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Isn’t that what has already been happening?

BL just needs a huge dose of more content.


It is happening, and you want to put that on steroids.


I don’t work for Wonderstruck or SquareEnix so I wouldn’t be able to do anything.


But your player level is irrelevant. “Power” in Boundless is a bigger build, a bigger shop, fancier stuff, higher footfall.


This is your opinion. I 100% disagree. I have never tried to build anything larger or anything. I am darn proud of my player level, thank you very much :wink:

I care ZERO about power.


I think player level is pretty important in Boundless.


Only in the way it helps you get better mats, stock better things in your shops.


Getting a bit heated about a game aren’t we? :slight_smile:
I’m sure the Devs will tread very carefully in this area and they might see something that might work.


Some players don’t have shops, and they have a player level of 50+.


Whether you want a database in the game or not is kind of irrelevant. If there’s an API available in the future, people will make an automated one. If there isn’t, then people will just make one in a spreadsheet and manually update it regularly.

I certainly would do that if I wanted to track prices of the nearest 50 shops to one I would have.

Even if we had a world economy screen in the game, there’s opportunity if you know how to look for it. Competition isn’t a bad thing either.


I don’t understand why people want to make this game like “other MMO’s”.

This game is great because it’s not like other MMOs.

Why do people insist on trying to make this game something it’s not?

It’s not a combat game, it’s a voxel game. Leaning into the combat side of things and nerfing the shops with databases is not a good thing.


The shop data is already there…People keep asking the devs for some way to find shops, know what the avg price is, etc.

I like that BL is diff in a few ways…that’s why I play it. The devs have said they take influence from other similar games, which there is nothing wrong with that. It still won’t change the fact that this game has meteors, cuttletrunks, lots of planets, etc.


Here’s the best way I can see this working. Have a guild run machine that its members can use to search the market place. Limit the search results to about 20 random shop stands (or request baskets) and place a small coin charge for each search to discourage mass searching for the cheapest price.

Once you find the shop you’re after, you can collect a token with the shop name and co-ordinates imprinted on it.


Luckily, most gamers don’t go online looking for spreadsheets. That’s the only thing saving us.

Putting databases in the game so everyone has easy access instead of just 5% of the players changes things for the worse.


If you’re a PC player you do :wink:


a. Location - Planet, 45N, 32E. Not everyone knows where London is.
b. I could see option to allow people to select at high level what they are buying/selling - tools, planets, soil, etc. But I don’t think we should do a detailed level because then we are creating an auction house and replacing the need to do an exploration or have excitement of finding things.
c. No prices for world or universe. Then it is an auction house and we might as well just allow people to purchase from the book and not need to visit anything and just call this game - Eve Online. Anything on pricing just drives to a standard and removes flux and creates people just 0.01 coin less than the next and removing real competition or location based shops where prices might be higher than norm but ok because it is isolated.
d. Listings should be Universal in nature so someone on Biitula actually knows that in the far recesses of the universe there is Joe’s tiny shop but they are ACTIVE. Then I will head off on a road trip to visit them.

I strongly feel it should be simple in nature and drive “awareness”, “exploration”, “footfall generation”, "active players or something that shows a shop is active.


Strangely enough, BL most feels like EVE to me. Without the jeopardy, maybe. It’s sandbox and everyone is in the same universe. It has a player driven economy. And you make your own fun. They are adding more instance type stuff though, to keep people interested.


Helping people find shops definitely does not create an auction house.


Nerd. Get a console like a real gamer.

(I kid) :slight_smile:


I prefer Geek, but I’ll accept nerd :blush: I have a console. It has dust on it lol
My fav spreadsheet for BL: