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Nonsense. Absolute malarkey.

The reason prices vary right now is because it’s too much work to comparison shop. If all you had to do was pull up a database, everyone would have the same prices, across every planet.


That’s not true in any MMO that has a market or price list. None. Not sure why you insist on hiding data…the more the better imo.


Doing this would make your mall pointless. No one would go looking in each shop.
They would just go to the shop they want and leave.


This isn’t like other MMO’s where the market is an aside to aid combat.

This is a game where combat is an aside to aid the market. The market, aside from building, IS the game.

If everyone has the same prices, what is the point? It’s just Minecraft with an extra step.



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I made the mall to help people find shops. I didn’t make it for myself…I don’t make much money with it. I enjoy seeing people enjoy the game.

Other MMOs have added trade chat, markets, etc…it doesn’t harm the economy, it doesn’t kill any previous forms of trade, it doesn’t stop ppl from building, etc.



I know you didnt create it for yourself, i didnt create mine for myself either. But if 1 shop has these crazy low prices, that will be the only shop getting business, hence the rest will pack up and use plots elsewhere.


People won’t have the same prices. The only way that will happen is if there are NPCs. Even then people will still trade and sell items on their own at various prices.


That’s using your head! Good questions.

First, I wanna say this is a good alternative to the dreaded AH. I am 100% against the auction house but something like this would be okay I think.

I think #3 is most important, show all items, with a collapsed menu that hides the details. You click the item, say “Advanced Workbench Power Coil” and it expands with the places (in world only, not the whole universe, that would be too much imo) the prices, the stock, etc


Again, you point to a game where combat is the focus.

Find an MMO where the market is the focus and compare to that.


Yea I have played many games with market places, and it doesn’t hurt the game. The prices don’t change to hurt the players.

Trove is an example of a building game(with other elements such as combat) with a market, and items are at normal pricings.


I played Trove, a lot. Building and the market were completely secondary to combat.


If your theory were true, I’ve made it easy for everyone to check nearby shop prices and match each other…no one does because items hold a diff value to each player. People already have crazy low prices or give things away for free. Did all the other shops match them? No they didn’t.


It depends on what you choose to do with the game. I have a couple of large clubs with a lot of builds and I play the market. I do ST only to get the weekly bonuses.


I have played Trove a lot as well.
You can choose to build as much as you get involved in combat or the market.


I do shop around. I run that mall a few times a week. but each person gets footfall. creates money and spenders. This would kill footfall by a HUGE margin. and if the shop isnt even getting the footfall, there would be no reason to be there. it would cut them to 0


It wouldn’t kill this game at all. They are going to add a lot of things in the future that some of us don’t want and some of us will love. Playing an MMO without market data or a bank is frustrating. I don’t like the guilds at all, but I’m still here and I’ve moved on.


Let me put in another way.

In Trove, and every other MMO I’ve ever played, you get “stronger” in the game by getting more powerful. The market is there to make you more powerful.

In Boundless, you get “stronger” by having a better command of the market, getting you better gear and a better shop. Your individual power is irrelevant compared to the traffic in your store or the prestige of your build/settlement.

That’s why it’s a false comparison.


Whats the purpose for a bank? a guild is the bank.

And this may not be something that everyone loves, but guilds didnt kill a part of the game. This will run off the people that gather to make money. the prices will be so cheap that it isnt worth their time. They will go elsewhere. cutting into the already small player base here.


I play several MMOs. You can’t buy/sell gear on the Trove market, you have to trade it hand-to-hand so I wouldn’t call it getting “more powerful”.

Having a shop in BL does not make anyone more powerful. I’m not powerful from my shop or the mall. I’ve grinded and earned my player level though.