World builder 3d cave noise help!

Hey all! I’m trying to make some caves basically taking after the mines of moria from lord of the rings. I’m decently close using 2d noise in a sine wave and remapping it a few time before converting to 3d noise. However, my “pillars” are current very wide at the base and top and where they meet they make these spheres. I’m pretty terrible at the 3d noise since I’m pretty self-taught and not familiar with a lot of the noise terms. Is there a way to start to transform what I have into something that will cause straighter columns? I don’t mind a bit of flare at the base and top but what I have now is too much:

I’m hoping @Heureka or anyone else who is a wizard at World Builder can help me out b/c I’ve spent too many hours today doing some trial and error on this :laughing:


Hi, it is hard to say without seeing the layout.
But if it is sine waves You use maybe You can try to change some of them to squere-waves,and eventually smoth them out a little with a interpolate filter…

The bulbs looks like there is a higher frequence wave interfering…

Good luck, looks good :slight_smile:


I was able to get it by basically layering the same copy of noise in layers every 10 altitude or so :smiley:. Mines of Moria cave = success!


Another question @Heureka…current strata nodes seem very different from how they were four and a half years ago…

Do you know if there’s a way to specify y level these days? My goal is to add some gleam rings to those columns if possible so they kinda illuminate themselves…

Select a “new custom strata”, there You can add witch block you want, and set thickness and altitude.
The only change i can see is that the replace block is gone.

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I was about to make a post asking for help with ceiling decorations but then I had to think what if the game didn’t define ceilings like I do. So I added the decorations to the ceiling part of the surface and boom (I’m really proud of this right now):


Very nice …
… I think you just invented/introduced real :boundless: dripstone to us all.
Add some Goo to it, and it looks golden to me
Very well done. :+1: :+1:

Lol I thought those were :deciduous_tree: s not caves XD

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