Why is ONE portal network not enough?

We should all just have one mega hub on each planet called an “oort port”. Haha. Shaped like a giant Coliseum with concentric rings. Bottom ring is planets, second ring is guilds, third and fourth rings are shops, fifth and highest ring is personal portals.


Thank you for the link to this excellent site, that I feel like I should have known about before now!

Are they boundless players? :grin:


Oh my goodness, haha. I never did check in the store. I have no idea if he is or not, but I’d lean toward probably not. Just a science/math/general nerd and artist! :smiley:

Is the minter making that much money? Maybe it is because I don’t have the coils made but my experience with it so far isn’t that great.

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There are a bunch of threads around about how to make best use of the minter.

If you’re tossing raw materials into it, there are only a few that are actually profitable enough to bother farming.

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You can make a ton from it. But like @Nightstar said there’s threads already about how to get the best returns. One example is essence. Also there’s a handful of guilds with fully powered minters that you could join to get the most coin till you get yours powered.

I will get mine powered soon as an exo with some actual umbris shows up. I wouldn’t join a guild to just take advantage of them like that. Plus I tend to avoid big guilds as I have experienced drama in large ones in the past and I just prefer to avoid that kind of thing. I do appreciate the advice though.

Why do we have so many builds? We should all become Khajiits and share everything.

That wouldn’t work? You don’t want to lose you personal identity? The same applys to network hubs or any other system ran by self aware creatures.

If you enjoy Homeless Shelter Garbage Fires with at least 3 boat loads full of drama as fuel, then maybe that might be a good idea, for that one day of the year where something horrible needs to happen.

The amount of Drama I have witnessed inside guilds can be quite insane at times, the amount of Drama I have witnessed when 2 or more guilds try to merge often carries an very high risk of destroying the situation.

Trying to find a diplomatic common ground in regards to this, I say is impossible, There Will be conflict, There will be disagreements, There will be at least one person who wants to cook the books and steal funding. I can promise you that nothing good can come of such a thing, unless Chaos and Conflict is considered good now days.

The Portal network would be named „Dysfunction Junction“, and it would only be functional on days the leadership is drunk or otherwise intoxicated and are unable to create confict.


That’s the thing tho. The coin minter guild is there just for the minter. Nothing else. They do have buffs but it’s not required to be set as your main or to donate any coin to them. The golden fist I believe is the same. And I’m pretty sure iconic as well. Tho iconic has donation hunts that they hold but it’s not required to go.

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Interesting point…I guess because everyone has different styles…example portal seekers have a different layout. To Ultima. And some of the other portals systems relate to different players…I used to love the hubbit because for me it was the easiest for t6 planets…now I use Riggs tunnels for t6 planets…I use Ps portals for lower tier…iconic system when I want to farm…They all have their own unique style that relate to different personalities…

To answer the OP on behalf of TNT.

We wanted a quick jump to higher tier for hunting and farming. We managed to get a front row seat to PURE and then a week later they disbanded.

Truth be told long before @uni3k joined TNT he had a pipe dream of a compact complete network.

We soon grew as a guild and @uni3k suggested we move to a singular place where we could all build a home together and expand on the already successful DBX hub style layout.

So we looked at planets that were the most connectable and lowest cost and it came down to Biitula and Circ. Initially this decision was so that the megahub would be attractive due to the low cost and the scope of the universal connections.

We then built our T5+ predominantly to fill the void of the PURE straight shoot higher tier that we liked. It wasn’t until we were almost done that I even realised Hubbit had a pretty much the same style of higher tier.
Our aim was not to get rich, we were aware that it would not likely pay for itself for sometime but we knew the megahub was generating enough income to sustain it.

When ultima moved the front row seats were already gone. we were then offered the chance to be their Circ connection and after planning it all we discovered that meteor meet had been built on circ as their gate, considering that the conversations had within the guild to give up land made us bump heads it was truly a kick in the teeth when we found out.

So we decided to open a network with a difference:-

  1. a compact hub with one jump connections to every T1 - T4 and access to the T5+

  2. utilise the megahub to allow for a lot more front row seats and therefore become a very quick and
    convenient network to use.

  3. involve the wider community to become partners and host the portals to active places, we could never
    have done it without them and we are so grateful for those who helped.

We knew that requiring one point in protection might put off some players and we ultimately made peace with that. The benefit of being able to get every planet quickly with limited game time would always outweigh one skill point.

To make it very clear the T5+ does not pay for itself, the megahub FF pays for all our collective portals that we fund with very little change left over. We don’t have millions of coin to throw in a basket at once, and so these mass buy outs and price war style things going on are having an impact on us. We can only throw in the basket what we generate from FF on a daily basis.

We just sincerely hope that the popularity of our network and its convenience is what will keep people selling us oort even if we cant compete with the prices of everyone else.

This week we will have to close quite a few of the portals we fund in the megahub and it isn’t a decision we take lightly at all.

Also before anyone asks, yes we do hunt but the volume of oort required would always mean we would have to buy as well.

So if anyone does want to close their higher tier network then we do have a ground floor spot in the planet hub that would give a two fold benefit and token as always would be free of charge.


Business savy.

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Just speaking from a pure curiosity standpoint, howcome you didn’t end up picking Biitula? Circarpous is great, but Biitula offers a better connection (as in, less lag) to a larger majority of the playerbase, and doesn’t require atmosphere protection to go to.

Not that i’m criticizing you in any way, because TNT is great, but im just curious.


Only mega hub in beta closed twice there just anewmegahub under the week no drama

Few reasons…

Because the jump to US and Aus servers is a fair bit bigger… 15 conduits for half the planets instead of 8 for everything.

We struggled to find enough free space for the settlement we wanted to build on biitula. It would have led to high likelyhood of us force merging others, or simply getting in their way, which we didnt want.

And we simply fell in love with the landscape on circ. It really is a pretty planet.


This is why i’ve been lobbying for an AU lush T4 world to connect Boori to Flan reeeee

But in all seriousness, fair enough, figured id probably be down to cost and landscape - id definitly live on Circarpous if my ping didnt jump to 350 there.


Can portal sizes be minimized during these low oort times? I think some portals are bigger then they need to be for aesthetics.

Haha. Im in Aus so my ping is pretty bad there too, to the point i cant even walk around. It comes and goes though, most the time its fine, and the rest of the team loved it.


I think it is unrealistic based on what has happened in the past to every think that players would ever agree to merge the existing portal networks into one. But even if they did, there is nothing to stop another group from then forming a competing network. It is an open sandbox and unless the developers make a substantial shift in the way portals are created and maintained, this dynamic is not going to change.

I will say that maybe the universe has reached a saturation point where there are too many networks. Since I am not running one I cannot say for sure, but if this is true why is this bad? If what happens is the efficient or well funded or networks with lots of hunters are the ones to survive and one or more of the others shuts down, is this a bad thing? It will certainly be disappointing for the players that put in the massive effort to set it up and run it. It will also create issues for players that may have builds or shops depending on it. But does this sort of thing not already happen when players leave builds behind or move their malls? We have an evolving universe and it is not going to be the same from day to day, month to month, or year to year.

All this being said, I personally would prefer a second minable source of Oort.