Why bombs shouldn’t be allowed near meteors


Such varying opinions here. I’ve had forged damage bombs laying around for months. Thought about putting them in my 500c bargain bin but then quicky realized I didn’t want to put that kind of boom power in a random hand. So I started carrying them with me to hunts to get rid of them, figuring I’d be more responsible then a random person. I’ve been loving it. I’ve been enjoying the meteor fight more and they seem to be extremely helpful if used properly. Key word is if used porperly. I make one 4-5 block deep hole for myself and “adjust”
some of the sloped terrain (so mobs aren’t sliding down the mountain). and the foilage covered garbage portals get cleared between the foilage and dirt. Nothing more maybe 3 bombs a meteor if it’s on ■■■■ terrain but if it’s flat I’m 50/50 if I’ll put a hole for myself. Id hate to see such a useful tool go away just because some people abuse it in a negative way.


Hey everyone :slight_smile:
I have been a huntleader in this game for the past 9/10 months. First as leader of P.U.R.E and a now through Duskmoor!
Being a hunt leader over this length of time I have seen many changes to hunting. I have also seen many people come and go!
My experience and my personal opinion is that as a hunt leader it is your job to try to include as many people as possible and share your love of hunting with others!
This is not an easy job on top of trying to keep the group together to spawn as big a meteors as we can, watching regions and incoming meteors, as well as trying to communicate both in voice and written chat. Lets appreciate that hunt leading a large group is a difficult job done by everyday players who give up their own time to do it! (just saying lol)
I personally am not a fan of bombs and i dont use them at all. Not everyone feels the same way, as stated above a lot of people find it fun. If not abused I can see how it could be fun! I am a leader so I want to include these people too!
I am a very experienced grappler (comes with time and practise) When leading a large a group that may have new players, you want these people to have fun and feel welcome and come back again. So you dont go graplling off at 100 miles an hour and you regroup regularly.
I am not a fan of the hunting platforms, I always hunt the old fashion way :wink: Doesnt mean I cant appreciate that other people who maybe dont have the time or skillset that I do love to use them.
I guess my point is that this is a game and should be fun for everyone not just a few. A leader should include as many people as possIble. And people should not complain so much.
Take care and have a wonderful day everyone!


Id really like to see the ratio of people who actually enjoy bombs(non buff/heal) at a hunt vs people who don’t. Because it could very well be the few making hunts less enjoyable for the more.


The only time I been killed by one of theses holes some people seem to be complaining about, was when i wasn’t paying attention.

If you are on a hunt and it seems to be clear that people are making holes under the portals, then you should learn to have the situational awareness not to stay under a mob portal when it spawns.

Bombing or otherwise digging holes out into the battle field is a valid tactic in my book, Having high ground is a valid tactic in most games.

Thou I can’t wait until one day, I go on a hunt where the situation is so polarized that I see one person throwing damage bombs to dig a hole and another person throwing regen bombs to remove the hole. over and over again, fighting back and forth over the terrain situation. It would be like we are in kindergarten and James would need to pull out the carpet squares for everybody to sit on so they will behave.


Any time I’ve died from a bomb hole it wasn’t underneath a spawn portal.

And if it ever gets to that hypothetical(probably real) event I would advocate for the removal of all non buff/heal bombs. And if the only choice was all bombs or no bombs I’d go with no bombs. But I don’t regen farm nor do I use damage bombs so I’m a lil bias


Since I have to use a couple of regen farms and do so with shimmering orbs out in the “wild” I would hate to see regen bombs go. I wouldn’t be able to make food items or mats for forging if I couldn’t get them.

The yams for the persisting pies will be helped by the farming, when it is released, but I am going that won’t happen with shimmering orbs, so regening it is so I can do quickly in getting the orbs I need.

Side note, found your shop and I have purchased from there when I see things I need, shimmering orbs, metals, bought some I think silver last night, and a few other things when I have been in need and you have it handy.


The idea would be that if regen farms go away that a better balance of resources would be made available. Using a crutch with some tactic like regen farming is a huge problem and helps no one when the real issue is a failure in resource balance.


From reading this whole thread, I don’t see a problem. I hunt alone, occasionally I have had 1 or 2 people join up. I may get a lot less loot, but I don’t have to put up with either side. This thread perfectly illustrates why I don’t even try to join the big hunts. I’m good with people trying to help me improve my game. I am not good with “You have to do it my way because I said so.” If you don’t see that in this thread, you might need to read it again. I’ll have to go with those who said “manage it, don’t nerf it.” Griefers need to be removed, but in every other case it is on you to know what you are getting into. It’s on you to ask, “Do you allow bombing on your hunts?”
Just my unpopular 2 coins.


if someone runs a hunt and someone comes on the hunt and just decides to start bombing the ground out from everyone. 3-4 people falling into a crater and dieing. Then people must heal them, just for them to revive and oh die again in the exact same spot because of another mob feel from the portal the moment they decided to revive into a 10-20 deep crater. This is the reason the people that do not appreciate the bombing on hunts are speaking up. It kills buffs that people took the time to craft (brews and pies) or spent coin on, it waste the revives that people were kind enough to bring on the hunt to help other players. This is why I spoke up about it. That is what I get from this topic. That is what I hear when I read the posts. You can’t manage a person that decides to come ruin a good time for others. Someone coming on a hunt shouldn’t have to worry about these situations.


That’s why I applaud @Lesioui for now adding they use bombs on their hunts. It’s much appreciated to know stuff like that before a hunt so you can choose to go or not knowing full well that’s how the hunt is run. Just like I’d hope people would respect the wishes of the hunt leader if they allow bombs or not.


That’s when you tell them to stop, and if they don’t, that is griefing. That’s what needs to be reported, and the devs need to take action on that/those players.
You can’t just blanket say “Bombs can’t ever be used on meteors.” You aren’t running every hunt, or in every hunt. Bombing appears to be an approved method of play for others.
Among the regs. I’m noob, I don’t count.
Since I don’t group hunt, I’ll bow out now.