Why?! Please read

Guys I see you make so many Sugsesstions for so many things and thats okay… I guess… But really, do you need to make Threads, to slove problems not even exsisting?! I mean wft?!

Recent and for now important Posts are getting puched down and this “sloving” Threads are there with no damn use! Sorry if that sound a bit harsh, but dont you guys have better things to do, then discussing non exsisting Problems?!


You can always change from “Latest” to “Categories” view. That way you won’t have to see suggestion threads that you consider to have “no damn use”.

Btw, “use” is very subjective. What some may consider to be of no use, others might think it is the most important thing to the game.

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Oh okay I see its the most important thing to slove a problem that isnt exsisting. k I’m gonna start some threads tin with I try to use some problems with the diffrent elemental magic types wich are bugging cause they his an player and Mob at once.

I mean thats important for me… there is no magic or mobs but still its no problem cause its about Oort online right? I can surely find some other things to slove, there are so many Bugs in the internet I just have to pout “Oort Online” instead of the other game in it.

The point for the Suggestions section is just that, to present suggestions as to what could be. It is then down to the devs to decide if it is something worth progressing.

Any and all views are welcomed as far as I am concerned.


I’m not a hundred percent sure why you apologize for being harsh right after being harsh, but I think this thread is doing more harm than good.

It is true, a lot of threads don’t seem as relative to the game and a lot of discussion goes on about ideas which spark debates about the ideas in order to refine them into a more appropriate form for the game. And yes, this takes up more of the front lines of discussion on the main page of the forum, but whether a topic is popular or presented on the most recent doesn’t mean the others are being ignored. I often browse the ideas, and general discussion threads independently from the most recent categories as I am sure a few people do. The only legitimate concern here is the duplication of existing threads where people wait for threads with potential to be popular to die and remake it with the intent to get their topics more attention rather than to revive the thread they find worth talking about.

If you support that, you can find that thread in a link I’ll attach below, but please be mindful that this [your] thread is not only now helping cloud the main page, but adds to part of the problem the following linked topic addresses.



Its just the load of so many useless threads. I see every day like 10 new threads 4 of them are threads to “continiue” another discusion 3 might be new and 3 are just this sloving threads… I mean at least 4 of them are mostly useless and just more or less spam threads…

I know about that, but someimes you have to speak harsh that people see something is wrong. because if someone pee’s into your pool and you just say, “hey mister, coul you stop that please?” He might do it again, because he didnt get harmed by doing it.

Its not like I want people to shut up in here, its just … yeah I’m only repeating myself.

I don’t think anyone is, as you put it…

Doing this… The discussions are being carried out rather fluidly and naturally. However, I will note there are a handful of individuals guilty of taking a topic into a spamming/off topic manner with the excuse “It’s been discussed before, why not explore extra options even if they are off topic from this thread?” which brings a little steam from my ears, but I won’t compromise the integrity of the community’s reputation by getting after people left and right for it. I simply join and support causes like that thread I linked to keep things calm and collected.

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I get it – there are like 8 million posts about “beacon sieges” when that is not a feature that has ever been talked about by the devs. However, that doesn’t mean the ideas aren’t valuable. Every idea we explore here – even the ones that turn out to be bad ones – helps the dev team, in more than one way:
• We often hit on things the dev team has thought about but not stated. This helps them gauge interest and identify exactly what it is that people get excited about.
• We also often hit on things the dev team has not thought about at all. This gives them the opportunity to 1) add cool things to the game they weren’t originally intending to, and 2) make decisions now that help guide future development.
• We also talk about a lot of stuff that will never make it into Oort Online. This is not a bad thing. In my experience, you can 1) shut out the “mess” and come up with some okay, but narrow, ideas, or 2) you can embrace the mess and work through it to get to some really great ideas.

It’s a bit messy, but like Capt said, the discussions here flow naturally, and that is a good thing. :smile:

So, Opulus – what things would you like to see discussed? What Oort-specific problems do you think need to be solved?

