Why bombs shouldn’t be allowed near meteors


I’m okay with this alternative too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Better idea = When the meteor lands I creates its own huge craters all the way to mantle and blows up the planet. :slight_smile:


Isn’t that the prophecy on how Biitula is destroyed??? @Orrian



Yep there goes the Hive flying off into the void!




The thread was aimed to try to show people why bombs aren’t necessary on hunts, especially a tier 4 planet, where everything takes 1-3 shots to kill. I’m not waiting for the devs to do anything.

And if “bombing is just how squatch hunts” then I won’t be returning. I don’t feel I should have to deal with the ground being taken from under my feet because I standing under a portal killing mobs and you all wanted a hole there, on more than ONE occasion on the same meteor. I don’t use towers, I face the mobs head on like hunting should be, and I did take fall DMG, luckily didn’t die, but when it happened I was trapped with mobs, it was the fact that they were dead in 2 hits that kept me alive.

I can understand the use of bombs to clear trees, I get that 100%. I also get the fact of using holes to capture mobs but on a t6-t8 planet base, not a 4. And even on the higher teir planets crater size holes are not needed!


No one called out the hunt, Lennex came on the post and claimed the handiwork done. I would never call out a guild or hunt leader, as I am friends with a few in Sasquatch.


Some hunt groups use different techniques to do things. Some use platforms. Some use bomb holes to trap creatures. On some - anything goes.

You just have to find a hunting group that fits your playstyle or create your own.

I can see both sides when it comes to bomb holes.

I’ve been on hunts where the bomb trap holes were done correctly and everyone was able to stand at the sides at shoot down at the mobs safely without getting yeeted by wildstock. I would consider this a smart strategy (when done correctly).

Not everyone has maxed out skill pages and 10 alts - some people can’t stand on the ground and go at the creatures mano e mano so it’s nice to be able to grapple to a tower sometimes. It’s also a good place for the healer to be safe from mobs to toss their healing bombs on everyone.


I know, and I have nothing against people using the towers, as well, I don’t have a maxed out character, far from it.

And I know everyone has different styles, but I have yet to find a hundred where holes don’t happen. So I’m just done hunting all together for the time being. I’m tired of getting so frustrated doing something that I loved to do before so I just won’t do it at all.


Lol that’s why I like the tank/healers. And also those people who use their alts to bring me more rez augs when I’ve run out @ReebanRuben. Also I’m not sure what @Taleyah set up is for her healer but i don’t think I’ve ever seen her use a tower for healing.


@morey523 A holey hunt on a Sunday? :thinking:



its possable speed brew with a gem AOE hammer on a low level world could prob do the same dmg a bomb des maybe even faster

the thing is tho if we where to seriously push for that we dont know how the devs may react they may just consider it easier at that point to prevent all block modifications in the meteor area so bye bye hunt towers. or any future block tactics and something to also keep in mind we are not done with mobs we still got at least the hunter coming sometime and for all we know bomb traps could be the key in defeating them

this is what i was talking about with we need to be careful asking for nerfs this game is still in early access hunt meta could change out of nowhere and its better to have a full range of tools then a limited playbook cuz of the trolls


Warp wraith not hunter. Also it utilizes warps so I don’t see how a bomb hole will help.


i understand i was just saying it could help or it may be useless either way why tie our hands cuz of trolling


I’ve never actually advocated either way. But imo bombs are useless unless it’s heal or regen. I see no point in them other than that. And I rarely even use regen bombs. Use less heal bombs since they took the feeding away from them. I was also around during the bomb mining and thought that was a cheap tactic as well and never did it. Used my non forged iron hammer to get my first gems.

I just see very little reason for the bombs in this game. I don’t actually know anyone who uses bombs to actually fight mobs. Make craters yea but to actually use them to kill mobs over a bow or fist no.


Last time I used dmg bombs, I thought they were healing bombs. I was at Alt 180 probably and feel straight down to the ground.

I wrote this in a topic along time ago. Enjoy (spoiler off topic i think)

I was standing in my kitchen and noticed my health low. My base is in the sky quite high up above Bramble Land hub. I’m just standing there and well i have heal bombs on me so i think why not. Keep in mind i have no grapples on me for what ever reason. Well i throw the bomb and stand over it. Well come to find out it was a set that I had not forged yet. Suddenly… my furnace is going up and I’m going DOWN! I see the city around me in all its splendor. Then i realize what is happening look down just in time for a face plant!


The end of Biitula has arrived.

Its gonna be a dark day

Dont ask about my uranium levels.


I have several beautiful builds on Biitula. I will mourn their passing, and celebrate their reconstruction in time.

Every ending is a new beginning.


I do know of a couple players who have tossed bombs at critters, but it wasn’t mobs, just one or two and it was road runners as they move so fast and low level player and another at some cuttletrunks, he was also a low level player.

I didn’t see anything wrong with it and I will admit that when on level 6 planets I will hang from a tree and drop bombs onto elementals to kill them or at least drop their health level real low, but I don’t leave holes in the ground, don’t know why, maybe because they hit the critters right on them?

I’ve never thought of doing so on meteorites, but I will be honest and go I don’t like the idea, but mainly because knowing me I would accidently fall into it with a critter and get killed, LOL Have fallen a few times into a hole when running from one and died once from it and was able to kill the others. But it wasn’t a choice, just accidental fall.

If the members of the hunt all agree to it then I guess it should be allowed, but it should be made clear before they even get onto a platform so those who aren’t for it can either leave or speak up. Majority should be the decision, not the hunt leader, but that is just my opinion. I would be against it and chose not to join in.

Again, personal choice should be given before the hunt begins.

It should also be checked to make sure that bombs that are tossed are Not intentional. If a player is tossing them at others intentionally or to create problems with getting loot, I think it should be noted who they are and, personal opinion they get the same treatment, after they throw the first bomb everyone starts to throw bombs at them. Maybe after a taste of what they are doing to others they will either stop throwing or stop joining, ■■■ for tat as the saying goes. Or, eye for a eye.

Some may not agree with me, but that is my belief. Hey, I’m a country girl, we will shoot at trespassers who have been warned off.