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Finding shops? Fine.

Finding shops selling specific items? Fine.

Showing specific prices? Not fine. You should have to “physically” travel to each shop to find deals.


Please do not bring loyalty into the conversation. This has nothing to do about loyalty.

You all are talking about a place where prices are communicated and seen by everyone. Hence I see you are offering something at a price and I will lower/raise to compete with you on that listing. That is an auction house. The devs will be coding the listing so they are creating an auction house.

Free market and competition are not at all related to the discussion of listing prices. Yes they are the overlying design of the economy but not at all related with a price listing discussion. Basically it is like us talking about listing the color of apples and oranges and you bring up - “they both come from trees.”

Focus on the points.


This is exactly what the economy is and how it’s created. The devs won’t be setting prices. I don’t have any loyal shoppers (to my knowledge) but I have seen plenty of ppl in chat saying that they are. It is happening. I’ve also seen where some people never leave their town to shop, regardless of prices. I would call that indirect loyalty, if not direct.

Some people will always only seek out the cheapest prices…you can’t prevent that regardless.


Good. Make them earn it by checking stores manually.


Yea loyalty is going to happen naturally to shops that players enjoy buying an item that they like. You can’t prevent players from enjoying a shop’s build, prices, or stock.


Was just answering James’ Qs


I don’t like his question. I feel like he’s being forced into that question because people want a cheat mode for finding prices.

Because that’s what you guys are proposing, a cheat mode.

Get off your lazy oorts and run between the shops.


Um, no. I sometimes spend hours traversing across planets looking for specific items. I play BL almost every free second I have. The game has to appeal to more ppl that then person eating cheetos in their basement all day - like people that have to go to work/school and can only play a couple of hours here and there.

It’s not cheat mode since the data is already there.


That’s me. A list is a cop out.


What if the shop stand or item hot spot UI showed a list of 10 random shops that have the item you are looking for? Still exploratory, still somewhat blind shopping…


No prices.


Yea its what ends a lot of MMOs no matter the genre.
The quality of life out weighs the actual grind/play time.
Gets soooo easy that it isnt fun anymore.

This game needs a grind, it needs people to walk around shops, create footfall, show activity.

This would make even less people venture the shopping areas. Make the game less active, especially to new people that like seeing the game is active and people are out playing and doing things.


I totally disagree.


That’s not cheating, because players are already listing prices from their shops on the forums, and a site(boundlessskill or something like that).
I usually run through shops nearly every time I enter Boundless.


Not true for any MMO that I’ve seen that has added similar things.

Not dead:


Is that game reliant on people venturing out and gathering or crafting to make coin? or is it a side object like other MMOs?


Yup, you get coin drops from killing dragons, bears, etc.


Stop comparing this to other MMOs. Boundless is unique.


I’m not comparing BL. I’m using info & experience that I have to analyze & offer suggestions, as we were asked.


And if I could stop it…