Why isn't it immediately obvious this game has so many possible block shapes?

I’ve spent the last few days closely looking at this game and just now someone informed me of this post: Weekly Dev Update: 2017 July 21st, 28th, August 4th - Slope Chisel, Square Chisel, and maybe Bevel Chisel and more!

I had no idea there were so many shape combinations to build with in this game. This is arguably one of the biggest features that sets this game apart from other games like Minecraft, and yet, it isn’t advertised at all in the Launch Trailer on Steam.

That’s like selling a chocolate bar, but forgetting to advertise it has chocolate in it.

Things like this need to be a heavy focus of marketing, and yet, nowhere on Steam do I see any clear indication such block transformations are possible.

This needs to be properly advertised before Launch so other people like me don’t look at the game and think, “Oh it’s got some corners, I guess that’s cool.” And instead understand the actual depth of the block making.


Whoever brought that to your attention is probably a very wise man, and also possibly rather handsome.


You made my day :rofl:


The person looking at the game and trying to decide whether or not to buy it has a responsibility as a consumer to look more into the product before making the purchase.

It isn’t a single feature that needs heavy marketing. The whole game does. Besides, even on the website you can see that there are different angles and shapes of the blocks if you actually pay attention to the artwork on there when you’re scrolling through it. Plus there’s this part on the website that goes into… I don’t know something called block types. Wonder what that is. :thinking:

The point I am making is it’s there. You just have to look at it and it’s a little buried. It’s going to be a challenging task to make a 2 minute trailer that covers every feature the game has that someone can consider “major” or “biggest”. Even then there’s going to be stuff left out cause 2 minutes isn’t a lot of video time.

Dont forget the new color system that alows for 255 colors or so to most of the blocks textures and furnishes !!!


When that feature released last year I upgraded my account to the $100 backer tier because I knew it will be my be-all end-all voxel game for a long long time.
It is also pretty amazing how you get to those shapes in-game, because it’s not crafting them seperately or scrolling trough a long ass crampy menu to find them. Nooo.

You shape them with tools, by pointing at the corner you want removed:
(Jump to 2:50, if you don’t want to watch the whole video)

You can see some of the shapes in the trailer buildings, but you have to be looking for them real hard, i totally agree.


That isn’t on the website but it’s definitely worth mentioning that the website needs an overhaul of information on it. MinerDigger does allude to that in his own way. I can’t recall the last time it was updated but it does need one badly with all the amount of different features and content that have been put into the game. Then again this game does sport the claim of exploration so I think it’s fair that it doesn’t have that information on it.

Maybe? :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I personally (concerning chisled blocs - and i KNOW its not a suggestion thread just my 2 coins)

Who agrees it would be cool to slot chisled blocks together? (no gaps in-between chisled blocks)?

Cool, but ridiculously difficult to pull off, unfortunately

Not just difficult, wayyy too much data. You would need 8x as much data per block.


Maybe a project for next year… The whole of next year :joy:

Marketing Teams are responsible for accurately and effectively promoting their products strengths. The fact that after watching the trailer and reading the Steam Store Page I was still unaware there were so many block combinations isn’t my fault in any way.

It wouldn’t take more than 10-20 seconds on the trailer to show a block quickly cycle both in shape and color into all the different possible shapes there are very rapidly, with big bold letters at the end announcing the total possible block combinations in the game. It would have a huge impact marketing wise to see the depth this game has.

Most people don’t spend more than a few minutes looking at a game’s information anyways. How many do you think even bother to go to a game’s webpage? Or a developer’s forum? If the trailer doesn’t convey this information in what would only require 10-20 seconds of a cool block cycling sequence, that’s a huge oversight and is going to cost them sales this September.

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good point but how long do you think it would take to set up (even as dev codes) of every single block in game? you talking hours at best!

Not only this but a block list would take at least 10 minutes to read… as you seem to say, player’s attention to Game adverts are a minute at best right? so even with a block list at the end, the player would have to pause every few seconds…

I do agree though… It already is marketing considering we already have adverts on stea m store… the second it was launcched on steam it was marketed

So yes i get it exactly what you are saying… but… there will always be a but

And @crypticworlds to say that it has never been marketed (read above) but also the fact that every so often even BOUNDLESS is on the featured/recommended list (i found it in my queue which is why i bought it) if thats not marketing… what is?

What…? No player would have to pause, just cycle through every block rapidly for a total of 10-20 seconds, so the player can see all the diverse block combinations there are. It would add a maximum of like 20 seconds to the current trailer.

i think i get it now… but that would be hours of time for devs?

Don’t underestimate the importance of marketing. The block diversity in this game is absolutely a major selling point, and yet, they barely marketed it. The game needs players, and to get players you have to market the game’s strengths, right now it’s not doing that, I would argue few things are more important than altering the trailer to show off all the block types.

Otherwise you just get people who go, “Oh, another Minecraft clone, big deal…”

I could see having one of the steam picture slides be devoted to this topic, and a 5 second part of the video clip being a showing of chiseled blocks and some brief chiseling

I may not totally agree with your presentation style in all things, but the spirit of your argument is correct. This probably should be marketted a bit more right off the bat

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Since the servers are down for a bit, I’ve added this to my website’s resources section:



Sorry. 3 years in sales here, 3 years on President’s Club… I’ve gotta intervene on this one…

If you are selling a product, you must NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER leave the burden of understanding your product to the potential buyer, when you have the opportunity to present that information yourself. Make absolutely zero (that’s 0.0) assumptions about the buyer’s background, about the buyer’s intelligence, or about any bit of blind luck that may or may not lead your buyer to the one single thing that finally moves them to make a decision. The only thing you can always assume about a potential consumer is that they have their own interests at heart - and not that of your business. Your job is just to figure out if and, hopefully, where the two interests align, and move the conversation there.

And now here we are, and you’re taking someone who’s still on the fence about the game, and you’re… openly antagonizing this person. “Look harder next time.” :roll_eyes: wut

I know you love the game, boss. I know you probably feel a little on the defensive, because there’s a community here where you like a lot of these people and they like you. I can personally say that I like talking to you on here, and I’m looking forward to doing it in the future.

But for the love of Oort, man… just take a step back for a second here. This kind of approach is really counterproductive and may even be detrimental to the game. If your reflex response to criticism is punching the other guy in the throat, maybe just let our new community rep handle it instead…?


Great to see that. Now if only that information were made obvious in a quick way in the main trailer for game so people could see all the possibilities.