Why Rental Planets?

I would love to know peoples reasons to why they will or won’t be getting a rental planet when they become available.

I personally wont be wanting a rental planet (atm at least) because there isn’t anything I want to do on a rental world that I can’t already do on a public world (this will obviously differ based on what people enjoy doing). However I am looking forward to looking around some new low level planets and getting my hands on some unique colours eventually.

So I am neither solely for or against the rental worlds - against because it will take people away from the public planets making them feel more empty, but also for because hopefully it will bring new players to the game somehow. And possibly increase longevity giving players new goals and possibilities :slight_smile:

  • I want a rental planet
  • I don’t want a rental planet

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  • I am FOR rental planets
  • I am AGAINST rental planets

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I will get a rental planet, but I will continue to play on the public server because I have already built a lot there and I want to keep it.


I will get 1 or 2 rental worlds (or if they are like €5 a month I might do 2 or 3 for a month, haha), one will be my new home planet with my workshop but want it connected to Trung.

Nova Golda is staying on Trung and will keep adding things there too!


I want to play on my own rental planet just to build new stuff and maybe test some building ideas but i will still play on the permanent worlds because for me the rental is just a creative part in my mind.
and i builded much in my own little city and i want to build even more so i will play on both.
and when i dont have ides for my city i play on the rental a bit to get new ideas for my city

I will get one, the only thing that would keep me from doing so is too high a price, but will almost certainly keep most of my play in the public universe. I want to support the game and I think it will be fun to play around with, also a neat little refuge to experiment with different ideas for builds on, and for friends as well. :slight_smile:


I suppose there are 2 factors affecting my decision to rent a planet.

First obviously is the cost to rent a planet.

Second is the plots .If plotting in the rental planet use up the plots I get from spending cubits, I won’t be renting a planet anytime soon. No point in renting a whole planet and you can’t build big (or maybe someone can convince me otherwise). I would still use public worlds, hence I won’t get rid of my beacons from public worlds.


I see more rental planet to have some control over plotting, ill make mine still public for sure. Always depending on how much they will cost.

Official planet will still be in need to connect all these new worlds.


I found out yesterday that I was supposed to refill my beacons a week ago, so this would be an awesome time to pick one up. Connection issues have been keeping me from playing regularly, so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad on a private world?


I see A Lava Planet with the only land is a Giant Gorilla Head lol (Skull Island)


A rental planet cannot fully replace the public universe resource wise, since you can’t have all existing resources on one planet to my knowledge. You still need the public universe to play the game. It’s more like housing on a planetary scale, then your own private game. Also there is shopping, hunts, exos and to visit other rental planet you will most likely go trough the public universe. It’s going to be intersting to see the impact.

There is one interesting pro for rental planets, that I didn’t think about before and that is beacon timers being paused on a locked world. Never lose builds during a break by accident. Only question would be how long are locked worlds saved? 1 month, 1 year, till 3020? How big is their impact storage wise? Do the devs need to do a cleanup from time to time?

Other selling points to me are: No more need to waste 1000’s of plots to protect yourself from griefers and color choice.


Oh for sure, it won’t replace public worlds, mean that instead of hanging out in your build on a public world where you are apart of the atmosphere (even if you’re just at your base building), you’ll now be residing on a private planet and not counting towards the ‘population’ of a planet when you hover over a portal. And yeh, its definitely good if you want to build big without having people plot up against you or suddenly have a planetary ‘road’ cutting you off lol


I probably end up getting a rental planet. More for public use maybe even dedicating it to “farms” a bigger hub maybe to connect TTC projects.
But it depends mostly on how it all will work. As i am ps4 i can’t test this out my self on testing so i am relying on what other can tell me if i ask them😉.

Up on release maybe i get one straight at the start. But i might also end up just waiting a little time until more have summoned one and learned from it.


In my eyes there is potential. A lot of potential. But i also see some problems that can occur but most of those will probably be community created problems. (But that is of course my opinion).

I would like to have my own planet. I could do a lot more there if I don’t have to plot everything and be compact.
but I’m very particular about terrain. I don’t just want any planet with my colors, I want biomes and prefabs that I like, as I want to use nature in my builds. either have a say in wordgen, or at least have the option to generate a new random planet during the color picking stage if I dont like the terrain I got.
I play on Antar where I have no neighbours, and I don’t have shops or an important portal hub but I still get visitors, so I know I would enjoy building on a private planet.

right now I want to know more about plotting, cost and possible worldgen options


I personally won’t be getting a planet. But if it makes a lot of people happy to have there own planet then I’m all for it. I’ll definitely check out new planets and get some new coloured materials if it’s possible. But I’m too invested in the current universe. Tbh I’m more excited about the skeleton body paint I’ve been hearing so much about. :joy:


While I want a rental planet or maybe more than one. Obviously the pricing matters. But also what options we will have in how the planet looks. I do not want a beckon where it rains 24x7. I do not want to pay for a planet that I consider to not be good for building or to have poor colors.

Currently I will be waiting to see how the plots for Sovereign planets are going to ultimately work and until we have some better color options before renting. I also want to better understand how difficult it will be to connect a series of rental planets together. If I have a couple of planets of various tiers and I have to cross the live universe to move between them, then I would seriously reconsider renting at all. If my guild decides to rent a few planets, then why would we not want to be able to interconnect them easily and who does it hurt if we do?


You will be able to connect the rental planets, James said that they will be 1 blink second from its partner planet (public planet). So if you wanna connect a portal it will just cost 1 more blicksec than it does from your partner planet, im pretty sure

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If I ever establish a larger guild I would consider a rental planet as a private “home base”. This would give great control over the possibility of people leaving the guild and leaving plots in the city… I could just remove them. No more griefing the guild city which would be super beneficial to me.


This is fine if they are all the same tier.

These are the quote that make me think if I have a Tier 5 and and tier 1 they will not be orbiting the same planet

You can disable Beacon Compactness from the World Controller for your world, so that’s one of your items checked off :smiley:


I have many of the points/worries you mentioned but at the end of the day, I hope that something that gives more freedom/adds more possibilities only brings more benefit to the game and its community. As you mentioned, those sovereign planets will satisfy a different need for every person without drastically causing any unbalance in the original worlds. I was very happy to see color palette abuse is limited but some freedom is still there and the same goes for resources percentages being close to the known worlds. My opinion is the devs thought well of this. GOOD JOB DEVS :smiley:.

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