Words are messed up

Every once and awhile some of the words in the inventory or in game get messed up.

Can you be more specific? Screenshots would be helpful, as well as your monitor resolution and graphics settings.


Haha this is the best post

This is what i mean

that’s new, I never experienced that before. Hope the devs see it and try and help you.

Edit: I have a feeling that this post is not legit, seems like you took that picture off the internet. The quality is very low as well on the picture :smiley:

No i had to use the snipping tool from my pc to cut out a snapshot and i just have a crappy pc which is why the res is so bad.

Can you share your game log and confirm the graphics drivers you have installed.

Here it is

it wont show up?

There a bug the Intel HD drivers show up in our DX11 backend but other GPUs can have the same issue but seems a lot rarer. We’ve investigated it and found a repro so should address this in the near future.

I had a friend who had the same issue when he tested my account so he didn’t buy the game.

He’ll buy it when this is fixed :slight_smile:

I have this same issue and assumed it was my crappy pc doing it

What kind of GPU do you have?

I have an Intel GPU

That’s probably because of your… Graphic card (GPU in short).
i have some strange bugs becuause my gtx960 is damaged in some way (But i like it! :D)

It acts differently in every game.
In boundless:

In eso:

In PUBG battle royale:

  • people rarely get their heads illuminated >;D so i can see them on the map
  • also their heads turn into crazy triangles and i can see them on the map as running glitch-triangles :smiley: