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You know, there may be some merit to this statement… but we have this problematic intersection of a unique aspect of the game detracting from the majority of the players’ experience with the game as a whole (and probably mostly because the aspect is driven by player creation). The poll here from earlier actually reflects a fair amount of voters wanting at least some of the data available to them. We would need a bigger sample size to be conclusive, but I believe even among players who didn’t vote that most would consider this feature a benefit. I don’t think there’s a reason to fear the game being ruined by something like this.

…And no pvp… pls :<


I still say the one and only way to do this and not “ruin” things is a “shop stand atlas”.

The blank atlas shows where all the shop stands are, like it would resources in a normal one. Add an item to the atlas, and it shows shop stands selling that item. No databases, no prices.


It sounds nice, but how many players are using shop stands for storage? You might be shocked at some of the prices in my workshop if the atlas guided you there.


I usually have about 2.5 hours a evening to play the game and believe me running around looking for something ruins the night. Usually just say not going to waste my time doing that and I’ll just work on doing it myself.

I guess some folks have hours to run around but I have a feeling that isn’t the majority of players.

Reminds me of Wurm, which is another game that I enjoyed some but their in game economy functioned very similar. Forum posts and in game chat or endless running around looking for something. Never went back after my three months were up as it seemed useless really crafting anything.


I don’t buy much from shops (coils from time to time mostly). I honestly have very little to gain from a system unless my store happened to have lower prices on something in demand (but I wouldn’t be racing to bottom on everything, maybe 1 or 2 items not everything though). I don’t want or need a short cut, but i see it as a weakness in the current system.

I mean a bridge is unique and interesting if half the struts are rusted through, but that doesn’t mean its better for it.