Why is ONE portal network not enough?

For me, hermit i am, i dont care either way. I port directly to my ouposts and dont use Networks or gates.
But one part of me does not understand, why we have so many networks?
Why can the Leaders/Organizers not find a common Ground and build one Network to connect them all and share the work load and the Money? Would it not be better for everyone to have more time to Play the game instead of logging in to worry About a Portal? Fighting for the last oort Stone?
Create a Union of Portal keepers and Maybe it will be affordable for the coming dark future i personally see on the horizon?

I am curious what Outcome and dicussions this thread will yield! .
As allways, please Keep it civil :slight_smile:

Edit 1:
It is interesting to see that some Variation of Team work between Network creators can and is happen/ing.
On the other Hand, as allways, the game reflects RL in political and greed reasons. So all in all we have this many Networks because People can and want to build there own Thing, want there own income and there own Feeling of archivement.
Now we shall see what happens if the shortening of oort will continue like now or worse, the darkening of the universe is coming. But i shall make another thread, once the time Comes :slightly_smiling_face: smile:
Thank you all for the information and for keeping it civil and mature, more or less.


Everyone wants to lead their own networks - some people prefer some networks over others.

PS has Shop Portals, Ultima has a centralised shopping hub, TNT and hubbet has direct easy access to lower tier planets ect…

Every system has its advantages, and its difficult to try and get one network to close just like its difficult to convince some people that “X network is better then Y network”


It’s an interesting thought. I’m guessing, from my own personal experience, it’s perhaps just because we want to do it for the sake of seeing what it’s like to have a hub or network to build and run. Some people might do it for footfall, of course.

I only really decided to have a hub of sorts when Ultima moved from Finata, where I’m based, because I was concerned that our shops would not get any traffic. It’s become a bit stressful trying to keep all the portals going, but it’s also quite fun, too.


So… My thought…One United Guild Network. Consisting of the Leaders of 5-6 major guilds. Working together to reach one goal. GET ME WHERE I NEED TO GO!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The only way there would ever be just one portal network is if there was a small hub area on each planet that was placed there by the devs.

The planets are large, players come and go, people want their own networks to different locations, people give priority to different locations than others do, we have no other means of transportation…many reasons players will naturally create their own hubs/networks if allowed to.



Why have any portal network? Why not use warp augments? It’s not like they’re just for exo’s after all. With the minter, it’s easy enough to maintain the funds to travel through the planets even if you don’t engage with any other aspect of the economy.

It would certainly be interesting to see what would happen if footfall were removed, what would happen to all the hubs we see currently and the changes it might undergo.


I remember seeing someone in the past suggest each time someone uses a portal it should be fueled for additional time for it being used that moment. Wonder if the devs ever saw that.


I like the different networks. And I use them all. I like to see the different styles people have. The mix of function and looks. And good on to anyone who’s doing it now. It is an epic goal to set really. Have a portal to every planet. :thinking:Huh. No thanks. Lol.


I agree, I like the variety of networks. Though personally I like exploring outside the networks just as much, wandering around looking at builds


My thought is because it still costs money to go to the planet with them.

This, IMO ties in to the statement above. The people who don’t have a lot of coin will be hit first and the Whales will be last (and be much longer from the end)…but eventually when the coin really dries up people will stop going to other places (normal & Exo planets). Then people have nothing left to buy things…THE END.

Hopefully this is way off but I see it going in that direction even now. Hopefully my stupid opinion is off base.


Because you have to have a location token or run to the location, in order to save it so you can warp to it.

Edit to add: that would also just swap oort for coin and possibly cause an issue there.


Lol. That’s a little extreme.

No ones advocating for footfall to actually be removed, just talking about what ifs in search of maybe a better answer for a better system

If footfall was gone, but we still had the same amount of coin coming in, what do you think would happen then?

That’s not true at all. Use your warp augment and aim it at a planet in range and you can just warp there. Go to the sanctum and aim it at the revolving planet and you can go anywhere on the world you want with out actually running anywhere. You just have to know where you need to aim your warp augment. (yes it costs coin but with the minter now thats a non issue for anyone who actually wants to travel around)

This is how I played the game until I stumbled in to my first portal.

Just taking it to the long drawn out conclusion :grin:

@Evergreen Not sure what that “other” system would be for coin. I’ll leave that discussion to others.

If we still had the same amount of coin coming in, well it might take longer but I still see the networks shutting down (due to a lack of Oort) and eventually going the same way I said before…just will take longer.

Perhaps I am just in a fatalistic/doom and gloom mood. That could be it. :expressionless:


Fair. :grinning:

I don’t think it’s quite that doomsdayish but I understand your point.

The networks go down and I have to warp everywhere, I find a new game. Did that when the game launched and it was painful and we had no coin and even less of an economy.


I don’t think most players are willing to stand there for 20 minutes trying to squint and aim and hopefully hit the right target. People don’t want to wait 20 minutes for a forged hammer.

Yes, like I said…if you have the coords already, it’s fast and cheap. Otherwise, nope.