’ve had a death penalty but never a slow or poison debuff from a mob still active after going to sanctum or being revived


there was a reason for that more then likely is bomb holes are such a old tactic that saying there will be bomb’s used at this hunt is like saying there will be wildstock alot of older players just have it has a given thing and you don’t really think of needing to announce it.

this part is not directed at any one person

i get people are frustrated due to the recent trolling that has been happning at hunts but we got to look at the big picture here some things like regen bombs getting removed make sense they have next to no purpose at hunts but if we start removing/nerfing tactics that work just cuz they have troll potential or cuz people get fresuted it could backfire in the long run.


I have been playing since the PS4 release, and I have never been on a hunt where people used bombs like this until the last month or so. In most groups its happened now and when asked to stop they just make the holes bigger. So I personally see it as a way to troll people. I’ve died more times from the holes then I do the mobs. So I don’t see the point in them what so ever.


I’ve been here since pre release on ps4. And when I started hunting it wasn’t that big of a thing till a few months in. And the recent hunts I’ve gone on they don’t do this. But I don’t go to squatch hunts or ps hunts or duskmoor hunts. I go to hunts led by @Ratchel and on the rare occasion guild hunts led by @Orrian.


Not sure what hunts you guys are going on, I never seem to face this issue when I go on hunts. Have you actually tried telling the people making holes to stop?

Im one of the guys who brings damage bombs - I use them to clear trees so its easier to get at portals that happen to be over them. I place them straight down while standing on the tree so theres no chance of creating holes.

I would hate if this ability was taken away from me.


I get that strategy that is helpful. It clears trees. But as the photos show that’s not clearing trees. That making craters in that ground that kill hunters or trap hunters in a pit with wildstock or hoppers causing them to lose pies,revive brews and xp. @Vansten your strat isn’t going to drop people to their deaths


I have said this a hundred times, and I will say another hundred…

Give us a forge trait for bombs called ‘Shrapnel’ which removes the block damage entirely but adds damage against mobs!

Then we have a reliable AoE weapon without making ugly, cheesey craters and trivializing hunting with them!


I can honestly say the bombs usually aren’t too bad on the Squatch hunts, after hunting with them every day for a month, there were only a handful of meteors that were unplayable due to bomb holes, and they were mostly someone new, not Max.

ON a recent hunt we (@wakeNbake) gave out free bombs and damage augments, and fought one entire meteor using nothing but bombs.
It was quite possibly the most fun I’ve ever had on a hunt. One player opted out, and hid in the bushes until it was done, then rejoined on the next meteor, but not a single player complained.

I believe it’s mostly about your outlook. Sure, it sucks that you died, and maybe fall damage should be reworked, but this was not trolling, and generally damage bombs are not used to troll. Nerfing the heck out of everything is not the way to remove trolling, because the trolls will always find a way.

Would it have been better if it was a 3 x 3 x 65 deep hole instead? Because you still would have died if it had been made with a shovel and hammer rather than a bomb. Should we nerf the heck out of shovels as well, just in case someone uses those in a way you don’t approve of?

If anyone genuinely wants to be reimbursed for the cost of their pies and brews, let me know and I’ll help you out. It’s not fair for you to be out of pocket. It’s also not fair to have everything fun or useful be nerfed out of the game due to a rare issue, that has minimal consequences.


This was indeed one of the most fun meteors I have ever fought. It was truly inefficient/dangerous/hilarious and I was one of the suckers who didn’t realise that the meteor would release my grapple hold upon completion dropping me all the way to mantle and death. I highly recommend any group do this for a bit of a laugh and a break from the repetitive tedium of the meteor grind (can’t wait to test out my new max range/damage Topaz bombs for mega craters). And as @Vansten has pointed out they are brilliant for clearing foliage.

In saying that though, I do completely understand where the OP is coming from and they are more hindrance than good when used to create holes to mantle. I believe it should be up to the hunt leader to allow or disallow bomb usage even if it is just for clearing trees. If people are still using them after being asked to stop then they are indeed griefing.


I have argued that mob-only damage should be the default. Block damage should have to be forged on. Because block damage is completely useless outside of a very few cases, such as Vansten’s tree clearing.


Yea, it was really fun experiment, but definitely not faster or easier :laughing:


Just allow healing and buff bombs.
Turning off regen bombs will fix 1 issue. It will also stop us from filling the giant hole. Turn off both. If you want a pit bring a shovel. People are making these holes right under peoples feet. If you are a speed guy always on the move. falling into a hole while looking in the sky is not fun. Especially when 4 wildstock fall in with you.

Orrian vs 4 wildstock in a pit.
Orrian still wins but my victory % is drastically lowered.


They should just add a buffer zone around meteors that prevents blocks breaking from bombs (say 100 blocks from meteor chest) and prevent loot chest from being affected by regen bombs (say 10 minutes after completing meteor). Simple solution.


I never use normal bombs on Hunt , Not on t3, t4 , t5 or t6 ,not need.
The bomb holes a bot helpfull, more Player die in the holes


I mean no disrespect, but this largely feels like a failure on group curation. Quality > Quantity. Maybe instead of demanding the mechanics be changed, address the issue of who you invite to your hunts. Create a list of preferred hunters, and start your hunting party by inviting them discreetly first. You may be surprised that you can net more meteorites and drops by hunting slightly smaller meteorites with a more efficient team.


Don’t you think it’s kinda lame that you have to do stuff secretly cause otherwise you “might” get punished by trolls?

Sutely goes against the spirit of Boundless…


No I don’t, but I’ve also been doing it that way since day one and never had most of the issues you see reported on these forums every day. Boundless is an MMO, and it comes with all of the benefits and pitfalls of that genre. One of those pitfalls is the pick up group will always be chaotic and inferior to the curated group.

The “spirit of boundless” is to overcome the obstacles set before you with creative problem solving and cooperative effort. Stripping features from the game because they annoy you in specific situations is not in the “spirit of the game.”