Edit: and keep in mind that, if you came to a forum and posted some idea you thought was sweet, but everyone was like “UGGHH STOP WE TALKED ABOUT THAT ALREADY JUST STOP”, that would suck right?


I will be the first to admit, I TOTALLY Fed myself off of @DarkRepulsor’s Shard magic system and amended such inspiration to my own magic/tech thread. This blatant plagiarism [JK, Luv u @DarkRepulsor!]/Evolution of ideas would not have been possible unless people were willing to throw up these phenomenal ideas. Now the Devs have two sources of shard systems tofeed their development off of and I have a FAR Better foundation for my mega idea thread than I would have had if Repusor did not share.

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As I said I have nothing against Beacon Seiging Threads (but against Sieging :smile:), but please stay at one maybe 2-3 Toppics! its all about the same thing and everytime someone comes to say “as said in the other toppic … I’m making that because I want my own toppic about that…”

but these useless Toppics I’m talkiing about are things like:

“oookay. there has been a lot of talk about trading issues, and a lot of talk about pets, and I think I have an Idea that could make a lot of people happy.”


If that really does help with an problem you guys have in another toppic then please post it in there but dont make another Thread…

It’s useless as thread but helpfull as comment.

As I said, this is simply a matter of supporting movements like this.
Not allowing our lesser half be displayed, diminishing the reputation this wonderful community has.

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Sure it is, but as I saw it, it got better for like 2 days and after that things got slowly worse.

I think those two days were more a matter of forum quiet time rather than actual improvement. Believe me, I was watching to see what people would do as well. However, it is presently only a handful of people who are doing this. Perhaps a passive solution is to reply to such topics that are blatant recreations of other threads, link to the “Keeping Things Simple” Thread, then to the thread it is a duplicate of in hopes people will continue the discussion in the appropriate thread, and discourage people from selfishly creating these duplicate threads.

Maybe that’ll help. if people dont change just link to this harsh Toppic :wink: I hope noone has to? ^^

I just saw that reply in the other topic. It’d be more beneficial to indicate why you are replying with that, be gentle about it, and link an alternative/preexisting topic where they can continue the discussion.

I will go against the grain and agree with Opulus on his original message. I think the struggle that this forum has stems from the very subjective nature of what we forum posters define as a suggestion. In order to solve your problems we would need to have a suggestion tag and a “wishlist” tag. This would separate suggestions on what we have vs. what someone dreams to have.

Take for example: I made a suggestion about the water as it was a real issue within the game at the current moment. I suggested “that you edit the water to flow better”. One of the devs responded and explained why the water worked as it does and what there plans were. This is what I would classified as a suggestions.

A wishlist tag would be something you see flood the forums like: Imagine a talking pet dragon that could destroy block radius at 2x3 every second. But you could also ride this dragon across the world and siege other bases. Oh by the way as I’m talking about sieges…

It would be the equivalent to J.K. Rowling taking suggestions from random people when she was writing Harry Potter.
Suggestions: There is a hole in the story at this page vs. this page
Wishlist: Voldemort has a noise that transforms into a snake that can fly.


We should probably make a rule about keeping all similar discussions in the same topics. Fir example the siege threads all work around the same idea. And the same counts for the NPC discussions.

The problem is that when people want to expand on an idea they make a new topic instead on commenting on the old one.

Hmmm. yeah maybe just a sub category to suggestion called wishlist which is about adding new features
While suggestion category without sub category will be used to talk about already confirmed features.

The devs have already mentioned their wishing to avoid creating more categories. Even so, that wouldn’t solve the problem at all. The main concern is people creating more posts than necessary rather than using existing posts to further the discussion. This would do no more than add an extra category tag to the already flooded “Most recent feed” on the forums.

In fact, I believe that method would do far more harm than good. Suggestions means suggesting something for the devs to keep in mind for the future development of the game, whether it be an improvement suggestion, or additional content suggestion.