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About this suggestion, I feel like it would take some aspect of exploration off when prices would be listed like on start post screenshot.

As long as placing items to plinths is free and items are not time locked location listing would just have own problems with possible exploiting by locking actual shop areas and plinths from being available. Also average prices and buy action history could be manipulated by groups to make everything look lower value than it would actually be.

Because I wrote just negative things list would have uses but I think it shouldn’t tell too much data. For example prices shouldn’t been shown just use scale to compare other prices and show text value like low, average, high price; same way like some knowledge items are listed.


Please note what I said and not take one tiny thing from my statement especially when it is out of context for what I was inferring and communicating.

Listing prices creates an auction house. Listing prices does not help people find a shop. My original post about a yellow pages with locations helps people find shops. So stick to helping people find shops. There is no need to help people advertise the prices as much as we need people finding active shops.


Nope. I’ve seen it implemented in several games that didn’t have it and it works just fine - doesn’t create an auction house of any sort.


Also, now I think of it, EVE has “buy orders” and “sell order” which are actually just Baskets and Stands … Only they expire after a few days.

Also there is actually a career in freight as the market is physically huge.

Hmm needs thinking about how we’d make it Oortian and work if you have free portals I.e. no geographical cost


You know what I think would be okay?

A list of the most expensive prices for that world. Not an average, the most expensive.

You will get Tallow for this much or less on Storis II.

Maybe take off the top 1% for people who are using shop stands as decorations.


Listing prices does not create an “Auction House”.
Listing prices can help players find a shop or shops they will come back to, and potentially look around the same area of shops.
People advertise prices on the forums pretty often, in world chat, and on an off site or 2.


True but would we want it to be automatic, or just updated or advertised by keen shop keepers?


I made a macro to update that external shop with an api, but I get tired enough of tweaking stand prices, let alone transferring the numbers to a spreadsheet.


Yes, if possible, adding an algorithm that wouldn’t include a value over 50% above or below median average would be helpful to avoid those 99,999,999 items and the free 0c items.

Perhaps adding a freebie shop stand or display stand/plinth would be the solution to that.


It would extract data from the database. James said they already have the data.


Something I want is an additional sign type that automatically updates and is connected to shop stands and request baskets. Something that updates the prices you set for the stands and baskets. That way visitors can get a snap shot view of what items you have and at what prices. That way I don’t have to waste time looking at shop stands in someone’s shop. Also, if they didn’t have this sort of sign I’d most likely just move onto the next shop in line.


Man you people are lazy, lol.


Correct. Busy hunting, building and looking at what I just made.


Not really lazy. As the game gets bigger, I want to spend less time finding what I want to buy or where to sell my stuff at. If that’s being lazy, then sure I guess I am being lazy in wanting to use my time as effectively as possible.

  1. Yes it does because in an auction house you list the price and people compete on that price. So I say 15c for tallow and you put 14c or 16c respectively.

  2. Prices do not help people find shops. The “active” part of my comment could solve your point. Additionally once people know if a shop is active they can use “location markers” or a variety of ways to go back to that area.

  3. People can still use forums, chat, and other areas to advertise prices. We do not need to create another solution for something that already exists.

So there is really no reason to make things more complex. Look at the original issue - people don’t know active shops or where they are because they don’t or can’t take the time to explore the whole universe. This helps bring that data to life… we don’t need more initially.


Yeah, that would work.

Couple the list of “Highest prices” with what I put down earlier…

"I still say the best option is a “Shop Stand Atlas”.

The atlas shows all the shop stands. Add an item to show shop stands selling only that item."

…and I would be okay with it.

But no list of low or average prices, no way to point to a specific price. Make players search between shops.


Not true at all. That’s called a free market and competition. If I like you/your shop, I will pay your higher price. A lot of people become loyal to certain shops they like. An auction house can only be created by the devs. No one is asking for an auction house.


Players will list different prices naturally, regardless.

If a player goes to that shop, there may be some shops nearby that they can visit.
Not knowing about, or not seeing shops, doesn’t help people find shops.

Players would know more shops existed if they saw the list of shops/locations.

I think a market list would benefit most players in the fact that you can see locations, and the item you would like to buy. It could also help shopping areas that need more traffic.


A bit left-field … how about if it listed all prices and volumes … But NOT where they were …

That would be fun!


I would rather see an offer listing, Say i need 20 conduits, I would post how many and price per i am willing to pay. Charge a small posting fee. Opens up more gathering, and people offering crazy low offers will be ignored and another money sink all in 1.