Why bombs shouldn’t be allowed near meteors


Of course doing something like @Aridhol has suggested isn’t really stripping anything from the game or even @uacko idea


I’ve advocated for forged on terrain damage effect in the past as well. That being said, trolls will just bring those bombs to hunts as well. A little discretion when forming a party will go a long way toward reducing and eventually eliminating trolls in your hunts, that’s all I’m saying. When you have the hunting powerhouse that some of these guilds have, surely you can pick out the good hunters from the bad?


I do not agree that creating a list of people you invite to a hunt is in the spirit of boundless. I run hunts for people of the game to enjoy and be able to have a way to socialize with the community. Having a strict list of people you invite would block the ability to allow newer players to know of these hunts. This is why most leaders post there hunts for people to know about them if i did not do this there would be many people i would have never come across. I even post them on the forums for people that do not have discord can know. This is how to me the spirit of boundless is and should be.


Problem is you can not pick who comes to a hunt. You can ask they do not use bombs. Does mean they will stop.

There is no party control. Maybe make some. You have to be in the raid to get loot from a meteor.


This is not an instance of people showing up to troll an otherwise reliably bomb-free hunt. This is normal bomb use on a hunt that happens nightly and allows bomb use. I get if people are frustrated by having their own hunts invaded by bomb users, but to join someone else’s hunt and then give them grief over stuff they do every night and that their group is fine with is just insane. I respect your decision to avoid bombs on hunts, but squatch uses bombs :man_shrugging: That’s just how we do.


New people joining don’t know that if not advertised as such.


Party control would also be a great approach. Alternatively, a hunter list doesn’t need to be “secret”, you can totally blast that list out there. Rather than name and shame, use name and fame. Those preferred are like rock stars that others should aspire to emulate. Boundless is a social game, and leaning on the social aspect can solve a lot of problems.


I’m sure it will be posted somewhere in future. Still, if you’re going to go to a new hunt with a new group, don’t just expect your at-home standards for hunting to be met. If it means that much to you, ask beforehand. There is also a bomb announcement nightly to let people know we bomb under portals for the purpose of catching mobs. I’m not kidding, it’s actually said every night.


I think only change that might be needed with bomb destroying with meteorite, would be undestructable 3x3 platform under reward crate that it is possible to obtain.

Having possibility forge bombs to deal damage only mobs would be nice option, or have own craftable bombs for that. Like it has said before on other threads, forging shouldn’t be mandatory for too many basic things.

When we start request things like non destroyable grounds and stuff, should meteorite area also be protected from building towers? Or what if some players would start building whole area full and you couldn’t destroy because of protection?


That would mean they’d be in your discord. I get my hunt announcements from my discord hunter channel since I have the bot. And I don’t join hunts that I know nothing about hence why I stick with the good hunt leaders that I do know and that try to keep everything safe to the best of their ability.


It is posted in game chat for the hunt to read almost every night if not every night at the commencement of the hunt. Usually before the first meteor.


Also, just to try to stay on course despite all the salt, aside from saying some folks don’t approve of bomb use on the Squatch hunts (np, opinions is opinions) and noting that there should be a visible notice added to the meeting area or the hunt notice, is there anything else that aims to get resolved by this thread? Are we waiting for the devs to appear and announce bomb fixes?


Im here to have a good time and talk with peoples :smiley: while at work!


Normally I’d assume sarcasm, but I have no doubt you enjoy this lol. Same energy as hanging from grapples hitting each other with totems. Thanks for the lighter post.


You do know me! :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I tend to pull friends in to lakes as they AFK!! @morey523, @Orrian, @LunaLynn and @Taleyah can all confirm this lol.


You do that even when I’m not afk…


I guess my only request at this point is that Squatch’s nightly hunts not be used as a punching bag for bomb mechanic complaints. I get complaining to the devs about things you don’t like, but being used as an example when most of our group is fine with bombing is a little hard not to take personally.


No one called it out as your guys hunt except you guys yourselves. This doesn’t just happen on your hunts. It happens on plenty of other ones as well. One example is the hunts jacey used to run. Got out of hand a few times in his and he never advocated for bombs during the hunts like that.


I see… Whatever you say I guess. I have nothing more to contribute.


I think it was just this time as a example, I myself do not want you to feel I am attacking any specific guild. It has happened on many hunts through different guilds. But Cactopod I do need to say this and please take it to the heart friend. Smile!