Why is ONE portal network not enough?

I’ve never waited 20 mins to warp somewhere I wanted to land near. Maybe 20 seconds? But I use it a lot so maybe I’m used to it?

@Kal-El replying to that post from the other thread here. With the minter I just don’t see that being a problem. For awhile I used the minter strictly for that purpose because I moved my factory and didn’t know if/where I’d want to set portals to.

I get that everyone in this game it seems want everything more convenient and easy. Heck im for it on the vast majority of changes but every side of the convo needs to be discussed otherwise we all look at something with narrow blinders and don’t think of other things that might impacted with change. Faya asked why 1 network is not enough and I asked why need one at all. It doesn’t impact my play style whatever we have 10 networks or zero because I play the way I play and adapt with whatever changes the game rolls out whether it’s one I like or not. Because I like the game itself.

Oh you asked what u was minting. I mint thousands of essence a day I guess, from all the mining I do. I put it for sell for 5c and if it doesn’t sell after a week I mint it.

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In the end who is going to own the one network? The developers? Ok so it has to be the developers and the most prime real estate will be the land around these hubs. If we think players can be nasty about plots, we will have seen nothing compared to this. Every store and every player wanting footfall is going to be fighting for the plots closest to the hubs of this single network. It is bad enough now. So all the prime spots will be held by the players that started earliest and the newer players will never be able to compete.

At least now if players want to form a competing network they can. The only barrier to entry is having the skills to open the portal and the materials to build them. I think this fits the developers vision off a player created universe.


I remember when this guy set up shop behind Ultima pheminorum and was selling fake portal tokens lol



It’s been months, and months, now…

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My first thought would be “who would own it?” but I see you clarified that in the OP.

In the same vein why can’t any group of people find common ground? Short answer everyone values different things.

Personally I dislike 1 group’s method of organization to their portals, and I have had run ins with a couple people in their guild that I felt mistreated by. So I try to not use their network much. I won’t name or shame though.

Portals are a big part of the fantasy of boundless. I was going to go into that explanation more but I actually feel that’s enough of a reason not to shut them down.

I agree that is likely the only way. Although it probably wouldn’t work, as reasoned below.

Waiting on the right side of the planet to face you to reach somewhere close to your destination is why I dislike warping for sure.

I also agree, we can’t have a single network ran by the devs. this will create a bad environment to play in for sure.

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A shared collaboration among 5-6 guilds. Leaders do a plotting grid evenly and fair to maintain equal leadership and all footfall goes into 1 guild book? Oh and a round table, of course!

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Cant read all replies (thanks laziness) but ill give my 2 cents xD. Too ideal but might work… probably proposed before.

Why not have each of the main networks get a hub on one of the planets (divided among hub networks using avg footfall, by lot, etc). This will obviously result in less oorts spent snd more footfall gained (since now everyone on a specific planet has to go thru 1 hub).

octagon? I don’t think we can do true circles yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In all seriousness though, I do think a collaboration would be nice, I just don’t know how feasible such a thing would be.

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Yea some egos may not fit at the table.


Not sure if this is what RedY3 is talking about, but what about a new single portal hub whose sole purpose is to have a connection to every other portal network? A sorta Portal Network Network

And not just a small portal either, but a main portal that leads to each hub’s main portal area. (and maybe a second level with various sized player portals)?


Perhaps, I’m glad I don’t run a network, I would feel even more pressure than I do about keeping my shop portals open haha. Even those I know a couple people rely on to travel to common destinations, which would become harder if there was only one hub as well.

Idk, I really don’t. A way to use “solar panels” to power portals, or even better a Spark to Oort converter. I’m sure tons of suggestions about those have come up over the years, and there are plenty of reasons for them not to do them I’m sure. An Exo planet type that had embedded rough Oort stone, would be cool too, but I don’t think it would solve the shortage.

I’m just not sure there is a good way to solve our issue. Something will be effected negatively with whatever happens I fear, including inaction…

I’ve seen some of those crop up before, but essentially you are just adding a middle man, and some people rather just go directly to whatever network they desire to use.

The way I see it, say your a new player who prefers using X network but the guy advertises his shop as only being accessible from Y network.

A new player who dosen’t know about Y or how to get to it might be lost, but with a big portal from X that leads to every other network, that issue might be solved.

This right here most likely applies to quite a few people


I’m a builder and rarely go out into the oortverse but if i had to warp manually there I would just change games. my only coin income is RNG ff from my builds and reward crates. If I had to spend it all just to get around it wouldnt be worth it to me as anything I find I never mint because I don’t have much coin to begin with. Therefore the minter wouldn’t be a solution for me. I don’t play this game for the economy so if no portal network existed I would be reduced to native blocks and anything I still had on beckon.

However I am intrigued by the idea of a single major network we all can have personal portals to.

I’ve had a few posts about using Oort directly for warp conduits as well and move the need of coin. It was never to “get rid of hubs” but instead to help provide more options to people who might not want to use hubs all the time or can’t manage perm portals.

People could warp to all their beacons and a select set of locations a lot easier instead of having to run around so much to try to get where they are going. Ultimately really doesn’t hurt anyone…

One network could never work… considering everything is player made… if we had only one network and the owner rage quit and destroyed everything, the universe would be in chaos. That being said, I think there are slightly too many out there and in order to have a successful one you have to market it extremely well (TNT excelled in this).

I choose the hubs I used based on the resources around it, also on ease of travel. I use several different hubs and I like to be connected to as many as possible. :blush:. It’s all about choices.

I think it also depends on what’s closest and easiest to get to when you start out… you learn the path to someplace and the next time you go, you take the same path. I became very familiar with both PS and Ultima because really soon after launch those were the two main hubs… but I’ve met a lot of people who don’t know how to navigate PS and some who don’t know their way around Ultima… not because they’re new… just because they got used to one hub and never branched out. I’ve even noticed it in Jiivita’s videos… he is most used to PS, but he branches out and tries different paths, which I think is great… but for him PS is home so it’s inherently easier for him. (Just using him as an example because he’s mentioned it in his videos). :blush:

I can see a new player starting today, plotting near “insert favorite random network here” and getting used to that path…and not knowing how to navigate Ultima or PS because (for example) because there wasn’t a need.


Why? There’s an XKCD to answer that.


There have been occasions when individual planets have been offline and having more than one network meant it was still possible to find routes to get around.


Lots of different groups want to make their mark on the world. Maybe they think they can do it better than someone else. Maybe they think its time for new stuff to take over. Maybe they didn’t like any of the colorschemes of the other hubs. Maybe just to prove they can.

Its a game and sometimes we just have to realize nothing we change will stop players from doing what they want in their sandbox. If @Stretchious or @Kal-El popped up in guild tomorrow and said we are starting a hub I’d probably start collecting oort…after they spent hours convincing me they weren’t joking.